Inside a filthy Syrian prison camp where ISIS fighters are kept

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Inside a filthy Syrian prison camp where thousands of orange-jumpsuited ISIS extremists are locked up after the 'caliphate' fell to pieces

Thousands of jihadists are packed into cells at the prison camp in northern Syria. Many of them are foreign extremists who are now demanding to return home. There are fears of a raid after ISIS leader Baghdadi called for fighters to be freed.


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Tough titty!

Just waiting for some clown to tell us that they’re all great lads and want to play for Man Utd, become brain surgeons and care workers.

They’ve now all turned gay. Doing each other’s bu77s everyday. Keep them there 👍

They can preach to each other now they don't have freedom to destroy everything they want to go home If it wasn't for the Kurds they the evil things that they are would be still terrorizing everyone

Sounds like it’s to nice of a place for them

I don't give too fu-ks they deserve all they get and more .

Stay there!

Good !.

One Thermobaric bomb, accidentally dropped from the skies, would solve this problem for good....

Seems like the US should do them and the whole world a favor and drop one little bomb on that bitch. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I missed the point why that’s our problem . Let them rot

Well done and long may this continue...

Best place for them....

Keithbird59Bird Let the Syrian people deal with them the same way that they dealt with the Syrian people.

They're not being be-headed. I feel pity?

they're lucky they haven't been hung or shot

Keithbird59Bird Not sure what we are supposed to say, you are not expecting sympathy are you?

Keithbird59Bird That's great news. No Trey them like they treated the Syrian people


At least they still have their heads on!

They should clean it up since it is their filth.

Feck em


Just you worshippers of the cross are filthy people insha Allah Sharia law be applied all over the world and You all can butt your heads against the wall

/ Although one cannot have sympathy with those I.S Fighters now locked up in a prison camp in Syria ! one should be aware bad treatment ! of those would serve as Recruitment for Islamic Terrorism!!!

good ! they got the place ,what they deserved..

Oh dear, how sad, never mind

Payback for the mass beheadings, rapes and torture they inflicted on the Middle East. Let them rot.

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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