Israel-Gaza latest: Israel planning and prepared for ‘two-front war’ if Hezbollah enters fray, Netanyahu adviser says

Israel is ready to fight a ‘two-front war’ if Lebanese militant group Hezbollah enters the conflict, an adviser to the prime minister has told Sky News. Meanwhile, Hamas has fired missiles at an airport in Tel Aviv, shortly after a BA flight was diverted away over security fears.

James Cleverly has spoken out for the first time since he was forced to run for cover on a visit to Israel.As we reported earlier, a video showed Mr Cleverly and a group running into a building as air sirens blared in Ofakim, which the Israeli foreign ministry said was warning of incoming Hamas rocket fire.’Today I’ve seen a glimpse of what millions experience every day,’ Mr Cleverly posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.’The threat of Hamas rockets lingers over every Israeli man, woman and child. ‘This is why we are standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel.’He arrived in Israel this morning as part of a trip to ‘demonstrate the UK’s unwavering solidarity’ with the country, a foreign office spokesman said.Mr Cleverly can be seen running for cover at the start of the clip below – and is identifiable in red socks.

Source: SkyNews