Javid promises 'significant response' to no-deal

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Sajid Javid promises 'significant economic policy response' in event of a no-deal Brexit

and culminating on Sunday in the accusations by journalist Charlotte Edwardes.

"They go to the heart of this question about character and integrity of people in public life and what standards the electorate have a right to expect," she added.Image copyrightInvest, invest, invest they say - in schools, the NHS and the police. In other words, spend, spend, spend.The Conservatives argue that is because the public finances can now support a new approach.

Chancellor Sajid Javid will later make his contribution to this tally with promises on roads, buses and broadband. Starting construction on the A428 to improve journeys between Cambridge and Milton Keynes and widening the A12 in east England


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He is a fool

Well in that case I 'promise' I'll vote tory

We will be fine. Roll on BritishIndependence 31st October 2019.

Listened to the 'top 3' talk radio stations today and only Talkradio give anything like an impartial view you would never know that the country voted to leave in 2016 well done Iromg and on LBC now a woman who was sexually abused as a child akin to having ones leg touched obv

Perfect time for sajidjavid to announce HS2 will be scrapped

Another lie BorisJohnsonLies

Well if you ask our war vets how they feel being in the EU on the streets. Give brexit a go it might just be better , I’m fed up of all the “experts” with their doom and gloom.

Where is all this money coming from for the projects that the conservatives are planning?

What about a second economic meltdown triggered by his chums from DeutscheBank and Goldman ? He seems to be ignoring the fact the ECB and Fed are going negative.

WTF does that mean ?

money does grow on trees according to Javid.

Every government response seems to involve 'throwing' money at issues. Where will the money come from ?

Increasing massive debt that Conservatives increased. Inflation will rise,austerity will seem like a walk in the park in comparison. BalanceBritain policy is to bring it all onshore,eradicate tax avoidance & get corps/ppl to pay the tax rate and abolish the the_tpa .1/11/19

This is pure electioneering. Javid and Johnson must have discovered a whole forest of Magic Money Trees.

Mening, empty tax accounts to buy support,while cutting taxes and laying the foundation to sell out all property.

I don’t know but just have a sneaky suspicion the government may actually surprise us all and actually have a plan. Will it be achievable is another matter.

Top man

I thought a no deal Brexit was illegal 🤔🤡

He reminds me of someone

How does a 'significant policy response' differ from an emergency budget?

But why would such a hugely beneficial event require such a response? Unless...

You are spending all the money stored away to cushion the effects of Brexit, that’s that money gone. You have given Tax cuts to the well paid which = less Tax coming in, then with less coming in your return 20k Police, giving wage rise to under paid PS workers & now 60 Hospitals.

Sounds a lot like an emergency budget. projectreality

lucyallan So, when we lose exports and trade, the pound drops, the treasury gets less in the way of tax and therefore has less to spend. A bit like a recession, Lucy, only this is totally our own fault.

Rob the poor give to the rich,a joke the Tories

Jam tomorrow! Yippee.....Aye right.

So says the man who also says ‘no one knows the cost of brexit’. Well I think he does know and knows it is catastrophic. Why have a ‘significant economic policy response’ otherwise? He is trying to deceive and obfuscate. Pitiful


Yeah right in your fairy tale dream

Where did you find all this money?

Dreams are free. All politicians need ignoring just now, they have no clue and just tend to spout garbage! It's poppycock! Never have we been in a position like this thus no one has answers. Like everything a decision regarding the way forward is needed and then go from there.

But he doesn’t know - apparently “no one really knows” - or he won’t tell us what the real impact of no-deal will be, by his own admission. You couldn’t make this shit up 🤣🤣🤣

Re-entering the EU?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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