'It's inspiring' - more mothers than ever to play at Euro 2022

6/26/2022 12:35:00 PM

Euro 2022: Iceland's Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir on being a mother and professional footballer

Euro 2022: Iceland's Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir on being a mother and professional footballer

With football-playing mothers figuring in this summer's Euros like never before, two of Iceland's best tell BBC Sport about their journey to the tournament.

For Brynjarsdottir, who describes her comeback from the birth of her son Brynjar in 2018 as "the hardest thing I've done", it was a return that two-time Icelandic sportsperson of the year Gunnarsdottir had to battle to make happen.By March, she was fit enough to return to the pitch for 45 minutes away to Dijon.

Life away from the grass was testing, however. Her husband, midfielder Arni Vilhjalmsson, played 250 miles away for French Ligue 2 side Rodez and could only return for a couple of days a week."Then at the same time I was at my happiest. It's such an emotional rollercoaster.

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I’m not sure about this. Very selfish from these women IMO. Women who are pregnant are MUCH stronger. Some athletes used to get pregnant before games.. Of course, once the belly shows, one can't run. But before that.. It was a noted-practice .. What's happening? A job and motherhood… How groundbreaking 👍🏽

I had a full time job and two children. But that's just me and thousands of other women. No one will write an article about that!! Female footballers have children ? Wow this is groundbreaking 😮

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A guide to the Iceland team Of seven mothers aiming to make Iceland coach Thorsteinn Halldorsson's Euro squad, West Ham midfielder Dagny Brynjarsdottir, veteran defender Sif Atladottir, goalkeeper Sandra Sigurdardottir and her Valur team mate Elisa Vidarsdottir made the cut.- Placement of the lumbar support knobs isn't ideal The Kaiser 3 XL is a fantastic chair for anyone looking for a little more wiggle room than your usual gaming seat.Keegan Murray at No.What's NEXT for Miguel Oliveira & KTM? | MotoGP 2022 Miguel Oliveira & KTM? | MotoGP 2022" src="https://www.

As did Gunnarsdottir, who had ended her season with minutes under her belt for club and country, signing off the campaign with Lyon as a Champions League and French league title winner. For Brynjarsdottir, who describes her comeback from the birth of her son Brynjar in 2018 as "the hardest thing I've done", it was a return that two-time Icelandic sportsperson of the year Gunnarsdottir had to battle to make happen. The large accommodate gamers 4’11 to 6’2’’ (150-190cm) and the extra large is for gamers 5’11” to 6’9” (181-210cm). First there were months of fitness training with a specialist coach in Iceland to stay in shape during her pregnancy; then similarly targeted exercises at Lyon as she worked her way back. 37 pick to the Dallas Mavericks and the No. "I had doubts," Gunnarsdottir admits.  The width of the extra large is for medium to XXXL, so whether you have a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus this chair will fit. "It's my first time getting pregnant and I don't know my body that way.40am - MotoGP Free Practice 1 9.

I've done my anterior cruciate ligament and another injury, you know the steps, how you're going to feel, but with pregnancy you don't know how your body is going to react. This chair is available in two types of materials, premium PVC leather and linen fabric. Maybe undrafted free agent Keon Ellis becomes the steal of the draft, but the Kings should’ve been more aggressive in adding young talent to build a roster, and tonight could’ve been better." By March, she was fit enough to return to the pitch for 45 minutes away to Dijon. "I remember in the middle of the game I just said to myself 'it feels so good'," she recalls. The linen fabric comes in two colors; carbon black and ash gray. instagram Life away from the grass was testing, however. 1 overall pick Cade Cunningham. Her husband, midfielder Arni Vilhjalmsson, played 250 miles away for French Ligue 2 side Rodez and could only return for a couple of days a week. The Jungle 2 is seen with orange accents.10pm-1.

A babysitter and visiting family helped, but Gunnarsdottir was often home alone, getting only a few hours sleep and sometimes forgetting to eat while she focused all her attention on her baby son Ragnar. "I'll be honest, I hit a wall maybe three or four times when I would just break down because I was mentally and physically exhausted," she says. These things are all great for comfort. 13, another explosive athlete at the center position from Memphis – all that took was a 2025 first-round pick that belongs to Milwaukee, which will most likely be closer to a second-round pick than a lottery one. "Then at the same time I was at my happiest. It's such an emotional rollercoaster. What I really want to get into is the Kaiser 3's really cool features that add to maximum comfort like the 4D armrests. "But I'm really proud of that time because I worked so hard to get back to the shape I'm in and show others you can be a professional football player and a mother at the same time. 36.55am-9.

"It's difficult, the most difficult thing I've done, but at the same time I love it, it's the most amazing feeling in the world. There are three buttons on the armrest, the one placed on the outside of the armrest controls the height of it." 'I'm stressed about the Euros' In 2017, an employment report from world players' union Fifpro found that just 2% of players were mothers, many women quitting because of a lack of maternity policies to support them. Since last year, new Fifa rules have set terms around paid maternity leave, with rights to return after pregnancy, breastfeed and gain access to independent medical advice. The last one located underneath the armrest moves it left to right.J. Fifpro sees it as a first step. Gunnarsdottir's midfield partner at the last two Euros, Brynjarsdottir, 30, believes the right backing is key to a successful return after pregnancy. Nothing makes me more nervous than dangling elbows.50am - Moto3 Qualifying 1 12.

"You have to have the right support system," she tells BBC Sport. Liddell and Kendall Brown were the two biggest drops in the draft. "And a club that wants to support you, because when you bring a mum to a team, you're not only bringing in a football player, you're bringing in a family.  You just know something is going to grab it. "You have to realise they're not thinking about football all the time, they have to balance other things and sometimes it's hard." West Ham midfielder Dagny Brynjarsdottir had her son Brynjar in June 2018 Brynjarsdottir, 30, made her comeback at Portland Thorns in the USA's National Women's Soccer League and in 2021 joined Women's Super League outfit West Ham. This one is a game changer, I can’t even lie. Liddell improved his numbers all three years in college, especially with his ability to shoot from deep as a small-ball big man. She praises both clubs.

Portland paid for her husband Omar to travel with her to away games while their son was a baby. That means no straps, no struggling to clip it through the backrest. West Ham allow her to bring four-year-old Brynjar into training if she ever needs to. Brown is a 6-foot-8, 19-year-old small forward who was also seen as a possible first-rounder because of his potential. The Euros will hold a different challenge for the Iceland centurion, though, because players only have their children in camp if they are under a year old. Beyond it being a really cool feature, its helpful if you are shorter than the 5’11” that’s recommended for this chair because it’s easily adjustable further up or down on the chair. The federation say there is no blanket rule and they try to help their mothers on an individual basis so they are comfortable with their arrangements in camp. Earlier this month, head coach Halldorsson changed the times of a home camp so his squad could spend as much time with their families before the Euros as possible. The neck pillow is made with memory foam and has cooling technology to maintain comfort. 6.

But with a 12-day pre-camp in Germany and Poland before the tournament kicks off, Brynjarsdottir knows this could be the longest she has been apart from her son. "To be honest I am a bit stressed for the Euros because we will be gone for a while," she says. That’s the cool thing! There is no lumbar support pillow, but there is lumbar support—it’s built into the chair. "I feel we're quite attached still, the both of us. With three first-round picks coming in the form of Jabari Smith Jr. It's hard when I know my son wants to be with me and can't be. As far as accessibility goes, they’re not placed in the best positions. "Mentally you just have to stay focused and every time you can get out of the hotel, use that time to see family.

" England defender Demi Stokes' fiancee gave birth to their son in May Policies vary across teams. Which is, again, a great function depending on your height. 17) and TyTy Washington Jr. Belgium's Lenie Onzia, the Netherlands' Sherida Spitse and Stefanie van Der Gragt, and England's Demi Stokes can see their respective children on family days. Sweden's Lina Hurtig, Hedvig Lindahl and Elin Rubensson can see their children in free time, their FA offering a "family trip" for relatives to follow the team and live together. When I turn the knob toward me I get more lumbar support. Germany's Almuth Schult can have her partner and children with her. And that’s before we get into Usman Garuba, who still has yet to fully show what he can do. Brynjarsdottir's baby can join her at what will be her fourth European Championship, with the federation paying for a "support person" throughout. Neat.

Brynjarsdottir believes all the mothers on their team will support each other on "difficult days" when they are missing their children, but hopes changes can be made to accommodate them in the future. "Hopefully we can make better contracts in the autumn that will suit mums better," she says. Plus there’s a feature being released in June, a magnetic tray table panel that snaps into the armrest. Honorable winners Golden State Warriors drafted Patrick Baldwin Jr. "I know some mums just like when they go to camp to take time for themselves. "But I'd like to take him with me and I feel like it should be up to me. Read our full. "It's probably not going to be like that while I'm still playing, but hopefully for the younger generation, so it will be easier for the mums who will be here later on. Baldwin was supposed to be a top-10 guy this year, but his freshman campaign at Milwaukee did not go as planned.

" Between them, Iceland's mothers boast more than 400 caps, but Gunnarsdottir hopes they will bring more than playing experience to the table at the Euros. "We as players are quite selfish - it's all about your career and your training, diet, sleep," she says. "But it's different now, you prioritise your baby. 9), Malaki Branham (No. "I think that gives a good dynamic to the team because I myself feel more sympathetic towards my team-mates and others, it's hard to describe it, but I'd like to hope it gives something to the team for sure." Saudi Arabia's $2bn golf series: .