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General Election 2019, Boris Johnson

ITV debate: spinners seek the edge their leaders couldn't achieve

ITV debate: spinners seek the edge their leaders couldn't achieve


ITV debate: spinners seek the edge their leaders couldn't achieve

Senior figures in both the Labour and Tory parties refight the debate in punchier terms

Barry Gardiner, the shadow energy secretary, said Johnson was guilty of “lie, after lie, after lie”, while Richard Burgon, the shadow justice secretary, condemned the prime minister for “refusing to answer a question straight and trying to make every question about Brexit when this is a general election.”

Spinners for both the leaders claimed to be happy with their performances, which contained no breakthrough moments or debilitating gaffes. The Tories were privately pleased as they felt Corbyn’s appearance would not move the dial with the national polls, while Labour was very happy about its leader’s opportunity to confront Johnson with papers suggesting the NHS would be up for discussion in trade talks with the US.

“What we took out of it was confirmation the transition period for Brexit would definitely be at the end of next year come whatever. That’s a key pledge he made a couple of weeks ago that’s been confirmed by cabinet ministers and that’s of vital importance to us and what we’re hearing on the doorstep. We want it sorted,” he said.

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