Jill Biden axes Melania Trump’s blood trees for restrained Christmas decor

Jill Biden axes Melania Trump’s blood trees for restrained Christmas decor

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12/3/2021 12:42:00 AM

Jill Biden axes Melania Trump’s blood trees for restrained Christmas decor

After her predecessor’s terrifying vision, the first lady’s minimal display strikes a polite and safe tone

Photograph: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty ImagesJoe and Jill Biden’s photo on a tree at the White House in Washington DC.Photograph: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty ImagesThu 2 Dec 2021 19.39 GMTLast modified on Thu 2 Dec 2021 20.10 GMTYou’ve heard the faint murmur of All I Want for Christmas Is You, you’ve seen people swapping their pumpkin spice lattes for Starbucks Eggnogs and

has unveiled the White House’s Christmas decor. Yes, Christmas is officially here.The Clintons ‘share the gift of reading’ with 50 children from Washington in 1999.Photograph: Consolidated News/Rex/ShutterstockShe’s following seasonal protocol: since 1889 the White House has been marking the beginning of the season with an interiors makeover. JFK and Jackie’s version gave Lana Del Rey and other fans of classic Americana inspiration for life, Lady Bird Johnson went “peace and love” in 1967 putting a wreath of flowers on hers, the Reagans gave it full 80s glam by allowing Mr T to co-star in the photo-op as Santa (JR from Dallas did the honours the following year) and Hillary Clinton memorably threw everything at her tree in classic overachiever style.

Melania Trump reviews a display of blood red topiary trees in 2018.Photograph: Andrea Hanks/Planet Pix/ZUMA Wire/REX/ShutterstockBut never has the phrase “DECK THE HALLS!” sounded so threatening as when Melania Trump become chief of staff of interior Christmas decorating. headtopics.com

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(Twitter never forgets), ivory white sticks that resembled witches fingers and enough Christmas lights that suggested a special cut-price deal with the power grid. The overallmisescèneTrump was emoting seemed to be The Handmaid’s Tale meets the launch of my premium brand of Glaceau smartwater in Elsa from Frozen’s ice castle.

One of the White House fireplaces, with Christmas decorations during a press preview of the White House.Photograph: Jill Biden/Twitter/Zuma Press Wire/REX/Shutterstock

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Melania's holiday style was straight out of The Shining. All of Melania's WH 'decorating' and 'landscaping' were always meant to be a thumb in the eye to those Americans sentimental about the WH and the traditions within it.

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