Inside Syria jail packed with Brit ISIS jihadis that US demands we let back

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Inside Syria’s filthy hellhole jail packed with hundreds of British ISIS fighters that the US is demanding we bring home

Another Canadian cried: “We have no rights, no court, no sense of any destiny!”A Kurdish guard watches dozens of packed cells full of ISIS fighters on CCTV

Among the Brit prisoners is Cardiff ice cream salesman Aseel Muthana, 21, who travelled to Syria to join ISIS five years ago. Widow Gondal is at Ayn Issa camp, Syria, with her children following a failed escape bid from ISIS-held Baghouz.


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I don’t feel bad for them at all I feel bad for the innocent civilians they dressed up in orange suits & beheaded...they had no compassion for them, why should we show them any compassion now? 😔

Only in body bags.

Home? Those dreadful miscreants are not wanted in Britain and never were.

Ignore the scum! politically; diplomatically and sanction media for reporting and giving them free publicity. They can f**k off & die, not interested, let them rot. Apology to those who are sensitive.

Good good.

Drop the word British. They are not British they are ISIS terrorists, they gave up the right to have a citizenship here

They left here to kill people only s Labour government will let them in

Sorry no sympathy at all ,they joined to kill innocent people and now because it's turned against them they want home,, no they gave up their rights when they left

If u refuse this lady claimed that she was married to IS member....these all must not return coz they r more dangerous than that widow.

rawlimark Give the guards a night off and drop a couple of tonnes of missiles on the place , problem sorted

Companies should test products on them instead of animals

They are alive unlike their victims.

No thanks


Fck america they can take the lot. How dare they dictate to other coutries what to do with domestic issues.

We don’t want them 😡😡

Leave them where they are.

Good leave em there better there than in our jail's that are more like hotels supposed to be places of hell in my eyes shouldn't Have done the crime no sympathy .

Let them rot there, they are pure evil. Or hand them over to the Yazidi’s.

US would not support that they don’t support it when there people go across and fight especially Donald trump


this is sickening

Nothing more than what they deserve they made there bed now .....

They choose to go there let them stay

Keep them! Do what you want with them, just don’t send them back!

Never, never never...

If they committed their crimes in Syria let them be tried there! We don’t want them or their off springs back in this country,they hate it here anyway! If their family are that worried about them,maybe they should move to Syria to be with them! These are terrorists

Eye in the Sky 👍


Shoot the lot of them

If They are our citizens they should be our responsible, we shouldn’t be dumping our shit on other people

Drop a bomb!

Nope its ok, you can keep them..

they made thier bed now lie in it



So , what’s the problem. I can’t see anything wrong. 👍

omg this is heartbreaking :(

Nah just leave them there, unless Boris gives into Trumps pressure

No. They still have the same mindset and ideology of extremism in them. We don’t want to live with the consequences if they are brought back. Keep them in Kurdistan.

Great news

No thanks keep them.

Let them practice be heading each other until there is only one left, then hang him. That’s all they deserve. But knowing the PATHETIC BRITISH DO-GOODERS IN OUR SOCIAL SERVICES, they’ll be crying and twisting every trick in the book, to bring them to Britain and BENEFITS!

Leave them there.

So either 36 years of council houses and benefits or one stray US bomb. I think Trump owes us a favour .

Shoot them all !!! We don’t want them back

Let them rot!

Have we any filthy hellhole jails we can shove them into,? Why do you think they want to come here and we have so much violent crime? Criminals here expect and demand the rights they refused their victims.

They shout out in their cells demanding their rights, a fair trial, did their VICTIMS get a fair trial? Execute those monsters!!! No freaking trials.

Leave them there to rot

What’s wrong with Syria?

They deserve to live like that!! Their human rights were taken away when they made the decision to be murderers!!

Please don’t let delusional Corbyn win a general election He will openly bring them all back at taxpayers expense House them for free, pay there medical bills & benefits

They should be tried in Syria where their crimes were committed

Just execute the lot of them they’re no good to anyone

Good leave them there


Good leave them there.

Punishment should fit the Crime!

Saw there heads off see if they like it?

Let them all rot. They are there out of choice, most tore up their british passports and said the were citizens of isis. We have i would imagine replaced the passports for all the scum that have been sneaked back into the country by our untrustworthy politicians

they sure look british

They can stay there!

Hopefully they don't make it out alive.

These ISIS murderers are reaping what they sowed. They should remain in Syria. They subjected women and children to a far worst condition than they themselves are passing through now. Anyone that sows wickedness will reap Hell and Hellfire.

Let them rot

Bomb it...problem solved

Ask yourself if it was your family living next door to them on their return would you still want them back.

Not filthy enough I'm afraid, these scum deserve much worse

Let them stay there

British = not the US's problem.

Good!! keep them there if Syria don't want them We sure as hell don't.Why are the British press even going here,the door shut when they skipped off to play toy soldiers sorry Snowflakes try somewhere else.FFS nothanks

Ahh, shame NOT!

Give them the Iraq 10 minute trial, then the drop.

They made their choice and they can stay there and rot for all I care

Exactly where the should be then, Hell. Let them rot

Let them rot.

It’s far to good for them.

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