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It's not just a name... Harry has stolen the Queen's crown jewel

JAN MOIR: It's not just a name... Harry has stolen the Queen's crown jewel

6/11/2021 12:15:00 PM

JAN MOIR: It's not just a name... Harry has stolen the Queen's crown jewel

JAN MOIR: During a life devoted to public service and being on almost permanent display, Lilibet was the one thing the Queen had that was entirely her own.

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So, her great granddaughter being named after her is 'stealing' her crown jewel, but it was okay to name a horse after her? The Queen doesn't own Lilibet! Are you asking to get sued again? I hope Harry takes you to the cleaners! You rodents just don't learn. This is such BS. Nobody with brains believes the Queen is so narcissistic and self centered that she would be angered a grandchild was named in loving tribute to her. This ridiculous campaign has got to stop. You are destroying lives for headlines. Shame on you. How do you sleep at night?

Hmm - it was a family nickname started when she was young & couldn’t pronounce her name. Her grandfather named a racehorse after her - so the fact that a great grandchild was named this is now the worst thing that could happen ? Ok for a horse but not a newborn family member. Trashy, gaslighting headline

People name their child after someone they admired. What is the sin in that I asked. Daily Mail…you are so ridiculous! CamiSotto4 His family stole diamonds from dozens of countries. Bunch of hypocrites. So the horse didn't count then?

Harry in war of words as Palace source says he didn't consult Queen on baby namePrince Harry is at the centre of a huge dispute after a Palace official said he didn't consult the Queen about naming his baby daughter Lilibet, despite claims from Sussex insiders that he did

Queen gave approval and is also telling you to mind your business. No wonder England is going to hell in a basket. Surely, you have other things to report on. SDNY wants a word with Andrew, Prince Michael of Kent tried to sell access to Putin, UNICEF is feeding ur children CamiSotto4 It’s a nickname that was known by anyone who ever read a book about HM. I’m not a fan of H&M, but the drama of all this is over the top.

Pfft her father named a bloody racehorse Lilibet. Get a life folks, it's just a name. Will QE be returning all those ACTUAL stolen jewels or nah? What a ridiculous non-story !!! Jan Moir needs to get out more. What is the big deal about it ....totally ridiculous ....Harry is simply honouring his grandmother

Considering that most of the Crown Jewels were stolen, and the name has been used by even her horse, let’s call all this a non-issue, but contrived controversy. Meghan, don’t bring your children to the UK or around these toxic people. Excuse me, is this a satire? or was this article really written to amuse the public? a rational person does not accept such a false, irrelevant, tendentious publication ... finally, a complete rubbish.

People name their children after their relatives all of the time. This is not new. This article is ridiculous! No one “stole” the crown jewel by naming a child after their grandparent.

Harry says he and Meghan told Queen about Lilibet name in fresh row with PalacePrince Harry and Meghan Markle have insisted he did speak to the Queen about naming their baby girl Lilibet, hitting back at a Palace source who claims the Sussexes 'never asked' the monarch Their a pair of evil Gets !

and the Queen’s crown jewel is stolen from India... 🙄 Give back those jewels that were taken🙄😡 What a bunch of breathless codswallop. Where do you think the Queen’s crown jewels come from? Riduculosssss. What a load of 🐂💩 as you’d expect from that rag Trust, every Crown Jewel the Queen has is stolen. Jan must still be upset that Lucifer stole her pet name - Satan.

The pretend prince needs to be stripped of all Royal Status. And his British Citizenship . It is rumoured he has applied for his and his son's American Citizenship. The jewels are stolen from Africa and India. When will they be returned?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced baby Lilibet to Queen 'on video call'Proud new parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle couldn't wait to show Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor off to her great grandmother the Queen, it has been reported Who will they sue about this

A name that NON of the family EVER concidered good ENOUGH to be choosen ,they all choosed Elisabeth. When H&M choosed it, suddenly bc the Queen Crown Jewel's..😆😆😆 Ouin ouin ouin 😂😂😂😂 Harry and Meghan can named their daughter like they want ! Period ! I'm angry because I hate Elizabeth but even me can understand that thing ! Parents can named their children like they want and how they are ! Period !

Just say you hate that the little girl with Black Blood has a name Queen Elizabeth II valued and go home as your racist selves. It’s fake news This is truly the most unhinged piece of sh*t I have ever read. It's a baby, you f*cking psycho. What kind of monster do think this woman is to be jealous of a f*cking baby being named after her?!

And he and his Harpy wife need to be sorted out forthwith. And the horse? myfavenews Today’s article is spot on. As MM is now referred to as HarrysWife perhaps LD should be referred to as HarrysDaughter Imagine getting your knickers in a twist over this. Unhinged.

Piers Morgan urges 'wastrel' students who voted to remove Queen portrait 'be imprisoned'PIERS MORGAN has raged at Oxford students who voted to have a portrait of Queen Elizabeth removed from their common room. im with you piers For what? I'm with Piers

Where was the jewel stolen from in the first place ? Exactly right. It IS her crown jewel. The Queen has given her whole life to her work. Nothing in her life is private and really hers. Not even her children. But that name was something that only belonged to her. Something precious that meant something. And they just took it!

Ironic that the couple who market themselves on 'COMPASSION' pulls a stunt like this. 😞 This is the best article on the subject. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 The fact that Harry & Meghan registered The Queen’s personal name as a domain name on June 4, 2021 is STRONG proof they’ll USE it commercially. Imagine your much loved private name used as a COMMODITY! I’m sure they didn’t tell HMTQ about it coz she wouldn’t approve! SHAME!

😂😂😂 Daily Mail . You have problems. The vacuous are out in force today. Those two are a joke Y'all love reaching

Statue of the Queen to be built but details are a 'closely guarded secret'A STATUE of Queen Elizabeth II will be installed in York Minster - a decision taken just days after students caused uproar by taking down a portrait of the monarch. Pa suko Medicine is beast system Moderna vax magneto protein makes Borg Considering her colonial past this should definitely not happen

The endless spewing of drivel. Cry me a river... Nie cofną się przed niczym? Complete overreaction. And speculation. Why not report on things that are actually happening? Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about Jonas_claw_ wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation

Another slap in the face of our Queen who is still mourning the loss of her beloved husband. The Moantecito grifters are despicable. How many times do you post about Harry and Meghan a day? 50 times? 100?

The Queen has marked Prince Philip's 100th birthday with a moving gesture The Queen 's husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, would have turned 100 today. To mark the occasion, a Duke of Edinburgh rose has been planted at Windsor Castle. kuku27 This is what life is a about. It applies to all universally