Isamaya Ffrench on launching her new beauty line

6/29/2022 4:04:00 PM

Isamaya Ffrench on launching her new beauty line

Isamaya Ffrench on launching her new beauty line

Isamaya Ffrench\u2019s pioneering work as a make-up artist\u00a0includes seashells glued to models\u2019 skin, alien prosthetics, AI amalgamations of \u2018beautiful\u2019 Instagram images applied to a supermodel\u2019s face, and many more elastic interpretations of beauty that snap from the classically appealing to the radically strange.\nAs global beauty director of Burberry and...

Isamaya Ffrench, make-up artist and beauty’s great iconoclast, speaks to Wallpaper* about her new range, Isamaya Beauty, its ‘Industrial’ debut collection, and the future of beauty Photography by Steven Klein.But that’s about the change with the launch of Isamaya , her newly launched make-up line.First for Video Game News Follow VGC Sony is launching gaming gear aimed at PC players The company’s new ‘Inzone’ monitors and headsets are also compatible with PS5 28th Jun 2022 / 10:37 pm Posted by Sony has announced a new gaming gear line, called ‘Inzone’, which it says is aimed primarily at PC players.Opinion 1 hour ago 22 comments Share Yesterday saw the launch of the much ‘anticipated’ new white and green Newcastle United shirt for the 2022/23 season.

Isamaya Ffrench’s pioneering work as a make-up artist includes seashells glued to models’ skin, alien prosthetics, AI amalgamations of ‘beautiful’ Instagram images applied to a supermodel’s face, and many more elastic interpretations of beauty that snap from the classically appealing to the radically strange.As global beauty director of and the original creative director of Dazed Beauty and Byredo Makeup, Ffrench has created strikingly visceral images, sometimes disturbingly so, but beneath their arresting surface are always serious questions: how is our perception of beauty formed? How can we subvert those perceptions? Is there any such thing as beauty anyway? Can that which is ‘ugly’ or ‘grotesque’ not be beautiful too? Isamaya Ffrench launches Isamaya Beauty Now, Ffrench is launching her own, much-buzzed-about beauty line.“I just felt the urge to start working on something personal, on a bigger scale, with total creative freedom.Isamaya Beauty will debut with a series of themed, limited drops, the first one titled ‘Industrial’.Aesthetically, the monitors and headsets are also designed to blend in with the PS5, according to Sony.The latex- and leather-influenced drop (complete with detachable and wearable facial rings) comprises a 14-pan eyeshadow palette with pearl, matte, and shimmer finishes, a deep berry lip-plumping serum, a ‘latex lift’ mascara with a blue-coated triple black pigment for a super-inky consistency, a hyaluronic glow serum designed to be worn under make-up, and a brow laminator that makes it easy to create faux bleached brows.“When you are launching a new brand, you target new customers but you never know for sure who will take the bait, which is exciting,” Ffrench says of the brand’s strategy.Here, Ffrench tells us about the process behind creating Isamaya Beauty and how she hopes to change the industry with its launch.Crafted from lightweight and high-stretch materials that offer exceptional ease of movement and breathability.

Wallpaper*: What creative limitations were you able to transcend with Isamaya Beauty that you haven’t been able to in your past work? Isamaya Ffrench: The freedom not to speak to an existing customer base but to create a new one.Everyone should be able to find something at some point.Sony Showcase of INZONE Products Subscribe to VGC on YouTube For PlayStation 5 users, the M9 monitor provides Auto HDR Tone Mapping, which allows consoles to automatically optimise HDR settings, and it will automatically switch to Cinema Mode when watching movies and Game Mode when playing games.I’m so passionate about creativity that doing my own brand finally means that I don’t have to compromise on the integrity or message of the brand.W*: What were your essential inspirations and references during the creation of Isamaya Beauty? IF: There are not precise inspirations behind the creation of the brand.The sleek Rubberlash Latex Lift mascara contains curling agents and conditioning ingredients to keep lashes healthy, while the Skinlacq glow serum is infused with a triple hyaluronic acid complex.After years of working in the industry, seeing countless visuals, doing massive amounts of research, it’s more [about] unconscious references.H9 and H7 include on-screen indication on PS5, come with gaming and chat balance, and work with Tempest 3D AudioTech.When everything you have done informs what you do now, but you can’t pinpoint a precise element.“We’re fully committed to a vision in all the aspects of a collection, from the packaging design to the campaign visuals, from the choice of products developed to the language used to describe it, down to the charity we’re partnering with,” says Ffrench.White and green is what Saudi Arabia PIF use for their branding, whilst of course those are the same colours used by the Saudi Arabia national football side, plus the Saudi flag as well.

I’ve always loved hardcore underground scenes as beauty references and many of them made their way into my moodboards.W*: Do you remember a specific moment when your conception of beauty changed? How has it impacted you? IF: Launching Dazed Beauty in 2018 was a turning point – I realised not only how many underrepresented people there were out there in the beauty community who needed a voice, but that these kids were the ones who were helping shape and define new beauty ideals and they needed to be given a platform to do that credibly.” With Industrial available to pre-order from today, the make-up artist is keen to see the collection in the hands of real beauty users.W*: How do you foresee make-up being used in our increasingly technological world? IF: Technology is evolving by the second, so it’s complicated to keep up and see clearly what the future holds.Maybe skincare and make-up are going to become little science wonders, like a transparent foundation that would match and even any skin colour, like a chameleon? Maybe people are going to lead 100 per cent virtual, filtered lives and won’t actually need to leave their houses and therefore won’t wear any make-up at all? Who knows? W*: What do you want people using your products to see when they look in the mirror? What do you see when you look in the mirror? IF: I hope they see themselves and how they can take care of themselves so that they look and feel their best, without trying to look like someone else.“I would like to be creative when using the products, not really follow the ‘how to use’ [instructions], you know? Experiment with them and find out how it works best for themselves, what to pair them with, how much of it they want to use etc,” she says.Individuality is the sexiest, most unique quality somebody can have.The ‘Pro’ edition, worn by the players, features a range of technological advancements, with exceptional materials and laser-cut ventilation to enhance performance on the pitch.

W*: What is one piece of advice you’ve carried with you through the creation of this line? Who gave it to you? IF: ‘There’s always a way around or through the wall’, which wasn’t given to me by anyone specifically but has always been my motto in life and work.“I encourage people to experiment with their choices, their style, their taste, without thinking too much … what’s the worst that could happen?” the make-up artist concludes.Once I felt the creative impulse was ready, I started to do deep research with my art director for every aspect of the first drop.Then we hired a few people whose expertise I trust to do specific things.” Industrial by Isamaya is available to pre-order now.The process is always the same and is that of a creative director: I’ll give them the moodboard and let them do their thing, then we’ll have several rounds of discussions and feedback to keep going until everyone agrees on the best result.I also love to ask my friends for their opinions when I feel stuck on something, it helps me see and in store.

W*: What do other beauty brands lack that you hope to provide with Isamaya Beauty? IF: Innovative packaging, an honest and progressive approach to sustainability and a no-filtered artistic direction.W*: What is your most valuable make-up tip for those using the Industrial collection? IF: Don’t be afraid! Try things out to get familiar with the products and see how they work on you.There is no way to go wrong when you have fun experimenting.W*: What is the most exciting change you’ve seen in the beauty industry since you began your career? IF: Seeing how people respond when they’re presented with something new.I’ll take any reaction as long as it’s not indifference.

But generally, you’d be surprised to see how consumers engage with a creative project, the industry just doesn’t give them enough options that break conventions.W*: How can make-up be used as a tool of self-discovery? IF: There’s a very fine line between using make-up to cover versus to reveal.Choose the latter always, that’s how you bring out the best in you.W*: Which product from the Industrial collection are you most proud of and why? F: The Rubberlash mascara! On top of being the deepest shade of black, that you can layer several times, it contains curling agents and hair conditioning ingredients to keep the lashes healthy over time.§ Information Isamaya is now avaible for pre-order.

It will launch at the 15 Bateman Street, London pop-up 1-3 July before becoming available online 4 July..

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