Jackie Nickerson’s New Book Examines the Trauma of Modern Living

#JackieNickerson’s latest publication explores the hidden forces that are changing us

10/29/2020 9:12:00 PM

JackieNickerson’s latest publication explores the hidden forces that are changing us

Field Test is artist Jackie Nickerson’s latest publication, which explores the hidden forces that are changing us

?JN: I have an interest in cause and effect. How things to a certain degree work within the law of nature. We are not isolated – there is an inevitable cohesion as we all live together on this planet. So this idea of how we are human, and how we interact with our environment is what I’m interested in.

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TS: I’m interested in what motivates you, in terms of your artistic practice.JN: I think most artists will tell you that – the ideas, the drive – it’s just there. I see things and I see how diverse things can perhaps work together. It’s my job to investigate that and ask those questions. I love what I do.

Jackie Nickerson, ChimeraCourtesy ofthe artistTS: In a recent interview for AnOther, Tyler Mitchell said photo books are “even more important than a show, which seems to be the marker of success” (for photographers). Do you agree? What do you feel is the power of photo books?

JN: Yes. I think both are important but a book lasts forever and it’s an artifact you can keep. Francis Bacon said that he thought his paintings worked better in a series. Sometimes the narrative is a really important part of the work and a series illustrates an idea better than a single image. So books are a great way of achieving this. But that said, it’s always great to see work produced as an actual photograph and see it hanging on a wall.

TS: Do you buy them yourself? Do you have a favourite?JN: I buy lots of books about photography, design, architecture and sculpture. I recently bought a brilliant Dieter Rams design book. You can clearly see how his work from the 1950s has influenced industrial design today.

TS: Another thing I’m interested to know: how does it feel to create something that then becomes a rare and valuable commodity and a special and treasured possession (to someone like me!)?JN: [Laughs.] Thank you! I hope I can produce work that some people might want to look at.

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