Jeffrey Epstein kept trove of CDs and nude photos in $77m NY home

Jeffrey Epstein kept a trove of CDs and nude photos of women in the closets of his $77million NYC townhouse

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12/7/2021 4:45:00 PM

Jeffrey Epstein kept a trove of CDs and nude photos of women in the closets of his $77million NYC townhouse

The FBI discovered 'numerous black binders' containing CDs which were clearly labelled with 'thumbnail photos' attached inside a closet at the 7-storey Manhattan residence.

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Live updates on Ghislaine Maxwell trialGhislaineMaxwell GhislaineMaxwellTrial ⭕ Second accuser testifies as court hears Epstein wired millions to socialite ⭕ FBI found CDs filled with nude photos of women inside Epstein's house Follow latest updates from the trial ⬇️

FBI photos reveal inside of Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansionProsecutors have submitted dozens of never-before-seen photos of the inside Jeffrey Epstein 's Palm Beach mansion into evidence.

Jeffrey Epstein wired over $30.7M to Ghislaine MaxwellJPMorgan Chase Executive Director Patrick McHugh took the stand Monday to break down the transactions between the late financier and his alleged madam. I'd like to know, who is on trial here. Ghislaine or Jeffrey Epstein?

Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking trial enters second week of testimonyPolice sergeant who participated in 2005 search of Florida estate owned by Jeffrey Epstein will be first witness

Prince Andrew took at least FOUR flights on Jeffrey Epstein's planeAn MoS investigation has discovered flight logs that show the Duke of York did fly on Epstein's jet at least four times. They included flights to and from Epstein's private Caribbean island. Odd. I know you support Trump. No comment? Whilst Andrew could have been arrested re murder suspect pedo Jimmy Savile years ago and questioned about the unsolved murder of JillDando...whose fiance was suddenly promoted to Royal medic after her death..'dark suit'.. Bill Clinton took 27 flights majority without secret service and many to the island. Typical that MSM is leaving this out and focusing on the one flight Trump took from NYC to largo Mar. trump hasn’t talked to Epstein in 25 years and cut off his membership to largo mar 25 years.

Ghislaine Maxwell used Jeffrey Epstein cash to buy helicopter, court toldSocialite received tens of millions of dollars from paedophile financier, sex-trafficking trial is told Cool, but when are we going to see some evidence of some actual serious wrong doing? I just wanna say a big thank you to Dennismayson9 I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me into investing with you, Since then it's been nothing but financial 💰 Success for me. I will invite my friends and family into your company Dennismayson9 you are the best💯🤞

FBI discovered 'numerous black binders' containing CDs, carefully labelled. They were found in closets stuffed with nude photos of young girls, court heard. Agents found safe filled with CDs, hard-drives, diamonds, cash and passports. Raid of Manhattan house carried out the day that Epstein was arrested in 2019