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JEALOUS trolls accused this model of Photoshopping off her own leg

Amputee model who lost leg to cancer reveals trolls accuse her of PHOTOSHOPPING out missing limb

10/18/2021 3:40:00 PM

Amputee model who lost leg to cancer reveals trolls accuse her of PHOTOSHOPPING out missing limb

Model and fashion stylist Cherie, now 29, from New Plymouth, who lost her left leg aged 6, has posed for brands such as Bluebella and Modibodi, but it's attracted unwelcome attention from trolls.

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COP26 news live: Sharma 'envisages closing COP' today - as Saudi Arabia warns of 'unacceptable' language in text

Latest COP26 news as: Negotiations enter extra time with an updated draft agreement expected on Saturday morning; PM believes an 'ambitious outcome is in sight' despite passing Friday deadline; Sydney MP says Australia 'is not the problem' after failing to join key pledges.

Karen Hauer accused of ‘not wanting to win' dance-off as fans spot body language clueKAREN HAUER has been accused by some fans of 'checking out' during her dance-off performance with Greg Wise as Strictly viewers are convinced the pro dancer was already prepared to head home. The most important news of the globe..world won't be the same after🤭😁

‘Jealous’ husband ‘choked wife to death’Suspect previously accused of posing as burglar and stabbing wife to portray himself as saviour he strangled her, choking is the wrong word

Doncaster Council are trolling Adele for ‘littering’ in her new music videoAfter six years away, Adele returned last week with her eagerly anticipated new song Easy on Me and it’s fair to say everyone was ecstatic. Well, everyone except Doncaster Council. Funny We are delighted to have Adele back, and producing new music...And the critic about littering is valid wherever it occurs, except in cases like this, where it's somewhat fictional, since it's in a music video production. We love you Adele💐 The Comms / media team MyDoncaster are award winning giants of social media. Always witty, warm and sometimes even poignantly beautiful. The pride of Doncaster on Twitter and beyond. 🙏🌞

Greta Thunberg Rickrolls climate concert with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ performanceWe’re no strangers to love, but we’re also no strangers to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg being an absolute legend and trolling members of the public from time to time. Komedijašica. She is a great speaker. climatechange Wait, that sh** was intentional?

Anyone jealous of the 'perks' I get as a disabled person is being ridiculousSome non-disabled people have the attitude that people with disabilities are somehow ‘getting one over’ on the rest of society.

14 books on body image and beauty standards everyone should readCovering everything from dismantling diet culture, to embarking on your own journey of body positivity...