Ipswich murders: Prostitution returns to town's streets

Ipswich murders: Prostitution returns to town's streets

10/25/2021 2:57:00 AM

Ipswich murders: Prostitution returns to town's streets

Fifteen years after five women were killed in Ipswich, prostitution returns to streets in the town.

Amy is very mindful of the dangers of the work she is doing and says she would welcome some form of community centre for, as she puts it, "working girls" and "girls in that situation" where they can talk with those who "are recovering from that situation".

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Such a centre, she says, would both improve the safety of sex workers as well as supporting them out of the work."There just isn't enough support," she says.Image source,AFP/Getty ImagesImage caption,Prostitution was once said to be eradicated in Ipswich, in the aftermath of the high-profile murders

"Men have been very violent, they've been nasty, they've attacked me, grabbed my bags," says Kate, another sex worker operating in the area."They won't leave when you have to go," she says. "I feel scared most of the time." headtopics.com

Kate, again not her real name, returned to sex work three months ago because she needed the money."Every day for a week I was beaten up, punched, robbed, grabbed and strangled," she says. "It got a bit much."It is not very safe. Sometimes I say no and it still happens."

Ipswich sex worker killings 10 years onShe knew two of the women killed by Wright."I went to school with a couple of them," she says. "They were on drugs too, sadly.""It all came back when I was strangled , I thought 'oh my God it is still happening'," she says. "Some girl was passing and she told him to get off me. I had to run away."

Men often try to take her into the nearby woods.Image caption,Supt Jane Topping says the "extent of the problem" of violence against sex workers had not been fully appreciated or recognisedSupt Jane Topping, of Suffolk Police, says while the force was aware of the return of prostitution to Ipswich's streets, the level of violence they were experiencing had not been fully appreciated.

"I didn't realise the extent of the problem," she says, "as it has not been reported to us."I really do urge, even if you witness it, and you're not a victim yourself please call 999 if it is urgent, or 101 or report it online. headtopics.com

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"Going back to 2006, it is nothing like the scale of what it was then."I would say it is a small cohort of women who are engaged in sex work."We have identified them and we are working with our partners to make sure they can safely exit that work."

The BBC asked Suffolk Police for the number of arrests or cautions involving sex workers in recent months. The figures, the force says, are not readily available.Image caption,Alasdair Ross, Ipswich Borough Council's member responsible for public safety, says in recent months the town has seen a number of women returning to the streets

Alasdair Ross is Ipswich Borough Council's member responsible for community protection.He says better rehabilitation services were essential to support sex workers out of the trade."It is a concern," he says. "We've always believed there has been some sort of prostitution, whether it had moved or was behind closed doors and there have been sporadic reports since.

"But over the last six months we have seen a number of girls returning to the street."He says the reason the women have turned to sex work is often related to drug dependency."And we are working with multi-agencies like we have in the past to help eradicate prostitution," he says. headtopics.com

"We managed to do that in 2006 onwards by working together and we need to step up to do that again because we have had reports of girls returning to the street and that may be due to poverty and often it is due to drug dependency."The missing link really in all of this is that there is not a good enough rehabilitation service and that is what we would really like to see the government focus on, so we can get some of these girls off drug dependency and make a better life for themselves."

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Right-oh busby_ruby - fire up the Scania... Supply and demand. Too many customers. Feminism 😂 Just seems to attract more problems for women walking in the streets TBF. Is it likely the murderer will return; or did they never leave? Else would they both be linked to murders? This is why prostitution should be legalised. It’s been around for centuries, it will never go away, and pushing it underground never works.

Legalise it & then they wouldn’t have to do street work even Mary Magdalen was 1 or so the stories say Imagine anyone thinking this is desirable or acceptable. Prostitution must be ruthlessly extinguished from our society. 🙏💖 nice lovely just what we need, tomhunt1988 what do u plan doing about ? TheHeavenlyChurch 지구의 파괴가 멀지않았습니다 휴거후 지구는 변합니다

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