Jeffree Star, Coronavirus, Makeup

Jeffree Star, Coronavirus

Jeffree Star just gave one woman $30,000 to get her out of debt

Jeffree Star just gave one woman $30,000 to get her out of debt

3/28/2020 4:40:00 PM

Jeffree Star just gave one woman $30,000 to get her out of debt

‘I can put some money aside for both of my kids now,’ says mother-of-two

Since then, he has tweeted about every act of kindness, revealing he recently tipped a number of fans $250 (£200) each to help them pay their bills. Last weekend, he also tipped a food delivery driver $1,000 (£802) as a way of saying thank you.

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But Star’s biggest donation so far has been to a mother-of-two named Aurora.In collaboration with Twitter Philanthropist Bill Pulte, Startweetedhe planned to give away $30,000 to a random person who retweeted him.He shared the news with Aurora over Face Time in a clip that has received more than 155,900 likes and 9,700 retweets on Twitter.

Aurora was visibly taken aback and once she realised Starr was being serious she became overwhelmed with emotion.“I won’t be in debt anymore,” she replied.“I won’t have to struggle paying my bills. I can put some money aside for both of my kids now.”Star said he was going to continue helping those in need during the pandemic.

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Me and the hubby both lost jobs 3 weeks ago. In Seattle the epicenter. No money has come in thru stimulus or unemployment. Empty fridge, no fuel, all the bills are due. We are freaking out. I'm eating milk for dinner again. Please help us? CashApp: $TwinZLinZ Thank you for caring so much.. More grace yo both Jeff and plute

Boy I'd be so happy to be debt free especially after just losing my job How u going to leave pulte out he's the one that start all this giving and possativati u can't go leave him out shame on you independent and big shout out to my man bill pulte go follow him guys TeamPulte My mom has alot of debt and I'm the only one from my family actually trying to get help, they are just laughing of me for trying. My life is stupid and unfair

Soooo touching! Wish I could get 10,000 dollars I indebted!! Congratulations to her. But Don't you think it would have been better If he would have given 30 people a Thousand Dollars each. Some people have no Electricity, Can't pay rent, get medication, Homeless, etc. Just my opinion. Such a great thing you did there JeffreeStar and pulte.

Wow what an Angel wish we had someone like this in SA For that i commend. For more you'll score. For that might prevail. But make sure you will upscale. For one thats great but if devided hell thats many greats to divided by many. Who chooses? The great wall of devide. Or decide.? LadyGigixo thought it was gonna be one of us tbh

I cannot put into words how wonderful this is!!! JeffreeStar is an amazing person love him 💜💜💜 but he was giving before this and still is. Oh and thanks to pulte Also. Don't forget about pulte who also contributed to this give away with Jeffree 🙏🙏 It was JeffreeStar and pulte they are amazing people!❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

sakaynaaaa This is the kind of stuff I love to read about love when people show kindness towards others the world needs more of it y'all been on the humble hype since day one, I see you 👀 Congratulations sweetheart!! Because he is just an awesome person and I love his personality Love him! I thought it was random?

Dm me I think it's great! I've been noticing tho that people are begging and pleading all over the place for these 'cash blessings'. That's the part I dont like why make the folks jump thru hoops like some circus poodles? That’s awesome. $30K would get me out of debt. That would be life changing. Congratulations I wish somebody would do that for me🙏🙏🙏 amen

I could use help !! JeffreeStar have you seen this, I'm sure you have it's the internet, congratulations 🎉👏 you really are the best of the best I am so happy for her! I wish I had her luck! JeffreeStar making a difference so proud of you baby ! Sharing his wealth what an angel! aaah uour such amazing VESSEL... Thankyou

TeamPulte I have been saving for a new roof since the hurricane. I am a nurse, still working every day. I am so close and then something else breaks... but I will get there, $6100 of $7200 in these months. Work hard, stay safe! There is not always someone to bail you out. ashleyissashley jeffree AND pulte

JeffreeStar AND pulte !!! TeamPulte I’m so happy for her. I could only dream of something like that happening to me. TeamPulte Awesome!! TeamPulte Wowsers that's great.:) TeamPulte Thats awesome! God bless for all yall do TeamPulte I would love to get out of debt TeamPulte JeffreeStar Please help my family too. We are struggling with 30K debt. Won't you please help us.

TeamPulte TeamPulte My gosh 15k I would be debt free that would be amazing! TeamPulte Help me please TeamPulte Hey don’t leave out pulte 🤦🏽‍♂️ TeamPulte pulte should be included in the headline TeamPulte JeffreeStar and pulte ! TeamPulte I truly need help with food and cat food please! I pray someone sees this and can help, even a little $tori396

TeamPulte I'd give anything to get a fraction of what JeffreeStar and pulte blessed that woman with. Anything. TeamPulte Awesome TeamPulte That’s amazing! 💕 JeffreeStar , the world doesn't deserve you! 😘 You need to add pulte as well, not just JeffreeStar Wish it was me :( my roof is falling in and I have 4 kids

A heart of pure gold 💛 So beautiful Pabmakin123 Hook me up. Help in hand Wow I'm so blessed to live in a time such as this where we are being humans to humans❤️❤️❤️ How I wish I was her! Congratulations Simply amazinggg. If I stress over 5k debt can't imagine how Life-changing this is for this mama. Filled my heart seeing her reaction. F the haters JeffreeStar 🥳♥️♥️♥️ taking care of all his people. 🙌

So amazing 🙏💜 this would be absolutely life changing for me. I recently lost my job and have 4 children to support. I could use a blessing more then ever. JeffreeStar is absolutely amazing 💜🙏💜 How very awesome. So very happy for her Oh my your are such a blessing !!! I would love to get us a new place to live ! $DenicemWheeler

pulte why isn’t your name on there And pulte why isn’t his name on there!!! Amazing moment JeffreeStar She deserves this so much and so thankful to you for helping so many! jason_995 Awesome! So incredible!! So happy for her and wonderful work Pulte and his team is doing! I myself am struggling with debt, but working to pay it off.

Jeffree Star is an absolute QUEEN ! One the the most kind souls to walk this earth. JeffreeStar been through a lot of negativity, hardship, and struggled just like most of us. He worked hard and now his blessing those in need. Thank you JeffreeStar pulte for all that you do🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ JeffreeStar please help me I don’t need money I need food for my kids I have 3 small kids at home and I’m out of a job because we’re in lock down I’m desperate I’m begging for food please

Let he's had groups of ppl coming to his house... JeffreeStar help me out I only need 2k 😂 The Independent tend to ruin people’s lives so expect this to be a hit piece on the receiver. Congratulations Chicky! So happy for you! I only need $17,000 to pay off all my bills Gosh I would SOB 💜💜💜 How long I’ve been at Jeffree Star to help this one lgbtq+ youth break free from the grasp of shame and family toxicity and 19 yearolds cost of living and school all I want is the Monies and a business investment into a vitiligo makeup pallet JeffreeStar

This is awesome! Congratulations🎊🎈‼️ It was a very moving video. :) I’m so happy for her and so proud that we have ppl who just want to help others.:) I’m sure it’s line a weight has been lifted for this woman.:)✊✊✊💜💜💜 Cuz JeffreeStar is one of the most caring, loving, and generous people on earth! 💖💖💖💯

That was such a beautiful moment! I cried along with her, even $100 would make me cry with appreciation at this point! God Bless them both 😍😇😇 Jefferr Star HAS been giving and giving and giving and giving! He might pass ELLEN on the amount he gives :) sooo very nice!!!! It was JeffreeStar and pulte ! They are both doing amazing work and they haven’t stopped here! They have helped a lot of people out too and are continuing

Umm it was JeffreeStar and pulte can’t acknowledge one without the other 🤷🏻‍♀️

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