Is this the last hurrah for clap for carers?

The UK will applaud its carers this evening for what the event organiser says could be the last time.

5/28/2020 4:01:00 PM

Is tonight's clap for carers - the weekly event to celebrate those working on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic - the last one?

The UK will applaud its carers this evening for what the event organiser says could be the last time.

Thursday's Clap for Our Carers could be the last one for some timeThis evening many of us in the UK will grab our pots and pans, scoop up the dog, and nervously look out of the window to make sure our neighbours are doing the same.Then, when the clock strikes 20:00 BST, the sound of clapping, cheering and wooden spoons hitting saucepan lids will once again fill the street as we celebrate those working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

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But founder Annemarie Plas has saidand for it to instead become an annual event.So is this the end of the weekly clap?'Part of something bigger'On the Lissenden Gardens estate, in north London, like many places across the UK, the clap is credited with bringing neighbours together.

"Even though I have lived here 17 years I have got to know people I never would have met," Andrea Dawson says."It has basically brought love, which is the key thing to all of our lives."Image copyrightReutersAs well as appreciating carers, the clap has brought people out onto their balconies, allowed them to meet their neighbours and even helped organise measures like the cleaning of stairways.

Frank Chalmers, of the Lissenden Gardens Tenants Association, said the weekly ritual has been"very good for the community" and promised to"go out with a bang this evening"."There are people on the estate who have said they feel really isolated and they look forward to Thursday evenings, it is the highlight of the week. They feel part of something bigger."

Mr Chalmers said as a result of the weekly clap there were now plans to hold regular concerts with local children performing, and to celebrate the local community, as well as sharing a weekly newsletter.He says many residents felt now was the right time to end the clapping, fearing it could become politicised. Yet others are happy for it to go on.

Sean Carroll, a matron at the Royal Free Hospital, said it had a positive impact on him and his colleagues and made them feel"really valued".So why are there calls for it to end? Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Let's hope I fucking hope so Ok, they got the message. What about now every Thursday standing outside and shouting “more pay, more respect for key workers”. This message aimed at the government. The weekly clap to break the lockdown rules The weekly clapping should have been replaced by a payrise for the NHS frontline to show appreciation for what they do and cope with on a daily basis!Their jobs are hard with limited resources for some and they are overworked constantly.The Govt should be utterly ashamed!!!!!!!

The people who are really caring are those at home,the forgotten carers,the ones looking after ill friends & disabled family. My nurse friend states hospitals are all but empty. She stated she's being paid to do nothing. Carers should have final say. Thank feck for that I was ready for chucking a pan at them

Never have never will Thank fuck for that! Yes let’s finish the clapping and get back to normal BBCScotlandNews I take a shit every Thursday at 8.00pm No don’t stop until we are out of lockdown completely and there are no more infected. Then make an annual event. Too soon to stop. Hopefully. Starting to get tedious in afraid.

Then it’s back to Bojo’s Nhs cuts! Boo for Boris should continue Only for AnnemariePlas who doesn’t consider it fitting to clap for our NHS any more despite there still being many people in hospital with Covid, many people still dying. Everyone including this lady has the choice of whether to clap or not. No one person can call it to an end.

Wear black 2 minutes silence then sing....'and I would drive 300 miles and I would drive 300 more to get to durham and bring covid to your door.... ha ha Haha....ha ha haha' .... BBCPolitics If the last let's make it a good one! I would like a minutes silence next week to remember those we have have lost.

Hope so it's not needed now we all know how we love the NHS I hope so. Talk about flogging a dead horse! Instead, we can all show our appreciation for the NHS by not wasting their time in A&E with absolute shit such as, I hurt my finger, I've banged my knee, I've got a splinter, or the best one, I've had 2 pints & punched a wall.

I dont really understand why we clap for careers? Thinking of how empty hospitals are? They dancing on corridors? Are they really fighting for our lives? I dont think so. And why they must sign letter of confidentiality? Why when it was said in this 'people have become concerned about the politicisation of this' did you gotstraight to footage of the leader of the opposition?

I hope so. Can’t believe people are clapping the NHS workers ability to produce Tik Tok videos at an astronomical rate on a weekly basis. If the people we clap for have, in the main, had enough then fair enough. But I don't plan stopping because the BBC (& Govt?) plus a few cynics tell me I should ... however sick I feel with Johnson doing it.

BBCScotlandNews Tonight's clap is for the slippery Dominic Cummings Nope I stopped BBCPolitics Good, it's cringe as f00k It should be boo for Boris. Time for phase two BooForBoris I stopped when the Tik toks started I’m clapping for Cummings BBCScotlandNews It should be. I was never in favour of it as I thought that it gave government a distraction from the shocking state of the service that they have allowed it to become. Going back decades.

Can we do a clap 4 Cummings ? Hopefully. It’s been done to death by now. Never clapped and my partner is a key worker. NHS have been trained its their job you can't pick and choose what illness you treat same as when you sign up for the army you know any time you could go to war. But they need the correct PPE

Not just bloody clapping though is it. Enough is enough A slow clap for Boris tonight. The Tories only clap for Cummings I stopped when the racist BAME stepped in with their diatribe a few weeks ago. Hope so. It died weeks ago, only if you have a film crew on your street people go out. The whole in this together game is over!

I hope so! BBCPolitics I think the government has killed it - and the thought of our useless liar pm clapping for the nhs quite frankly turns the stomach End of an era BBCScotlandNews I’m not clapping. ToriesLiePeopleDie ToriesLieDemocracyDies BBCScotlandNews Hopefully the last Hancock's half hearted hour but 💖 NHS

Bloody hope so BBCScotlandNews Not for me. There wasn’t a 1st I respect EVERYBODY doing a difficult job in difficult circumstances. As ex HM Forces I never expected/received a clap. Single mums working 2 jobs & bussing between them, no clap Clapping for parts of the state is too NORTH KOREAN for me Just become attention seeking behaviour. Many who clap are happily spreading the virus the rest of the week

Let's not clap the NHS.... Let's fund it properly instead. I gave up by week 2. This doesn't actually help anyone. Yes. Thank god... Continue to show we will continue to support as long as they continue in the front lines. Together. We stop clapping, they stop Tiktok dancing videos. Deal? BBCScotlandNews I hope so. Stop clapping and stop voting against the NHS. We need action, not a feel-good signal that does nothing to actually help care workers.

Kind of agree with the woman who originally started it all off. It's become too politicised (i.e: Politicians who voted to cut NHS budgets clapping) and too competitive and over the top (i.e: People trying to outdo one another with speakers and confetti and whatever.) Might clap tonight to say thanks to the clappers who’ve been clapping for millennia ! Any way what happened to the JAZZ hands brigade Bet they’ve been out clapping like the other clapped out clappers,now give yourselves a round of applause 👏

It should be. Done to death now I’m not doing it. Looking forward to seeing the fat school bully outside No10 chortling and clapping like a badly dressed walrus tonight. 50,000 plus dead sorry I won't be clapping I say continue. Just because people hate Boris or Cummings, does not mean that the NHS and Carers do not deserve a round of applause.

I am going to make it my last one. It has lost its focus. If they stop the clap for carers and essential workers on Thursday nights then I'll start doing boo for Johnson and Cummings on Tuesday nights at 8pm instead. I hope it is the last. It has terrified my rabbits every week. I believe it contributed to the death of one of them.

Angry all week then on Thursday folk are cheering. It is actually the most obvious form of propaganda i have seen yet. But this has been happening for a while now. Anyone that is speaking truth has been technically ignored and/or attacked with ad hominem propaganda for time. Hopefully. First time it was right but has become an exercise in virtue signalling by the very people who have voted for parties that denied health workers pay rises and emasculated the service through austerity cuts

No point my neighbour's use it as an excuse to go visit each other after to get hammered Yeah now it's jeer Johnson or boo Boris If it was the last one, we should clap for BorisJohnson and DominicCumins too. I am sure all NHS colleagues will be happy with that too. LockdownEnd UnitedAgainstCoronavirus England NHSclap COVID19 ThursdayMotivation

Yes Let it be! Let's hope so! Maybe replace it with a pay rise. Everyone is out in our street getting their eyes tested. Tonight, let's clap for those that have been forging death certificates. Hope so .... our road has the clapping police Yes, time to end it. Its just a govt mind trick now. We all are thankful to those on front line & NHS, always have been, covid or no covid. In fact I've been told about NHS staff mis using the extra privileges given to them like flashing the ID to travel 5hrs to collect curtains

Its fizzled out here no CLAP. FOR.THE.SACK. replacing it. CLAP.FOR.THE.SACK. every Thurs, 8pm, till CUMMINGS is SACKED out of respect for our NHS, Care and Frontline staff, heroes. 🏥❤️ Maybe it's time to start shouting against this awful government It’s just patronising at this point I'm not one of these

No, because we want to give our NHS the support it deserves!😊👏 The time is right to call a halt. To continue will only allow it to gradually fade away. The point has been well made. Time for the government to act on pay. Yes, just clap now for the countdown to Christmas and BREXIT, if you will.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Please I think the country has patronised them long enough! It should never of been about clapping but more about giving thm the protection thy required & the wage they deserve that they won’t get thanks to the charlatan 10DowningStreet & his inept nimrod minority/majority government! BooForBoris instead!

Oh yes please GET OUT THERE AND CLAP LIKE A MONKEY 😷 The people clap as their freedoms are stripped during their indoctrination into the 'new normal' - Death certificates being faked, according to MANY doctors, to spike the flu virus numbers. Say NO to track and trace, say NO to lockdown. How about a Out,Out for Demonic Cummings instead, the Belgium medics turned their backs on their prime minister, the goverment are using the NHS to form their agenda they don’t give two fucks about them,and before the Tory supporters have a go,ALL politicians are the same ✊🏻💦

I think it’s time. It’s kinda sad but it can’t go on forever. Its clap for Cummings tonight....what the Leftwaffe put that poor man and his family through. a lot of them breached the rules anyway I have done this every week. Tonight will be my last night. I used to be a nurse and know how difficult it can be, so that's why i have done this. Now is the time to stop. Too many 2 faced people out there who clap and don't social distance...

BBCLondonNews i think as its 10 weeks thats good enough and people who live near me and work at the local hospital think so too. just do not show any footage of the PM clapping as that will just be an insult Yeah..only 412 people died from COVID19 yesterday.. no need to clap.. FFS who's side r u on?

Lets hope loads of people film themselves trying to feel relevant I clap for those who have continued to work hard during difficult times, the ones whose efforts meant others could sit on their arses doing nothing while still being paid out of my taxes and moan about MPs etc who have kept the roof over their heads and food on their tables.

It’s not a government ploy lol. But I do think it can die down now. The NHS was indeed saved, and coped very well. Bravo to all! ❤️ The clap should continue as the fight continues! I thought it was now booforboris? Oh I hope so. Neighbours up the ante every week. Clapping, then banging pans, then car horns and last week was fireworks. Even NHS staff are saying to stop clapping. It’s patronising (their words not mine)

Is that because BorisJohnson, MattHancock and DominicCummings have made a mockery of it!? We become the country with the highest deaths, they drop the slide. cummings break the rules but it is OK. They follow the science, not they didn't...the list goes on! BBCPolitics I heard its to be the last!

The replies to this sum up Twitter. A nice variety of horrible people from all political persuasions showing their vileness as if it were a badge of honour. No, my last one was two weeks ago....helping the NHS in more practical ways now....😊 if you want to campaign for a booforboris evening , I am up for that ?

Hope so. It’s patronising to clap with one hand and vote Tory with the other Let's hope so, my monkey's getting píssed off that he's left on the doorstep every Thursday. We should move on to a review of NHS performance during the pandemic. Bloody hope so. Peace and quiet at last! Thank Fook the lefties are claiming all the benefits and not working. I might indulge in a kebab tonight or beat a fox with a bat to celebrate.... SupportOurLefty

Should be, it’s got boring now They know we appreciate them This should always have been about the fallen and the people who put their lives on the line. Only the brainwashed will clap.🐏 I really hope not. It is a great way to bring communities together and show our continued support and thanks to the NHS and other key workers.

BBCPolitics A nation that handed a majority to a party that's spent the last decade shitting on the NHS and its staff never had any business clapping the NHS anyway. Fuck carers anyway. I'm going to drive north and spread more virus for them to deal with and then get officially pardoned. No one is clapping

Please BBCPolitics I'm NHS staff but I think it's time to move on. It was lovely to hear my neighbours' support every week but there are also plenty of other key workers out there who deserve regular public recognition too. Thanks to everyone who has 'clapped for carers' though! We are not clapping tonight as it is equal to clapping this government of rich Tories covering their backs with no care for the public

No clapping for me tonight, not in a bloody mood I think it should be the last. People are getting clap shamed for now not turning up! Clap becuase you want to. Not because you have too. BBCPolitics Call it a day: The Govt NHS policy makers are laughing their socks off at a gullible public manipulated by them into this pointless charade every week!

Never started, empty gesture, my neighbor does it religiously every Thursday and has ignored the rules from day one and lied to his boss about his Mrs shielding so he hasn't worked for 10 weeks ,his Mrs has been doing mobile hairdressing since lockdown because her salon closed I hope so I hope the only ones clapping are the hypocritical politicians. Everyone else should boo.

All I can say is thank god for that ! If you want to clap, hit pans etc and make a noise fine. But at least now those idiots amongst you will stop setting fire works off and frightening my dogs. Hey is that Dom Cummings on the left? Let's clap for him getting his eyesight back I hope so! Ive never clapped yet

Clap for maitlis. Think we've given the country enough clap. Some of the replies... Jesus Christ Thank God for that, Bloody idiots.. Please let it be that least one .... Well the government is spitting in their faces. Dunno I won’t be clapping it’s just an excuse to cover up the disastrous government. ClapForCummings 👏🇬🇧

I’ll happily clap for it being the last one 😊👌🙏

Clap For Carers is ending tonightThe Clap For Carers UK, which encourages everyone to clap at 8pm on a Thursday to show support for the NHS, is coming to an end after 10 weeks in lockdown.

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