House Of Commons, Chris Grayling, Boris Johnson

House Of Commons, Chris Grayling

It was pure method Grayling – but the Tories were wishing for Arcuri | John Crace

It was pure method Grayling – but the Tories were wishing for Arcuri | John Crace


It was pure method Grayling – but the Tories were wishing for Arcuri | John Crace

At Brexit questions, James Duddridge was excruciating as he stood in at the dispatch box

Quite what Duddridge has done to have been thrown under a bus twice in such quick succession is as yet unclear. The chief whip must have some devastating kompromat on him. But at least he’s providing some entertainment at a time of national crisis. He was in the Commons to answer an urgent question from Keir Starmer, requesting the government allow parliament to see the full 44-page legal text of the new withdrawal agreement the EU was in the process of rejecting, rather than just the seven-page summary it had so far been shown. The shadow Brexit secretary was understandably suspicious that there might be something of a mismatch between the two. Not least on provisions for a hard border and the erosion of workers’ rights.

Halfway through this excruciating ordeal, the few remaining Tory MPs were beginning to see what Boris Johnson had seen in Jennifer Arcuri and were wishing it was her at the dispatch box and not Duddridge. At least in her interview with Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid on Good Morning Britain she had shown some style as she failed to answer any questions and could bullshit with the best of them. By the end she had failed to deny having sex with the prime minister nine times and had left most viewers wondering if it had been Morgan who had been having the affair with the prime minister and not her. After all, he’d already been kissing Donald Trump’s arse for years.

“You’ve been saying that for 10 minutes,” Arcuri would have replied. “Are you in love with me? Do you want to have sex with me?”

“Will you publish the legal text?” asked Jo Swinson.

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No woman with big breasts is ever asking for attention - believe me'I’m always surprised at these comments – people seem to forget that I am a person with feelings, not an inanimate Barbie.' Poor me every one is looking at me ! No wait not every one 😳. I know lets get them on Twitter Katie Price shows otherwise 🙄

Jennifer Arcuri refuses to answer whether she had affair with Boris Johnson – videoAsked if she had an intimate relationship with Johnson, the US businesswoman said: ‘I’m not going to be putting myself in a position for you to weaponise my answer’ Good for her! Who would admit to that willingly? Lol Hello yes Albert

Jennifer Arcuri feels 'betrayed' by Boris Johnson, amid pole dancing revelations in extraordinary live interviewJennifer Arcuri has admitted she feels 'betrayed' by Boris Johnson during a live TV interview in which she refused four times to say whether they had an affair. The US businesswoman said she had not Betrayed? She potential took thousands in public funds unlawfully during austerity and she has the brass neck, the fall to say she feels betrayed. JenniferArcuri Oh dear FakeNews

Boris Johnson given just 24 hours to disclose private chats with Jennifer ArcuriThe Prime Minister must respond to a summons from the London Assembly to hand over private messages and emails sent to Jennifer Arcuri he will do a Trump and find an excuse....typical of the man..not to be trusted !!!

Boris Johnson 'wrote letter recommending Jennifer Arcuri for top job'The American businesswoman was reportedly a student when applying for the £100,000-a-year role

Boris Johnson faces ultimatum over Jennifer Arcuri messagesLondon assembly committee may also compel PM to appear before it to answer questions about relationship with entrepreneur Bimbo 1 and bimbo 2. An incumbent prime minister can't be indicted.. Ask king trump 😂 😂 Yawn

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