Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson not yet astronauts, US says

Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson not yet astronauts, US says

7/24/2021 1:54:00 AM

Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson not yet astronauts, US says

The US government has tightened rules on which space-goers can claim their astronaut wings.

Bezos and the Blue Origin team may not qualify as astronautsIn a move that pours cold water on the dreams of a few billionaire space explorers, the US has tightened its definition of the word "astronaut".New Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules say astronaut hopefuls must be part of the flight crew and make contributions to space flight safety.

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That means Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson may not yet be astronauts in the eyes of the US government.These are the first changes since the FAA wings programme began in 2004.The Commercial Astronaut Wings programme updates were announced on Tuesday - the same day that Amazon's Mr Bezos flew aboard a Blue Origin rocket to the edge of space.

To qualify as commercial astronauts, space-goers must travel 50 miles (80km) above the Earth's surface, which both Mr Bezos and Mr Branson accomplished.But altitude aside, the agency says would-be astronauts must have also "demonstrated activities during flight that were essential to public safety, or contributed to human space flight safety".

What exactly counts as such is determined by FAA officials.In a statement, the FAA said that these changes brought the wings scheme more in line with its role to protect public safety during commercial space flights.On 11 July,Sir Richard flew on-board Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo to the edge of space

as a test before allowing customers aboard next year.Mr Bezos and the three other crew members who flew on Blue Origin's spacecraft may have less claim to the coveted title. Ahead of the launch, Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said that "there's really nothing for a crew member to do" on the autonomous vehicle.

Those wishing for commercial wings need to be nominated for them as well. An FAA spokesperson told CNN they are not currently reviewing any submissions.There are two other ways to earn astronaut wings in the US - through the military or caption

The moment Jeff Bezos and crew launch into space on the first human flight of New ShepardThe wings spotted on Mr Bezos and Sir Richard following their flights were custom-made pins by their own companies.However, a glimmer of hope remains for Sir Richard, Mr Bezos and any future stargazers hoping to be recognised as astronauts.

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The new order notes that honorary awards can be given based on merit - at the discretion of the FAA's associate administrator.Astronaut wings were first awarded to astronauts Alan Shepard Jr and Virgil Grissom in the early 1960s for their participation in the Mercury Seven programme.

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Maybe they never should be either. They need to start and help the planet instead of trying to leave it. I am ashamed to call myself a human these days I really am Boys and their toys 🧸 That’s not space “edge of space” super rich super brats don’t believe any of them…jerks ✌️ A bit of Sour Grapes methinks.Musk Bezos and Branson have pushed the Space programme further in the last 10 Years than any Government.

Makes sense. I've flown quite a bit but that doesn't make me a pilot Like saying you’re a doctor by putting on a stethoscope And he can't buy hair, still. But he could have bought a better hat. That thing was not right. Also, shame on him. There's so many better ways to spend that money. Not sad he went to space, sad he returned.

They never was or will be there just rich dicks playing astronauts So the yanks make all the rules up and we just have to accept it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Absolutely agree, none of them AREN'T astronauts.

How much carbon is emitted by Jeff Bezos flying a rocket into space?Calculating effect of each rocket launch on earth’s atmosphere will require detailed modelling Another thing his customers will pay for... Not as much as his loud mouth! C'mon Man ... give it a rest. Haters hate ... bitch & moan. Must be a miserable jealous way to live.

Can’t they identify as astronauts? the surreal world of the rich put into perspective by proper proffessionals. money can't buy me... No but they are both greedy little men with zero morals All this nonsense while Rome burns. What has the human race become. Waste of resource waste of time pure vanity by tax avoiders that’s the real story!

Space Bell Ends. I got on a train once, does that make me a traindriver? Artii_M Ave inomona ke iaAmerikana le 😓 Good,was getting worried that little beeeeeeeezos fella and his stupid hat was getting a title for nothing

Jeff Bezos isn't an astronaut! FAA changes rules for titleBezos and the crew of Blue Origin took off from their base at Van Horn, Texas, at 9.12am EST on Tuesday, the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing. Correct, he's a tax dodger. even the astronauts are really just passengers now. As long as he is SAFE and Come bk Home!

As if they care Just high flyers! Oh, come on FAA, just give them their ‘attaboy’ and maybe we can all get a bit of peace from them. ...they can fly out of this world and have all the money in the world, but do you know what they will never have...? Nope. Make them orbit. Oh, you mean just like how I'm not a pilot just because I've flown on an airplane?

Course not they have the money.. Haha Bezos but they are asstronauts

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High Altitude Orbit, which is the chewing gum of choice for Branson. Nope just egotistical bellends🤷🏻 They’re Arsetronauts, though. How about these two c**k ends take that rocket ship to Mars and do one. They are Tax Astronauts. good, maybe next flight or the one after lol Considering the many peoples’ lives LOST in the space program, in America and other countries, it is an insult that they would award THEMSELVES astronaut pins. Congrats on what you did but you are NOT astronauts.

Silly pedantic people with word games. But they’re both bellends Obviously not… they both literally just went to the edge of the atmosphere and back… that’s literally it.

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BBC , billionare boys club , fuck me in the midst of a health catastrophe 2 spoilt brats play at being spacemen , no matter how many ' ordinary ?' people see this in the light it potrays itself ( self indulgent narcissism ) they will just high 5 and grin inanely , sick indictment Stratospheric joy rides aren’t space tourism ☝🏾

They're both definitely c**** though Both suffer from premature space-exploration I hear ...but they did confirm they are both massive bellends.... Very true. They didn't get into space. All that money just to get near the edge. In 20min well, Lord knows, that is some VERY important news..

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