European Super League, Football Politics

European Super League, Football Politics

‘It’s war’: what the papers say about the European Super League

‘It’s war’: what the papers say about the European Super League

4/19/2021 7:47:00 AM

‘It’s war’: what the papers say about the European Super League

Newspapers in the UK trotted out war metaphors after 12 of the continent’s top football clubs revealed controversial plans

Last modified on Mon 19 Apr 2021 05.37 BSTThe rebels have made their move, andbefore the continent’s newspapers started trotting out the war metaphors.“Football at war” was the popular choice for editors sending Monday’s print editions to press after12 football clubs across England, Spain and Italy announced the formation of the European Super League

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It’s hard to understand why the ESL and clubs signing up to this proposal didn’t think through what the reaction might be! Where is their communications strategy? woeful That said as an idea it’s so wrong no amount of PR will save it now phew 7 Days in a row, Breaking! 168 hours, or 7 full days, on average: Wind electricity in UK & Scotland = 5.4% capacity

😡 Entertainment for stupid masses.. who cares.. ESL is all about money. They see fans as cow to get the milk from. Disgusting as f**k europeansuperleague Wearing Cotton Gloves and Masks can beat COVID-19 in two weeks. Health Experts don’t know the science on this but I know, physics measures are far better than vaccines. In May 2020, I swore that I'd like to accept the most severe penalties including death if my idea doesn't work.

All players of the so called big 6 should hand in transfer requests together to end this debacle. All the 6 managers should offer their resignations together. All the fans should return their season tickets and not subscribe to any channels that support this debacle.

'A spit in the face of football lovers' European Super League is a 'disgraceful, self-serving' proposal and 'spit in the face of all football lovers', says Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin BBCWorld ANY assessment without a proper explanation is just PURE RESENTMENT Why is the BBC, which has been unfailingly in favour of more European integration for the past 30 years, suddenly opposed to it? BBCWorld it's disgraceful that these storied franchises felt it necessary to do so due to the widespread corruption within FIFA

ESL created to save football - PerezThe European Super League has been created 'to save football', says Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. danroan 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Without the risk of relegation or the joy of promotion there is no interest in the outcome. If they think it will save it they are wrong. ....”to create new fans” = TV audience from which the new league will gain considerable global income

European Super League: A declaration of war on football's power brokers - UEFA and the Premier LeagueThe new Super League is about putting more power and money in the hands of the most elite, says Sky's sports correspondent. Can't see the problem myself (as long as the domestic fixtures aren't affected!. Fifa and uefa have been corrupt and all about the money since year dot. Would like Porto, Ajax and PSG in as well. Not I'm, there are some fool's The response to the ESL sounds like the biggest condemnation of the free market I have seen

‘Shameful’: how the papers covered European Super League backlashDowning Street and Prince William added their criticism as the breakaway football league featured on both front and back pages CHINA AND AFRICA WILL PUT EUROPE IN A MINERAL CHOKE HOLD? Sports always should evolve otherwise we still be doing gladiateur sports and bull fighting. Boxing should be banned. Fox hunting too. What's the big deal about football It causes dementia...head butting the stupid should be banned too. RT : ‘Shameful’: how the papers covered European Super League backlash

'Alarm, concern and disgust in many ways' - Lineker on European Super LeagueGary Lineker says 'it's a time of great concern' when asked about a new European Super League , adding that it could have 'massive ramifications on our game'. Funny. Can’t wait to leave EU but can’t wait to join European league. Be funny if the said no Brits. 'Alarm, concern and disgust I'm many ways'. Come on Lineker is annoying as he'll, but there's no need for that. Football is already a greedy sport and so is everyone involved in it.