Jake Paul criticised after anxiety advice tweet

'Remember anxiety is created by you,' the YouTuber told 3.7 million followers on Twitter.


Jake Paul criticised after telling Twitter followers to 'remember anxiety is created by you'

'Remember anxiety is created by you,' the YouTuber told 3.7 million followers on Twitter.

Mental health at work: How it affected my first job This was what made"flippant" comments about anxiety so damaging, mental health campaigner and writer Lucy Nichol, who herself has an anxiety disorder, told BBC News. "Because we can relate some day-to-day things to mental health conditions like anxiety, it's quite easy to be dismissive," she said. "I've had years and years of therapy. I've been taking anti-depressants. I've had to take beta blockers when it's been really bad. "One of my worst ever panic attacks occurred when I woke up at 03:00. Within about 30 seconds, I had a very bad panic attack. "I thought I was going to die. It took about one and a half to two hours. It doesn't help to be told to chill out." "It's one of the stereotypes about anxiety that I detest. "If someone experiences very severe anxiety and sees those sorts of comments, they might not seek help." Symptoms of anxiety Anxiety can cause many different symptoms. It might affect how you feel physically, mentally and how you behave. And it is not always easy to recognise when anxiety is the reason you are feeling or acting differently. Source: According to Anxiety UK, anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the UK - one in five people will experience an anxiety condition. "Everyone regularly experiences anxiety to some degree," a representative said. "When anxiety symptoms become too strong, however, a normal, natural response can develop into an anxiety condition or disorder. "It is important not to generalise about support as there are many different avenues of support when it comes to anxiety, from self-help techniques and peer support to more professional services that can be accessed both through your GP and privately." Suicide victim In a later tweet, Paul said he had also suffered from anxiety and had been"spreading more awareness". "Everyone [is] clowning my tweet," he wrote . "I didn't even know [anxiety] was a thing until I was 18 but [I have] had it my whole life and never knew how to deal with it." Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul have both built huge online followings. In 2018, Read more: BBC News (UK)

Who is this fool and why do we care? BBCWorld jake me so hurt are you f====g out of your mind His fucking wig is giving me anxiety BBCWorld The truth hurts. ALWAYS! Hello has he got a brain you cannot stop getting anxiety. It happens try living with it ..... Had to check as I confused this guy with Paul Jake. Who the feck

BBCWorld He is true!!!! If you can open yourself up to the fact he might be right, then you are on your first step to overcoming anxiety disorders. With perseverance & informed guidance it is possible. Denial is an obstacle to recovery. Another unqualified YouTube influencer who believes he has the answer to all of life's problems

Never heard of him, thankfully. Is this buffoon an ‘Influencer?’ .. or as it appears to me is he someone with no discernible talent that gets paid by promoting & marketing goods &?services on his ‘platform’?

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BBCWorld Anxiety is what helps you not get eaten by a tiger... Too much anxiety will also kill you... Its noone's fault that we are a product of evolution. Anxiety is essentially natural selection at play. I think he should apologise for giving out unsound advice... BBCWorld But je is right I meann 🤔... It’s not not created by my.

BBCWorld Why is he relevant anyway ? BBCWorld Keep calm and trust in God. It works everytine BBCWorld Some anxiety is, I would say, but not all. He has been to therapy. Was he really criticised though? By who? Some shitposters on social media who can’t deal with their own emotional reactions to a different opinion? Never mind that he is, in the main, completely correct.

Is that one of those rich reality simpletons that poor simpletons enable? He looks so fucking simple. Nothing more to add.

Volunteer firefighter Paul Parker, who swore at Scott Morrison, says he has been sackedParker told Channel Ten’s The Project he had been told to leave RFS leading to the hashtag IstandwithPaulParker trending in Australia Anyone who swears at evil scum like ScottMorrisonMP should get a pay rise. Disgusting Scott_Morrison_

Who is he ? BBCWorld I received similar advice in my early 20s and it took a while for me to interpret it as less of a personal affront and more like: “No matter what anyone says, you are in charge of your life and occasionally it’s your responsibility to remind people of that- including yourself.” Anxiety USED to be a psychological disorder created by perceived extreme stress. Unfortunately the term has been diluted by spineless idiots who over use it for everyday descriptions. Like people who say they have a migraine when they only have a headache to fish for sympathy.

Is the guy from Napoleon Dynamite? Who is jake paul Its an internal feeling so in some way he is correct your brain creates anxiety but outside influences dont help , speaking from experience with it ❄ ❄ ❄ BBCWorld Don’t think so. Anxiety reducer! BBCWorld He’s somewhat right. What used to be called “nervousness” is now called Anxiety. There used to be a difference. Now it’s grouped as one. Some individuals could have anxiety, but the majority of people are just nervous and stressed due to their personal thoughts surroundings.

Which is a true statement, why receive criticism over telling the truth?

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Simple question who is he? BBCWorld Jakes a 🤡 Who the f**k is Jake Paul? But it is... The BBC staulking social media pages to find something woke and left. ScrapTheLicenseFee Another non career millennial telling us all how to live, what to buy and when to breathe. Sod off He is correct. Everything is an appearance to mind. Anxiety is just a physical manifestation of a negative state of mind

Has anyone else had to 'google' who he is? 🤔 BBCWorld The worst this BBC, is that you RETWEETED THIS BS. I really don't give a sh*t about this person. Thank you.

UK universities face pressure to reform admissions processExclusive: minority candidates complain of poor careers advice and time-consuming process

BBCWorld true Well, yes, many people get anxious when they say things in public. But this is so true. Anxiety and depression didn't exist nothing like it does today.... one reason... social media... mainly Twitter because of the toxic environment that is allowed to be played out. He speaks sense. Lol every single feeling you have is created by you. Oversensitive people these days...

Why are you wasting time on this fool? BBCWorld This is not world news. true, as far as it goes. Just saying aloud what other people are thinking.... Seems you can't open your mouth these days without someone criticising what you say !! No one cares. This is not news. This is why you are terrible as a news outlet.

Who is this arsehole

Strangers throw baby shower for couple flying home with adopted daughterThe passengers wrote words of advice for new parents on napkins.

Ok then...I will remind myself my anxiety is my fault & not caused by my rapist raping me 👍 great glasses, I’ve got similar for watching tv etc,,, go big or go home 👌🏻 BBCWorld This tweet is giving me anxiety. Yrs gone by ppl had confidence to deal with daily life. From work to home a days this generation who hv no confidence to deal with what is given to them in either work wise or in general life & ppl expect it to b all good & no disappointments or stress.

It’s true. Anxiety is the emotional reaction to the bodies fight or flight response. With the right training one can cease to be anxious even in situations were anxiety is expected... BBCWorld I’m sure any anxiety for everyone comes from him looking like a modern day napoleon dynamite. Those glasses make me want to take mine off so I can’t see them anymore

He's not entirely wrong Course in remote parts of the world where western values haven't reached there is no anxiety, depression just empathy for others. Think about that folk's. I don't know who he is but how dare he claim people take responsibility for their own problems, doesn't he know its always someone else's fault?

US regulators 'deny church investors right to hold firms to account'Group of 70 shareholders, including Church of England, criticise SEC’s plans in letter if i may be so bold as to ask why the church of england would be investing in a petro company and with who's fund?

Who? Is this even a real person? Looks like a Harry Enfield character You won't really get anywhere not addressing yourself. The typical response is to play victim and search for someone else to blame other than your own body makeup. Sure, there can be external factors, but it's about how YOU deal with them, after all.

What is wrong with these people? If you don't like what happens on social media then GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. How dumb are these people. As much as he's a piece of shit I think his intentions were good. Who's Jake Paul ?! BBCWorld In todays world you cannot say anything without being criticized. Someone will probably have a negative comment about what I just said. And, you know what? I could care less what you think or say... Have a nice day :-)

Humans need to get off these sites listening to tripe from other dopes. Surround yourself with real friends. Badly informed arsehole. BBCWorld Who? They just picking random people off of twitter?

I think cheese should be only be eaten on the weekend! Can I have some free publicity for saying something please I'm not famous and need the attention 🙏😁🙏 OMG someone said something Never heard of you and doubt you have the credentials to support your statement so shut up Who's he? BBCWorld Society can only improve the more we listen to our sages.

BBCWorld SirYacht Another nobody being made famous by the bbc Seems unlikely Jake Paul will be very worried about criticism and you've probably guaranteed him a whole load more hits. Why is this even a controversial view? I suffered from crippling anxiety for 2 years unless you realise that it is within your own head you cannot overcome it. Unless you keep telling yourself it’s in your head it just takes over again.

BBCWorld Who gives a damn about what some spoiled YouTube star has to say?

Where would news sites be without social media... cos there's nothing else happening, there's only X,Y,Z are upset because of what D said. Seriously, it's like being back in primary school. Sorry.... but I rather get advice from a counsellor. Our take on the causes of anxiety: too much individualism in Westernised culture.

Looking on here I’m starting to think it’s something to do with hair dye. Some absolute nobody says something stupid, cue outrage? Come on people, ignore, swipe up and move on with life bbcnews anxiety awareness BBCWorld why does he unironically look like that Who? Is the BBC trying to be cool and with it 😳

He's correct. If social media is contributing negatively to a persons mental health they need to disconnect from it. Self programming.. your life us a story and you are the author.. I don't know who he is and I don't care what he thinks...

'Who's Jake Paul?' said 99% of people Thanks for the advice. I'm currently buried in a coffin, six feet deep. My phone battery will soon run out and then I will run out of oxygen and die. But thanks to you I'm not anxious, because I now know that would be my own creation. How the hell is this news? Child poverty, Unemployment, Floods, Coronavirus. That's news not this wee Ned from a platform that will not help anyone in the real world.😡

BBCWorld Well it is: anxiety is a response to danger and if used properly can lead to positive action to correct the problem. Americans should use their anxiety about their country to vote out the crook/corrupt Trump and his administration. No idea who he is but he talks sense in this tweet. A little Stoicism never goes amiss. You cant control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it. The exact opposite of narcissistic victim hood

Who is this person, and why does anyone care ... BBCWorld He sure is not a role model in my eyes the things he done in the passed is he a Dr. now I don't think SO! He's correct .. Take the piss he ain’t relevant enough to be UK mainstream news It does come from within so why is he so wrong?

BBCWorld He has a point though! BBCWorld defo majority of anxiety & depression is man made 👀 ofcource serious events like accidents, attacks or illnesses play a big part but the rest is humans punching above there weight & listening/following hypocritical & contradicting public 🦠’s 🤷‍♂️ BBCWorld Who is jake paul? 🤔

BBCWorld So not true ,he should be a shame of himself!!! He is right and what's wrong with that. Unless I am missing something here. Anxiety is all you bud has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. Wow. Love marshmallows it's always someone else's fault Never heard of him 🤷‍♂️ If ppl took personal responsibility for their own mental health and general wellbeing and understood what is right for them and what is not right for them then everything would be so much easier.

Especially if you run scams everywhere. Same could be said about offense.

This llama is more of a Carl than a Paul really

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