Islamic marriages invalid in UK, appeal judges say

Appeal Court rules Islamic marriages invalid in UK


Appeal Court rules Islamic marriages invalid in UK

Appeal judges overturn a ruling that found Islamic faith weddings were legally recognised in the UK.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption The Court of Appeal has overturned a decision which found an Islamic marriage ceremony fell within English law A court has reversed a judgment from two years ago which found that a couple who had an Islamic wedding ceremony could legally divorce. The High Court ruled in 2018 that the couple's Islamic"nikah" ceremony fell within English marriage law. But the Court of Appeal has now said it was an"invalid" non-legal ceremony. Judges said the fact they intended to have a further civil ceremony meant they must have known their Islamic marriage had no legal effect in the UK. The Attorney General appealed against the original court decision. 'Sharia law only' The case involved the divorce of Nasreen Akhter and Mohammed Shabaz Khan, who have four children. The couple had an Islamic wedding ceremony in a west London restaurant in 1998 in the presence of an imam and about 150 guests, but no civil ceremony subsequently took place, despite Mrs Akhter repeatedly raising the issue. They separated in 2016 and Mr Khan tried to block his wife's divorce petition two years ago on the basis they had not been legally married in the first place. Mrs Akhter argued their Islamic faith marriage was valid, as was her application for divorce, and that she was entitled to the same legal protection and settlement offered in the UK to legally married couples. Her application for divorce was analysed during a trial in the Family Division of the High Court and Mr Justice Williams delivered a written judgment in the summer of 2018. He ruled that since the couple held themselves out to the world at large as husband and wife, Mrs Akhter was correct and their union should be recognised because their vows had similar expectations to that of a British marriage contract. He added the marriage fell within the scope of the 1973 Matrimonial Causes Act, despite Mr Khan arguing the marriage was"under Sharia law only". Justice Williams said Mrs Akhter was therefore entitled to a decree of nullity. The Court of Appeal overturned that decision on Friday and said the marriage was"invalid" under English marriage law. It explained the wedding was"a non-qualifying ceremony" because it was not performed in a building registered for weddings, no certificates had been issued and no registrar was present. "The parties were not marrying under the provisions of English law", the appeal judges said. Neither Mrs Akhter nor Mr Khan played any part in the appeal proceedings . Pragna Patel, director at Southall Black Sisters, a not-for-profit organisation, said:"Today's judgment will force Muslim and other women to turn to Sharia 'courts' that already cause significant harm to women and children for remedies because they are now locked out of the civil justice system." A in 2017 said Muslim couples should be required to take part in civil marriages in addition to Muslim ceremonies to bring Islamic marriage legally into line with Christian and Jewish marriage. Analysis Dan Johnson, BBC News Correspondent There are thought to be thousands of couples who have gone through an Islamic wedding but haven't necessarily followed it up with a civil ceremony. Lawyers are saying this creates a precedent, where there may be thousands of particularly Muslim women who face a relationship break-up, without any of the protection that they perhaps should have. Now for this particular couple things have worked out fine. They've worked out a settlement between them so this judgement has no bearing on their future. But the Attorney General had pursued this appeal, presumably because the government thinks it's important to restrict what is actually regarded formally as a marriage. I think other lawyers will be keeping a close eye on this because they believe it could have a bearing on so many other couples. Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

USA religious unions still require civil ceremony- if not- no valid marriage; the “wife” & kids get public assistance claim mom single head of household; father isn’t recognized by the state so his responsibilitie = 0. Now multiply that by the religion allowed up to 4 “wives” twtpolitics1001 About time these alien and misogynistic beliefs and their abuse of UK laws are stopped. If the women involved are vulnerable due to this, they are welcome to travel back to native countries taking their children with them. Hope the husband's penalised as well!

Amazed a ruling that is just. A legal marriage has to be witnessed by a registrar except in the CofE. The RC church has to be witnessed so why not the Muslims. They are not special and should abide by the laws of this country. CllrBSilvester So what will happen now to all those with more than one wife and claiming benefits for them and their kid's

CllrBSilvester Now clear our all the illegal moslem women back to Pakistan, relet all the council houses to British families and servicemen and stop all the welfare payments What is Islamic marriage? UN: 14 children among at least 22 dead in Cameroon massacre Yes that was the correct legal ruling. Why would they have thought any different ? Have I missed something.

Bloody good news to.... For context, you need to say ‘I marry you’ three times and you’re married and ‘I divorce you’ three times to end it. I knew someone who was married a year in this way without ever meeting his ‘wife’ beyond Skype chats. This is a first step towards abolishing all religions in nearest future, maybe 30-50 years

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About time. How has this needed to go to court to work out? This is a country in the 21st century, not some 15th century backward cult But being married in Vegas by Elvis is legal .🤔 Bet that upset the BBC Thank god Sooo? Nothing unique in that. So are Catholic, Hindu and Jewish marriages and many others unless registered. It’s the law.

Good About time that someone spoke with authority on our emerging parallel lifestyles and their 'collision course' with UK Law!! I've wondered about that recently. I know 3 young Somali women who are single parents whose 'husbands' cleared after consuming the 'marriage'. Whose paying for their offspring? The taxpayers of course: us. These men are in other countries... someone needs to get a hold of them!

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo!!

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helena_pigott Excellent. Now lets stop any/all benefits 2nd, 3rd and 4th 'wives' have falsely been claiming. Next step, close down all Sharia courts and remove all connections to Sharia law and subsequent precedence that have been allowed to creep into our legal system. Why t.f. was that even a real question?

What happens in the mosque, stays in the mosque - and dare a woman complain! Would this prevent a man having more than one wife? Any forced marriage should be considered rape and kidnapping! Can't wait to see this on the news 😀👍 Excellent British laws will be supreme. Shove sharia where the sun don't shine. We are a Christian country and the ppl want it back. Lefty and diversity idiots will not win. Time to stand up for OUR country

Doesn’t really surprise me! It’s been going on for years! Muslims looking to get married should be told their marriage isn’t legal by the imaam that reads their nikkah!

UK government to give Ofcom power to police what is posted on the internetThe UK government will give Ofcom new regulatory powers to police what is posted on the internet, it has said. The decision was made as part of a new “online harms“ plan that ministers say will Does this include political ads? Oh good, another strong decision from a bunch of politicians who haven’t the first clue how the internet works. What could possibly go wrong...? fascists

So I assume all the benefits that these extra wives get will also be stopped. Does that mean they cannot claim benefits for numerous wives 👏👏👏 Awesome! Good PennyMidasRollo And so it should. I know a Muslim who divorced his wife by saying “I divorce you” three times and that was it they were divorced 😩. Here in England. It’s so wrong

This must hurt the BBC. Personally I can’t even see why it even when to court. This isn’t Pakistan it’s England. Great. Maybe we can now go on to kick this insidious cult straight out the door. We are pleased to welcome you in the 20th century 10DowningStreet Humans progress at differing rates according to many factors, but the primitive savagery of an 8 yr old dying this way is SUB Human

UK to lead global fight against illegal logging and deforestationPlan to form coalition of developing countries at COP 26 to help support efforts Lol next joke 😂😂😂 When do you arrive in California? What's this the second British Invasion?

wait do muslim couples not do a nikah *as well as* a legally recognised marriage? thought that was common sense They are.... so every Muslim that does not have a ‘civil partnership/marriage’ ceremony (as we would have to do getting married abroad) afterwards are living in ‘sin’ 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Well if it doesn’t comply with OUR laws then it is illegal. If people don’t like OUR laws and rules there is no one stopping them going where their laws are valid. Come here abide by our rules. Simples!

More importantly Mr Khan wanted this marriage to be invalid because then his partner has no claim to his property - no such thing as “common-law” or fairness Interesting SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!!! YEAHHHH! A huge step forward in common sense. When u live here everyone , irrespective of culture or creed abides and adheres to British laws.

Good ! Should never have been allowed in the first place 😡 Court rules invalid marriages are Islamic in the UK. BarryStanton44

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How could it be lawful? Ridiculous judgement in the first place. Don’t you just love the Middle Ages Maybe this country is finally starting to wake up. Just_Cat1 Just_Cat1 Another deluded decision Of course. I hope they also mentioned equality for women ! 👍😊 Hello, I'm Mehedy Hasan, I'm Website Developer and Wordpress Website Designer, Any One Need Attractive, Full Responsive E-commerce, portfolio, business, News Portal, all of others website design, please click this link :

PennyMidasRollo The Court is Appeal is just reasserting what was already the case before the High Court got it wrong I have never heard of Islamic marriage without legal papers in any Islamic country. Comments are very disappointing. I thought the British are well educated. But, racism and discriminations are even among the elites.

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I am a Catholic and had to be married at the registry office the day before my church wedding. What is law for me should be law for Muslims 🤔 About bloody time now stop their payments 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 But let's see if the Supreme Court overules it.

Well obvs. BeachSnob So does this mean all those muslim women are now single? lol ha ha I should build a dating app for muslim women in UK!!!! BeachSnob lol Ouch. So... about those £Billions in benefits. Fantastic news, so now local Councils can shut down these barbarians courts for good Wow! This is disturbing. Our country is getting less tolerant and more bigoted by the second.

About time too I understand the decision & do not disagree BUT I do feel for women in Islamic-only marriages who will continue not to be offered the protection of British courts when separating. Also, the tone and content of many of the celebratory responses here is islamophobic & disgusting. About bloody time too. If only they'd ruled this sooner instead of trying to appease them all the time. At least 'NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED BY WHAT SOMEONE SAYS' - SO LET'S GET THAT WORD OUT OF COMMON USEAGE AT LAST!!!!

I like that. Good objectsmith All marriages done in unlicensed venues without a proper signed marriage certificate aren't recognised. Hence why we also have a civil ceremony too. Many of us have done this no problem. It's not just confined to Muslims. Stop trying to turn this into a race issue. All my Muslim friends know this already!

good old commen sence ban the burka Excellent. One law British law. This is a result, come on, there is plenty more I could think of 👍👍👍👍👍

This is as it should be, no matter what ones religion, the law requires legal validation. This is not stopping any ceremony or religious practice, it's merely requiring the legal step that is required for ALL marriages and Civil partnerships in the UK Just one question. Are Christian marriages valid in Saudi Arabia?

falgal Happy Valentines! Wow a rare moment of sanity This was inevitable but it is very bad news indeed for Muslim women. It is vital that our law provides another way whereby they can access family law justice. MikeClarkeSnr Shame 😑 This will definitely cause uproar in some communities. It will also invalidate some Asylum applications too.

about time 2 now to get rid of so many halal foods us british are forced to eat Thank goodness. Is this the start of sensible judgments at last. Is the tide slowly turning ? Is our lands so easant and green awaking like a lion from slumber?

Such bigotted comments truly make me sick. 🤢🤬🙄 Islamic or any other faith marriages were never legal to begin with! It’s people’s preogative to wed as they please according to customs. For legal recognition, civil ceremonies always need to be conducted. Of course Muslims can have an Islamic wedding in the UK. Just like Jedi can have a Star Wars wedding in the UK. But, to make it legal both Jedi and Muslims must pop along to the registry office.

good Good. Everyone should follow the same laws. Not exemptions for some. Sharia law is NOT valid in the UK so why would a marriage done ONLY under Sharia law be considered a legal marriage here? Have you religious ceremony but follow it up with making it legal in law. To God be the glory great thing he had done...........🎶🎼🎵🎷🎺🎻🎤🎙

jesus look at the level of ignorance and bigotry in the comments here, and people got all bent out of shape when Stormzy dared suggested the UK has a problem with racism Proves how low we are as a nation, that we even have to question this. Good , they are not in our laws . A Christian marriage in a Islamic country are not allowed & punishment can be death , best you can hope for is whipping . This is Christian & Catholic country & our rules not theirs

Tide is turning!

Why is this even a court case? Christian marriage is not valid under the law. Hindu isn’t. We all have to attend the registry office as well. Why should Muslims be the exception? With their penchant for child & forced marriages, if anything they should face added scrutiny. Well it’s only fair as pagan handfasting isn’t legally recognised 🤷🏻‍♀️

Better late than never All religious weddings have to be confirmed by a civil process, ie signing of the register. No wholly religious wedding, even if it were some weird Christian sect such as Plymouth Brethren would be recognised under U.K. law. It’s not an anti Islam issue. Oh dear they're gonna be claiming everything now

Its just bloody common sense..Why does this have to waste court time and money? Correct , Islamic contract law is not recognized under common British law. No problem. Thought it was pretty obvious. You live within four walls, you respect the nation's laws too. That's what Sharia law says as well. Marry under Islamic conditions, then register etc under British law. No fuss.

WTF is sharia law? This is Britain we have one law British law. Why did the courts waste time on this nonsense? About time we did something legally to stop the dictate of Islam in OUR country.

LABeachGal1 Islam should be invalid in the west. Islamic anything in UK is invalid. Right decision!! TimScottUK Dammit. Does that mean my next bride has to be over 10? Burhka next They're still marrying multiple women who all get welfare payments. Good. At last......some sense. Good Add the schools too please.

British law if you live in britain simple as that overules and religion Live by the rules of the country you live in simple as that Right Does that mean an end to 4 wives receiving marriage benefits and voting how their husbands instruct them? ... impact on income tax? ... This is bad news for women trapped in marriages they thought were valid. Sharia ‘law’ seems to be at the heart of the problem. It should be outlawed as there is only one rule of law in the country. Muslim faith marriages should be properly registered under English law.

Result ! I'm a Muslim and I can agree with this. It's one thing marrying in an Islamic manner, which is required of all Muslims to do, but if a couple wants the provisions of marriage by law of the country then they should go to a register office and marry legally too. Don't mix the two. Why do you need a Court to rule that something we all know is not legal, IS NOT legal? 😂

Its time for change boom! Ho, ho, ho

The Supreme Court, however, will overturn the overturn. Excellent news! Abide by the laws of the land! Religious marriages as a whole aren't considered valid. You can have a separate religious ceremony after the legal one, but no religious ceremony is a legal one. This isn't an islamophobic thing. Good, now bugger off back to your own countries with your backward laws & ways

Good, halal next hopefully. And quite right too! Totally agree...get married in your own countries we ain't having our laws changed to accommodate you This is a serious issue, with women not knowing that it isn't recognised, especially when they seek legal advice or protection and find their rights are limited. In divorce they can be expecting a fair division of money only to find they get nothing

Our country our laws, time you all got the message, we don't want Islamic laws or any other religions, their is only one ours. when in Rome ,do as the romans do.

So why are we then also paying benefits for the 2nd 3rd 4th wives of some folk if even the first marriage isn't recognised? Not all folk mix well .like animal world .stay apart Why's it took so long? Good. Islamic marriages have no place in the UK along with Islamic headcoverings, Islamic courts, halal meat, calls to prayer and other nonsense that doesn't belong here, if you wanna behave like the animal you are don't come to Britain and impose this crap on the United Kingdom.

Good There is a very simple remedy - surely imams just need to qualify as registrars and then they can issue the piece of paper etc? And so it begins...🤔 Good GinaReino Maybe because of polygamy not legal in the UK? Correct!

Let's not forget though that this means a women who has been shackles to a man for 23 years is going to get virtually nothing whilst he is laughing all the way to the bank. Lovely Ban the burkha All church weddings have to have a registrar present it's the law Great news. This will protect not just British women but also refugees and immigrants who are at risk of being forcibly married. Or entering hostile relationships.

Yes!!!!! Why do they think they should be deemed married? They live in Britain. Therefore they are cohabiting!! Otherwise we could all get 'married' by having a party!! Good. ONE LAW FOR ALL YES our Laws ONLY Are these so called marriages performed under the auspices of the state? If not, they cannot be valid.

Nick_Boro1 I thought love was love? I should think so too. Do we really want to allow this? Yemeni child bride, eight, 'dies on wedding night' Deport them If your not legally married then you can't get legally divorced, simple. Excellent ruling and totally right. It is our country and they are the interlopers, so up to them to obey what we have to. Anything wrong with that? Be good if they were made to speak the English Language as well. If their own customs are so good then why are they here in the first place?

Praise be to Alan. We all knew that already!

Marriage or a Civil Partnership is a legal contract and needs to take place within the legal framework of the country. The moral of this story: marriage is a simple process which gives women in particular many protections, especially if children are involved. Get the piece of paper. Im very surprised BBCBreaking actually posted this lol are they getting scared about the TV tax.

This is excellent news. My only concern how it will be enforced ? It must be. Absolutely right Surprised the BBC even reported it well done the appeal court Strange how all on the right that want government to stay out of marriage are now pro government mandated marriage

about time LightTheWay16 Of course they are this is a christian country upon which our law is based. Rules are rules and if you don't like them 👋✈ There is one law in England - English law. No other cult enforcement qualifies as English law. Islam has been flexing its muscles in this country for too long.

An Islamic wedding - the man can say divorce 3 times and it’s over! They are left with nothing. Baffling that this is acceptable 🙄 Bloody mint This country is getting better by the day! Fantastic. Thank you Mr Johnson. patel4witham , now start monitoring mosques and islamic schools in the UK, which will go a long way to protecting us from Islamists. IslamicTerrorism

I don’t understand what the problem is?

The push-back continues. Law of the Land applies to ALL who live in that Land - not difficult is it ? Why did it even go to court This is why Sharia law must not be allowed in uk. We have British Laws. These should be adequate. I dont really understand how this was ever in doubt. English law is the only law in this land.

Hopefully the bbc will be invalid in the UK shortly . Wow common sense at last Our country, our rules. Very good decision. Cue for DavidLammy and jeremycorbyn to call the decision racist. So when are they going to be stopped claiming for umpteen wives? If a British man tried that they would be locked up for bigamy.

An obvious ruling. SaltyDuchess What’s happening in France with the riots? How long have they been going on? What are they about? About time too. Same with their divorces and having 3 wives. Their laws are not ours. Holbornlolz Along with that ruling yesterday about poxy 'hate speech', Finally, some judges with minerals

It had to go to an appeals court? Did the first court think that they didn't have to follow the law of the land? What kind of idiot was ruling that? Good Good. While your at it shut down Sharia law centres! Holbornlolz That's the end of polygamy then. Only 1 wife instead of 4. The word whence belongs in the dark ages but yep great result

Great news now let’s do the same with Halal meat.. Animal rights before religious ideology

An example of Islamic practices, the stoning of a young woman. Be warned its barbaric. Yes!!!!! British law not Islamic law is what counts in Britain. If people want Islamic law to apply then they need to move to an Islamic country. When is Rome. And yet... Ban the religion altogether It would be a good idea to legislate that, no matter what faith you are married under, you must also register the marriage with the Marriage registrar office, so it will be legally binding under British law.

Some sense at last So, the women are entitled to nothing. On the surface this is good. The reality is this plays into the hands of Muslim men. The fightback begins. Great Britain is Christian in its behaviour, attitude and its Laws. Don't come here and try and change it.

👇 Now onto that halal shit show... Good. Medieval death cults belong in the 7th century. Good Are we waking up? To everyone who thinks 'Muslims are taking over, sharia law will be implemented!!!' : stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Holbornlolz Good it’s an alien concept Only one law should apply in Britain British law don’t like that or not accept it feel free to live elsewhere

Islamic communities have twice as many children as everyone else so soon any non-Islamic marriage will be illegal. Demography is Destiny. copping_nicola IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.-

lets see if the cucked British government has the bollox to take back the welfare given for multiple wives Holbornlolz Can we stop funding 4 wives now Our UK law should always override Islamic law No subjugation of women,no forced marriges,no child marriges, no stonings, no barbaric Halal meat,or any other barbaric Medieval practices

The previous judgement of Justice Williams shows how out of touch judges can be. For decades people of various religions, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists have been marrying in their own faith ceremony and legalising through civil marriage without any problems. In wales they have allowed them to have a mosque in a church ⛪️ not racist but come on If it was the other way round it would never happen and would race cards be played left right and center

Good about time DaleW83 Well done BorisJohnson This is a ruling which will damage women’s rights - it’s bad news and allows men to have more control over the situation. And the racist comments here are disgusting - the venality of the uk public is shameful dilekzaptcioglu Laughing at this, from Turkey. Here Islamic marriages are not only invalid but also a punishable crime if it is done without a legal wedding. This is to protect woman from archaic traditions.

Good. Finally good to see some common sense returning to the U.K. plod dealing with criminal moped riders the right way, & now this. About time! Holbornlolz Am I getting just a whiff of the wind changing? Delicious!

AncientDinosaur Will you now commission a programme on this? Shouldn't have gone this far in the first place. 1. This only applies to Islamic marriages taking place in the UK. 2. If polygamy is allowed in the country where the Muslims are coming from and the marriage took place there it is recognized as legally valid.

Holbornlolz Co habiting is illegal in the eyes of Islam - Hmmmmmmmmmm About time some sense was coming back Could be good, could be bad. Good= a firm No to Islamic practices in Christian country. OR The frikking ‘Law Society’ will use this to push for Sharia Compliance. Ban the Law society!!!!! Holbornlolz The fight back! Horray

Holbornlolz About time too. Holbornlolz Let the deportations commence.

Excellent praise Yahweh Common sense at last. And so they should be There are rules in Arabic countries that foreigners have to follow ... This is England, so follow UK laws . So they cannot claim benefits for multiple wives from now on. Good. Glad that is now clear. One for you SuellaBraverman & theresecoffey.

Does this mean if I married under uk law and decided to go live in another country I wouldn't be married or is it just under the circumstances of how and where they married I got a Thai Wedding certificate. Nought else. We’re both English Catholics btw 😂 At long last, some true British common-sense. We are not an Islamic country FFS. The left and ISLAM will soon be fighting against each other

After reading this it makes sense. You can't just have a 'wedding' in a restaurant, say it's valid under Sharia law, and then expect it to be recognised by British law. You need to get the paper work done at a registry office.. Obviously. One rule for all. No exceptions. 'Today's judgment will force Muslim and other women to turn to Sharia 'courts' that already cause significant harm to women and children for remedies because they are now locked out of the civil justice system.' So women and children will face more harm! It’s 2020 UK 🇬🇧

GOOD mssassysally So are catholic, they need a registrar present. Everthing Boris touches turns to gold The UK needs to start to prioritise where it stands on issues where equality and religion conflict. For example, should female equality trump misogynistic religious beliefs or vice versa? In a non islamic country? Really? Who'd have thunk it?!

If a person wants to live under sharia law live in an Islamic country. Good.Stop them claiming benefits for their “wives”too. badgercett This is brilliant...we are Britain not the Middle East. Although parts of Britain look like the Middle East.

How did this get to appeal court!? Respect the existing laws of a country or leave! Halal prepared food, why is it acceptable in the UK?! Sharia courts WTF!?!? Bikers must remove their helmets when entering banks or petrol stations to pay, do covered Muslim women NEED to.. NO!! NickMalyon1 Good it saves paying the jobless and there 6 wife’s

Excellent news RoodGridance Absolutely right decision. I’m only surprised that the High Court ruled that the marriage was valid in the first place I’m not sure this ruling is a good thing at all. If Islamic marriage was legally recognised the potential for bighamy would be eliminated. The current situation is a Muslim man takes four wives, the law sees them as not married.

Of course they are invalid, should never have got to court in first place 👏👏👏👏👏 Good. Have your religious ceremonies BUT backed up by UK Civil Law. Simples. Soon UK will be renamed Great Islamic Britain. What the ...

Finally, this is the right thing to do instead of supporting them giving them right for asylum and financing their actions in our countries. Why do I feel like our country is turning so incredibly racist and xenophobic? about time UK stops sucking up to Muslims No more halal would be good next step followed by no more closed Islamic communities and Islamic law and no go zones in uk for British police. Let's start regaining some ground. If you come to the uk the overriding culture must be British while respecting diversity and inclusion

Brilliant news Best news of the year When are we going to ban this cruel Hallal process in the uk. andrianopoulos4 Best news ever Excellent. Sharia law has absolutely NO place in UK.

Has Boris already had a word in the lug holes of the Judges And those cruel, oppressive & narcissist husbands will continue to punish their ex wife’s financially. How is this fair? UKHouseofLords SayeedaWarsi attorneygeneral LegalWeek MoJGovUK They took their time!! This goes against thousands of women who have been in a bad marriage with children, divorced, facing pressure of raising children alone with no financial help from Ex husbands who refuse financial support or take any responsibility of their own children to punish their ex wife.

I assume the 12 year old with a 40 year old type Middle Eastern marriages? condimentset Cannot have it both ways. Muslim women should always have a civil marriage first in order to protect themselves. 🤔 2112Frankie It's beginning to unravel. One law seems sensible, but those that marry outside of the UK should be recognisd. How many weddings take place overseas ?

NO Islamic law should be valid in the UK. We have our own set of laws for our land, you either abide by them or get out and live where Islamic laws are valid. Good and so they should be Isn’t it a fact that a Muslim ‘Nikkah’ wedding or a Hindu wedding or a Sikh wedding or a Jewish wedding is not recognised in British law that’s why it’s mostly a ceremonial event & people then have a civil ceremony at the registry office?

Bollocks just got this Asian chick a Tikka Balti, still recon it’ll stand in Small Heath🤔 KRO HumbugMr Sharia is the product of a backward cancerous ideology that has no place in the West. Good 👏👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 fantastic Suddenly the UK is making a stand about time Why is the term “invalid” banned for being inappropriate and diminutive, yet tve “beeb” can use it for inciting media language. Why?

JamieJo59041136 Good so now we can stop the rats having multiple wives and multiple benefits.. Should have been done long time ago. LOL! About time. Excellent. Pity the blindingly obvious needed confirmed. Well, get all these clapping brexit clowns a full dna test to show them that NO LOVE, you are not pure white and uniquely from this very area. Youre just racist and ignorant. you have very, not to say extremely high chances of having “ethnics” in your own cells so, chill.

Good! I am glad this type of news makes the headlines as the tweets educates the Muslim world, 2 Billion across 57 Muslim nations about what people think of Islam, how much hatred they have for Muslims, simply put how much Islamaphobia there is and how the MSM promote it. Islam needs to be made invalid in the West

The HO is happy to issue spouse visas based on these sham marriages even though the UK courts have no jurisdiction on them

And Queue haters.... Civil marriage crowns up the union b/w a man and a woman b/4 they can legally be recognised as husband and wife. The Attorney General has done well as far as pursuing this matter to a logical conclusion. I guess the Islamic community may want to press further in seeking redress. I wish all other non Islamic countries will do same

Britain 🇬🇧 is taking back Britain 🇬🇧 finally! Such a bad headline for what these news are really about... So status quo then What is Islamic Marriage? A contract between a Man & Women witnessed by a few noble witnesses to give women protection. You can call it Islamic, Modern or whatever suits you. Truth is UK is more Islamic than most of the Islamic Countries.

So long as the Court extends it to ALL religions! The legally binding agreement between all adults, sex and sexuality notwithstanding, should be a Domestic Partnership.

Yay actually applying the law for once and not pandering to a vocal minority. Good news Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey. Totally agree with you, Christian country 🤷🏼‍♀️ don’t like it fkoff 🤬 Can we ban gammon please Islam and sharia are unlawful against The Bill of Rights, which according to the Queen and Blackrod is still in full force.

Lets ban all religions I should think so. Does this mean that the kids born of parents 'married' under islamic law are bastards? (Under English law.)

Too true, well done the appeal judges, yeeeeehaaaaa about time Watch the courts roll back on this. They'll cowardly u turn in the face of Islamic and woke vitriolic outrage About fucking time! The end of the islamifcation of British culture ends NOW I think it was the only legal ruling possible. It shows a lot about the character of 'the husband'. I suspect many many women are in the same unenviable position.

Said it last year, this country has had enough of pandering to idiots.. the tide is turning, these morons might stop seeing UK as a soft touch and a meal ticket.. takingUKback moreplanesneededboris In law we’re a Christian country or we an atheist country. You cannot have a mix. Racists comments It's only about £45 to get a marriage done in a registry office. Best people get this done rather than trying to do it their own way.

Excellent news!

Hatred About time we toughened up !!! Well done Bojo Two racists Finally they are waking up and halting the islamisation of Britain. SaltyDuchess If the marriage is illegal, then when claiming benefits as a married couple will be illegal also. Ridiculous! This is great news Is this your all Four wives or just just the last three?

And let the racism flow engurland. Does this ruling apply to all four wives or just the last three ?

FFS! Yet another click bait headline! Start looking for work BBC people! This makes no sense. If two people say they're married, then they are. A good result, sharia law belongs in the dark ages whence it came That just gives them chance to marry twice, the second legally seeing as the first isn't. Not sure it's a good idea depending on the reasoning.

JakeWri38029870 Of course it is. It's not an islamic Country.. That’ll save the Muslim lads a few quid on flowers today then! Perfect They are still marriages, they are just not recognised by the law. Marriage isn't a gift of the state. nice Good. One country-one set of rules/law for all.

And should remain this way. Good! They are mostly for inbreeding anyway. Your will never stop Islam the fastest growing religion in the world Allah is with us AJEnglish BBCBreaking muftimenk con esta mafia que se destapó de la banda de los ministros fácilmente con esto tenía que renunciar vizcarra pero que hizo como siempre cortina de humo pone la cabeza para que lo decapitan de Castañeda Claro que es corrupto pero también vizcarra lo es y debería ya irse

Y tho... Well done Finally getting our bollocks back ,about time . Does that mean they can't claim benefits for 2 wife's.? Should have ruled that Islam is invalid in the UK.

Like they'll listen. 🤣 The shits gonna hit the leftie fan Bloody LiVARpool again About fucking time

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