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Jen Psaki reprimands Boris Johnson as she blames him for chaos in Oval

Psaki tries to BLAME Boris Johnson for Oval Office chaos when WH aides shut down questions for Biden

9/22/2021 10:24:00 PM

Psaki tries to BLAME Boris Johnson for Oval Office chaos when WH aides shut down questions for Biden

Jen Psaki blamed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the chaos in the Oval Office the day before, saying they were not given a head's up he was going to call on the British press.

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Sir David Amess: Boris Johnson pays tribute to MP who was killed - BBC News

Conservative MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death while meeting constituents in Essex.

Shut the American military bases down in the UK and send there nukes back as well --well we are no longer a front runner in trade so why be a target for a first strike Good on BoJo Biden has no idea on the Irish protocol and should not interfere --maybe he should give back Texas to Mexico chenweihua Wait. I just need to... Pooooop

Your shitty journalists really need to always SAY something in CAPITALS to make something banal sound OVERLY DRAMATIC. None of them would pass school exams in WRITTEN English LiberalHypocrisy LiberalPrivilege No script, panic attack. chenweihua Wow they didn't blame China? That's a first.

Boris Johnson to tell Jeff Bezos: 'Pay your UK taxes' Boris Johnson has committed to telling Amazon boss Jeff Bezos the online giant must pay its fair share of taxes in the UK and address working standards for employees. Was this not what the g7 tax was suppsoed to be about, then rishi said they were exempt about 2 days later?

Rich nations must increase climate support funds, says Boris JohnsonThe UK prime minister says he is 'increasingly frustrated' at support offered to poorer countries. So that's the UK out then. Just USA, INDIA and CHINA pays. He only says that because the UK is no longer considered to be a rich country😂 Do what he says not what he does

Boris Johnson says Brexit Britain won’t get quick US deal - Rather one 'that really works'BORIS JOHNSON has said Brexit Britain may not strike a quick trade deal with America but also assured journalists the UK would rather wait for a deal 'that really works'. Boris 🤡 Righto … just put that in the massive pile labelled BS.

Boris Johnson says UK's relationship with France 'indestructible' despite row over AUKUS military pactThe PM said the new initiative with the US and Australia - who pulled out of a submarine contract with France - is not 'divisive' despite the postponing of a bilateral meeting with the UK. Translates to... 'Well, Dominic, we got found out on this one so how do I bullshit my way out? Dominic? Oh bugger...I forgot I sacked him. Okay, so who's my next fall guy..? Oh Priti...want to come on a little trip to Paris this week..?' Every time that man says something the opposite actually happens. Is it possible to be so inept? Soundbites and bullshit.

Boris Johnson: What to expect when the PM visits the White HouseFrom misunderstandings to gaffes, there's a lot at stake when the PM meets Joe Biden on Tuesday. Lies and bullshit? Another increase in his carbon footprint... Maybe someone will offer him a comb?

Boris Johnson buoyed by relaxation of COVID travel rules ahead of White House meetingIt has been just three months since the Prime Minister and the President last met at the G7 in Cornwall - but much has happened in that time. I still think that picture looks very like a senior police officer finally extending the hand of the law (and in this case, justice) to arrest an exposed, guilt-riddled criminal. Would that it were.