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‘It feels really natural’: hundreds pose nude for Spencer Tunick shoot near Dead Sea

‘It feels really natural’: hundreds pose nude for Spencer Tunick shoot near Dead Sea

10/18/2021 3:35:00 AM

‘It feels really natural’: hundreds pose nude for Spencer Tunick shoot near Dead Sea

US artist returns to site for third time to highlight plight of Dead Sea, which is receding by about a metre a year

as a guest of the tourism ministry to portray for the third time the shrinking Dead Sea via nude subjects.Tunick, dressed in black, could be seen on Sunday standing on the roof of a vehicle and issuing commands on a megaphone. “Everyone put your feet together,” he said. “Hands down.”

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About 200 people assembled in the desert surrounding the south-eastern Israeli city of Arad.Photograph: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images“For me the body represents beauty and life and love,” said Tunick, who has staged dozens oflarge-scale nude shootsaround the world.

Doctoral student Anna Kleiman, 26, said she joined the shoot to bring awareness to the environmental crisis. “It feels really natural, once you take your clothes off,” she said. “You kind of don’t want to put them back on. I think we just struggled with the rocks a little bit.” headtopics.com

Tunick depicted more thanon the shores of the salty Dead Sea, which is receding by about a metre a year.Spencer Tunick speaks after photographing his installation on Sunday.Photograph: Amir Levy/Getty ImagesIsrael and Jordan have diverted much of the upstream water for agriculture and drinking water, while mineral extraction and evaporation accelerated by climate change have made the problem worse.

By the time Tunick returned five years later, the placid waters of his first shoot had receded, leaving behind crusty sand and gaping sinkholes.On Sunday, Tunick posed his subjects on stony brown hills overlooking the turquoise lake. About 200 people followed his directions, both men and women, standing straight and stooped.

He said he chose to cover the models in white paint to evoke the biblical story of Lot’s wife, who was said to have turned into a pillar of salt.Spencer Tunick and his crew give instructions from the top of an RV.Photograph: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images

Israel’s tourism ministry paid Tunick’s flight and ground expenses, said Hassan Madah, the ministry’s director of marketing for the Americas. The city of Arad contributed staff and other expenses, said mayor Nisan Ben Hamo.Some conservative leaders in Israel opposed Tunick’s project, with one lawmaker demanding the tourism ministry withdraw its sponsorship of the “event of mass abomination”. headtopics.com

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Ben Hamo said he saw the project as an affirmation of Arad “as a liberal city” and hoped the shoot would bring more visitors and help raise funds for a new museum about the Dead Sea.Engineer Gil Shavit, 63, spoke to reporters after the shoot. “We’re lucky to have clouds today so it’s not too hot,” Shavit said.

He said he posed for Tunick’s 2011 Dead Sea project and was grateful to return. “It’s fascinating to see,” he said, adding, “Spencer can’t do his work without us.” Read more: The Guardian »

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When the world has such a diverse population, how can any group be that pale? If you bare you bottoms, you should be strong enough to accept honest reactions! Why so white? Did the artist have a reason to chose only very white people? When I was 'swimming' in t he dead sea, it was 'Jordanian' - no such Israel crap. And ISRAEL CRAP it will be until these godfor- saken invaders give the land back or die in what isn't theirs!

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Gross. Strong Westworld vibes here Doesn't look natural at all. This is truly stupid and should not be regarded as art, but it is as least not as idiotic & environmentally harmful as Christo's usual BS. Marcel Duchamp unleased the sorcerer's apprentice and the emperor's new clothes on us both at once. We have yet to recover.

what is this volume over quality ?

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Nice to see REAL bodies rather than photo shopped photos of “the beautiful people”. You have to do that to travel around the world. Yes Are they wearing masks?☺️ lol weirdos

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