Jenny Eclair: I’ve got my chardonnay chilling in the fridge for lockdown 2.0

Jenny Eclair: I’ve got my chardonnay chilling in the fridge for lockdown 2.0

9/29/2020 3:37:00 AM

Jenny Eclair: I’ve got my chardonnay chilling in the fridge for lockdown 2.0

Restrictions will be both easier and so much more difficult the second time around. We should be thankful for the things we do have, writes Jenny Eclair

✕New lockdown restrictions are predicted in the UK(PA)I Read more: The Independent »

Coronavirus: How are people breaking the rules?

Attitudes towards coronavirus restrictions are changing. But are people sticking to the rules?

I’m about to go into a2nd lockdown without knowing when I can next see my Canadian partner.Unless there are changes to 🇨🇦border policies to recognise unmarried couples, we are looking at12mths apart. We just want to reunite safely, with quarantine. LoveIsEssential TimeToReunite Why is this news? Please help 🙏🙏

Spoken like a true champagne socialist.

Chinese propaganda 'tricked the world into lockdown to cause economic suicide'CHINA may have carried out a massive disinformation campaign to encourage the world to go into lockdown, an American lawyer has extraordinarily claimed. Michael Senger suggested the Communist Party… Tell us something we don’t know This being so far-fetched, can we still qualify this conspiratorial rambling as a theory? Are the *baddies* a matter of fact, perspective, opinion or belief? What did we learn at school? (1 min video)

Sore eyes, headaches and blurry vision: How lockdown has ruined our eyesight (and how to rectify it)1 in 5 Brits believe their vision declined during lockdown...

Labour likely to back Tory rebels over power to impose new Covid measuresParty says it could back Brady amendment requiring MPs’ approval for new lockdown Labour couldn't back the 2.30 at Newbury. Personne ne peut m'employer! Labour have to know that! Are Uni students in digs, or prisoners 'living' in units designed by the same architects as designed UK prisons upgraded to hostages? As re C-19, all kids of 12+ are adults why is face to face teaching in schools OK but not at Universities even for 17-18yr olds? Consistency?

Has Giorgio Armani’s Show, Aired Live On TV, Opened Up Fine Fashion To The Whole World?Giorgio Armani took a powerful step forward by showing next season’s collection – female and male – live on Italian TV station La7.

Boris Johnson scrapped second UK lockdown 'over fears Rishi Sunak would quit'Rishi Sunak has said ‘our lives can no longer be put on hold’ as he declared the UK needed to learn to ‘live without fear’. Rishi gearing up to take over at No.10 Timing Speaking like a future prime minister sturitchie2010 So die plebs and feed your masters

M&S brings back its 'shwopping' clothes recycling schemeFrom Thursday customers can hand over fruits of lockdown clearouts for donation to Oxfam Not much point when they’ve closed a substantial amount of shops down.