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‘Insurer refused to pay £58k hospital bill because my wife forgot to mention irrelevant knee ache’

Has a company treated you unfairly?


'I was hoping to retire soon, but this bill will wipe out our savings and eat up some of my tax-free pension lump sum. It seems terribly unfair.'

Has a company treated you unfairly?

I write in the hope that you will be able to help my wife and I resolve a situation that could be ruinous for us.

We travelled to Florida in June, prior to which she had been having stomach pains, suspected to be gallstones. We took out travel insurance with Coverwise, a subsidiary of Axa, and my wife declared she’d had blood tests and had been given the all clear.

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Yet this rag still campaigns fir a government that will literally wipe out the NHS so we all need health insurance making cases like this the fecking new normal. I don't want a policy with protected no claims on my fucking health. Oh well!

British mother-of-three dies during 'Brazilian butt lift' operation in TurkeyLeah Cambridge, 29, paid £6,500 for the procedure at a private hospital in Izmir

Women should sit like men to prevent hip and knee pain, surgeon saysBarbara Bergin MD sees thousands of patients a year with chronic knee and hip pain - and 90 percent of them are women. She believes it's because women sit cross-legged, tightening their ligaments.

NHS England pledges pensions top-up in bid to tackle staffing crisisSenior doctors and nurses are refusing to work extra hours because of financial penalties This is what happens when you mess with tax rates

China's social credit system bans billionaire's son over £16m debtThe Second People's Court of Beijing has sealed Wang Sicong's assets after he failed to obey a previous ruling by it. The son of tycoon Wang Jianlin has faced a similar ban from a court in Shanghai. Gebaseerd op social credit system....dus de staat China bepaalt of je patserig gedrag zo mag afstraffen? Vind ik principieels onjuist.

Taxi drivers storm Indonesian hospital and recover baby's bodySix-month-old Alif Putr died in surgery on Tuesday morning, but was being held by M Djamil Hospital in Padang, Indonesia, until his parents paid the 25 million rupiahs ($1,774 or £1,370) owed.

Rich donors hand Tories £5.5m election funding boostCash from tycoons including wife of Russian businessman about 26 times higher than Labour donations A Boris Brexit Campaign Fund Account would be apt guys.

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