Insulate Britain

Insulate Britain

Insulate Britain protester has ink thrown over his face by angry motorist

Insulate Britain protester has ink thrown over his face by angry motorist

10/27/2021 2:42:00 PM

Insulate Britain protester has ink thrown over his face by angry motorist

Activists were seen with blue on their clothes and faces as Insulate Britain blocked two sections of major roads into London after warning its 'non-violent civil resistance' would continue

Activists were seen with blue on their clothes and faces as they started blocking the A40 and M25.Insulate Britain has blocked two sections of major roads into London after warning its "non-violent civil resistance" would continue on Wednesday.

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The road-blocking climate group obstructed the A40 in west London and a roundabout in Dartford in the east of the capital to urge the Government to better insulate homes.Some protesters glued themselves to the ground - or each other, police said.Retired doctor Christian, 77, told the Daily Mail : "It wasn't painful, it didn't hurt - it was unpleasant, but just sad, the whole thing's sad, it's sad that we have to do this.

"I hate doing it, I'm a retired doctor, I've spent my whole life trying to help people, and I'm reduced to having to do this because the Government won't address the problem adequately, basically. Terribly worried."One member said she was prepared to lose her home and go to jail for the cause.

Suzie, 47, from Cambridge, who works in childcare, said: "If going to prison and losing my home is what it takes to get the Government to do the right thing and cut our carbon emissions then it's a price worth paying. "I can't be a bystander while this Government betrays the public, our children and future generations by failing to defend our country from the climate crisis.

"Insulating Britain's leaky homes has to come first. It will cut out a huge chunk of our carbon emissions, help families struggling with their energy bills and end fuel poverty."It's such a basic first step that you have to wonder why the Government refuses to act. Don't they care?"

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "The Met is aware of Insulate Britain activists blocking the road at the A40 junction with Gypsy Lane in North Acton."Officers were promptly on the scene. Traffic has had to be diverted for the safety of all. We'll share updates soon."

Kent Police said in a statement this morning: "Fourteen people have been arrested after traffic on the A206 at Crossways Boulevard, Greenhithe, was obstructed in both directions. "At around 8.05am on Wednesday 27 October 2021, Kent Police received a report that a group of protestors had gathered at the location and some of those involved had glued themselves to the road surface, or each other.

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"Officers attended the scene within minutes and by 8.30am traffic was flowing in both directions."Each of the individuals was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway and conspiracy to commit public nuisance. They remain in custody as enquiries continue.

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You don't have the right to do that to our elderly.Shame on you...who did this to that Old Man. 😂😂 Mike Tyson !!!😂😂😂😂 who drives around with ink what is he a fucking octopus?

Fd-up motorist held up by Insulate Britain plays bagpipes in protesters’ facesA fed-up motorist who was held up in road block by Insulate Britain decided to retaliate by playing the bagpipes loudly in some of the activists’ faces. So it's ok for these morons to cause havoc day in day out, but if a guy plays bagpipes in someone's ear - that's NOT acceptable by the Police and he's immediately moved on! Shame on you! No wonder there's no respect!

Insulate Britain cause yet more mayhem in Kent and West LondonThe eco zealots split their action across London today, with some sitting on the A40 road in North Acton, West London, and others on a major roundabout next to the Dartford Crossing in Kent. Great work Good. Inkredible 🙈

Insulate Britain tell motorists to avoid using M25 tomorrow Insulate Britain said that if motorists do still choose to use the M25 tomorrow then their speed should be 'reduced to 20 mph to minimise the risk of accidents' when their protests start at 7am.

Watch: Radio host stuns Insulate Britain activist by suggesting ‘you can grow concrete'Radio host Mike Graham stunned an Insulate Britain spokesperson into silence by suggesting “you can” grow concrete. Cameron Ford was invited on to the talkRadio breakfast programme to discuss the current protests when Graham questioned if his carpentry career is “safe for the planet”. After a bit of back and forth which saw Ford defend his “sustainable building practice” and note that trees can be re-grown, the host suggested “you can grow all sorts of things”, even concrete. Graham’s response stunned Ford into silence and the call was quickly cut off. Sign up to our free climate newsletter here.

'Risking lives' Grant Shapps announces new injunction against eco-zealots Insulate BritainINSULATE BRITAIN activists have been hit with yet another High Court injunction, the Transport Secretary has confirmed. Yes, because it worked so well the first time. A competent government would have these imbeciles in prison by now. Transportation......? What's with all this artificial 'climate protesting' recently and the artificial clampdowns in 'response' to it? 🤔

Idiot glues FACE to road as drivers drag eco-mob off in half-term protestsAN Insulate Britain eco-idiot glued his FACE directly to tarmac as a gormless mob of protesters blocked major roads once again. Half term travel chaos kicked off this morning as hoards of demonstra… Get the fire engine give them a good old soaking, they will soon go home when they are cold and wet.