Is Trump's impeachment trial worth the trouble if it's likely to renew rancour and division?

The trial carries advantages and disadvantages for both sides of the political spectrum.

1/25/2021 5:48:00 AM

Is Trump's impeachment trial worth the trouble if it's likely to renew rancour and division?

The trial carries advantages and disadvantages for both sides of the political spectrum.

The starting gun for Donald Trump's second impeachment trial is fired today with the Article Of Impeachment sent to the US Senate.Republicans and Democrats have agreed on the start date for the trial - 8 February - but not much else, it seems. The ground rules for the trial are still being discussed.

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Democrats had hoped to run the trial concurrently with the opening legislative business of the Biden presidency, in a kind of split screen politics, but Republicans would not play ball. The Senate will need to have confirmation hearings for Biden cabinet appointees and the discussion of a $1.9trn COVID relief bill out of the way before the trial begins.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player14 Jan: Trump impeached for historic second timeThe key question now: How many Republicans are likely to join Democrats to convict the former president? A two-thirds majority is required for conviction. That would need all 50 Democrat senators and 17 Republicans to join them.

On the Sunday morning talk shows Mitt Romney was prepared to countenance the idea, saying:"No question that the article sent over by the House suggests impeachable conduct.Advertisement"I will do my best to apply justice on the merit of the argument."

But Senator Marco Rubio, no fan of Donald Trump, was not. Read more: Sky News »

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Yes YES......Nobody's above the law HE'S gotten away with so much over the years that for what HE & some of his cronies did to incite the attack on the capitol.... GUILTY in my opinion. Yes Fuck Sky News Yes! Absolutely Yes criminals must be punished. People who commit crimes must be held accountable That’s what anti trump supporters want, division 👍

The law applies to all Yes it worth the trouble for good Sky news. Was it ok for the British government to arrest ☘️suspected terrorist? Yes its as if the Democrats what to keep him at the political forefront needs never 2 B aloud 2 stand again . if he did with his mentalty he will take his splean on every 1 in with all

Let justice take its course...Trump isn't above the law. Yes bigly Definitely it will devide Americans more and more. I think it should be suspended Yes it's. And Must not miss jail under no circumstances. Yes Yes You cannot impeach a civilian. It is worth the trouble, people must be made to understand that there are consequences for every action taken. These will serve as a deterrent to others who want to tow a similar course in the nearest future.

No it should be dropped now he won’t ever be able to run for president agsin as the republicans party won’t select him and it would be 8 years before he could as after the current administration, Harris will be the next president You can see trouble ahead here especially with an Impeachment against sleepy Joe due also!!

Absolutely! yes, it is worth it, there is this thing called justice... Exactly It was only insurrection resulting in the murder of one measly police officer. I mean geez. Get over it yes of course the trial must go ahead! it's the only way for the truth to be heard, and the investigation of trumps treason to be outed

You say it like the man is the law. Yes the guy is bullying crook and due process should and will prevail It won't even workout for the Democrats Welcome to the great impeachment game! May the odds be ever in your favor. Articles of impeachment for Biden were turned in on the 21st. Now a current and an ex president are dealing with a joke of a process. Every president from now on will be impeached at least once.

Yes. Otherwise his attempt at the presidency in 24 will cause rancour and division. It's really that simple, why do you have to ask such a dumb question? please follow me ugonna_mazi Hmmmmm Yes it’s worth the trouble. He needs locked up Not worth it. The country needs healing. The best President ever 👏👏👏👏👏

Yes 🤣🤣🤣☃️ No - They tried and failed before this is just Pelosi trying to get one over Trump. Did Rupert write this himself? Sky news touting like an apologist Impeachment trial is not only worth it, it must happen. Otherwise what signal does that send to future Presidents? Yes absolutely worth it! Knowing he could potentially be blacklisted for life makes any repercussions from his maniacal supporters totally worth the effort.

Yes Hope it goes ahead Trump will blow it wide open ,the dems will be crapping themselves . Trump knows it's good publicity for him ! Yes. Allowing his behaviour to go unchallenged sets a precedent nobody wants repeating. If his supporters continue their domestic terrorism, squash them! 'Drain The Swamp'

Yes yes and again yes Love how people just assume these impeachment articles will not go the same way as every other one; they’re partisan for a reason. Ofcourse it is... Are you suggesting that Americans are nothing but a bunch of rancours? That man did the crime, he must pay the price. Complete waste of time, by a pathetic Democratic Party so scared he’ll run again in 2024 and win, after Biden f*cks up America!..

Will this really go through? What do you guys think? Absolutely. He thought he was above everything. Time for KARMA to do her thing.. The usa military have hunted and killed other corrupt leaders so why should there own get away with it Nope. Did the crime should do the time trump criminal conman Who is going to unify with racists/white supremacists? We fought World War 2 to stop them. The Trial is necessary to hold Trump and the Seditionists accountable.

Yes. He incited the coup plotters to march and attempt to overthrow one part of our government and in the process, 6 individuals died. Discovered a day ago, he hatched another coup to oust the A.G. and toss out election results in Georgia, erasing thousands of votes. IMPEACH! Yes. It's a must to protect everyone in the future!

Trump is innocent, he did nothing wrong. Kangaroo court to stop inevitable 2024 win. US is a political swamp Yes? Unless we want future demagogue presidents to follow his example, we need to hold him accountable. Renew? That would suggest it just magically disappeared on Jan 20th. Oh it’s there. He should be made to bi-pass immunity and be sent to jail if found guilty along with all his riot pals