Influencer who licked a toilet as a 'coronavirus challenge' has just been hospitalised with coronavirus

Influencer who licked a toilet as a 'coronavirus challenge' has just been hospitalised with coronavirus


Influencer who licked a toilet as a 'coronavirus challenge' has just been hospitalised with coronavirus

Life comes at you fast. Especially if you lick the seat of a toilet for internet clout. Like the internet prankster known as Larz, who claims he has coronavirus – just days after uploading a clip

Life comes at you fast. Especially if you lick the seat of a toilet for internet clout. Like the internet prankster known as Larz, who – just days after uploading a clip showing him licking a toilet seat. Apparently it was for the “ Coronavirus challenge” , a viral craze on TikTok – although just how many people are engaging in it is unclear. But just days after initially posting the clip of him getting close and personal with the toilet (he really licks it), Larz uploaded another picture for fans. This time he’s in a hospital bed and the caption reads “I got diagnosed with coronavirus”. A disturbing turn of events. Larz also tweeted the picture but his Twitter account – where he posts under the handle – has been suspended. It’s unknown if the suspension – or the diagnosis – is linked to the toilet seat incident. People aren't being that sympathetic though. And with Larz’s day job being the pulling of pranks, some may be questioning how geniune his latest revelation is. Please though, don’t go around licking toilets. Global pandemic or not. Read more: The Independent

CreativeOliverr Very strange. 🤔🤔🤔😀 Oh well, was ok knowing ya' What sort of influence?..... Darwin award at the ready There are no more idiots around now than there ever were. The only difference is, now they’re getting maximum exposure on your phone. Am I supposed to be upset ? People like this don’t deserve a bed 😡

Lunatic Disgusting Can we have the fuckwit neutered whilst he is in hospital? 👍🏼👍🏼 and for every other dumb kid that the toilet seat, for a dumb challenge.

Coronavirus advice from Mexico's president: 'Live life as usual'López Obrador’s nonchalance and resistance to tough action in face of pandemic draws barrage of criticism I like this Bolsonaro Effect Excuse me?

natural selection at its finest LeeTshabalala_ Natural selection I don’t think he’s an influencer. He’s just an idiot. Doctors reckon now he's hiv+ due to previous challenge farhashahera The level of stupidity of this man is very impressive He meet up with the triplets Ms Karma Ms Rona & Wuhan Flu Humanity at it's worst, then you wonder why smh


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That's how you get hepatitis bruh Ahhhhh! Silly fool, what possesses someone to do that?🤢 Karma HAHAHAHAHAHA! Idiot! Ah so covid does sort out stupid after all ... Bolje bi mu bilo da se najeo friskog smeca, debeli nonce Prick I'm so glad he's from the USA TosinAlayande The guy I told you about! elisethomson01

EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter makes life-changing decision as Linda slips upEASTENDERS' fan-favourite pub landlords Mick and Linda Carter are set to make a huge decision about their future after the recovering alcoholic slips up - but what is it?

No really?!? 😂😂 Honestly people dying and your paper gives this FKN CLOWN air time. Licking a toilet seat and now the hospital staff have to risk their lives looking after the brain dead bastard. He should just be given a lethal injection. Nothing more 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Olajumoke0007 throw him away

For the sake of likes on social media, is this how imbecile people nowadays? 'Influencer' . Jeez. We're so evolved. idiot would be an understatement God gimme a strength Good the prat!

UK coronavirus lockdown: what are the new rules and what does it mean for daily life?Boris Johnson has placed the UK on a police-enforced lockdown with drastic new measures in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

What a stupid thing to do. Disgusting Not the sharpest knife in the box then? What a Pathetic Individual Egungun qasnt careful He ONLY got the 'rona? Better do a full blood test for diseases, too. Mderick_ Rest In Peace Ok, I am just go8ng to say it..Morons everywhere Why is this being highlighted? Pathetic.

Keep social distance you won’t hear. He invited his followers to follow him Only Americans and our Nigerian president do stupid things. You guys deserve each other.

Coronavirus updates: UK adjusts to life under new restrictions - BBC NewsPeople in the UK have to start getting used to staying at home 'very quickly', says Sergio Brusin of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control 'That's why there is law and enforcement in many countries,' he adds We've got BorisJohnson and michealgovemp Glimmer of hope? not even a photon's worth... It is a national disgrace that in 2020, we have a reduction in the number of NHS staff, 20000 police officers no longer in service but it's always okay to bail out the banks and large corporations through loans that only they can access and tax breaks. The Tokyo Olympic has been postponed. The world will see the rapid increase of infection in Tokyo from now on. Can you see the trick? 😜

Clout Anyone influenced by him is nothing but a moron. anointingose Whew! Finally Influencer? He is a fucking asholencer and doesn’t deserve a bed Never knew there were influencers for toilet lickers. He's calling on the Almighty to take him, his prayers will be answered Why is this being reported as news, or given any press at all?

Hope he gets better ... but, oh what a stupid tawt ! Stupido

UK brings in strict curbs on life to fight virusChancellor Rishi Sunak says workers on zero-hour contacts 'depending on their particular status' would be eligible to the job retention scheme 'It could be based on an average of previous earnings over a period' HMRCgovuk holds all self-employed self-assessment returns the last 3 years, and can calculate average earnings the last 3 years. If RishiSunak wants the 5 million self employed to stay at home make the calculation and start paying them 80% of it the same as he’s doing for PAYE. Take that Mike Ashley! How can we access/apply for the job retention scheme?

Madness Wanker ! The stupidity has distinction Natural selection. Don't let him in the fuckin Hospital. Stupid people doing stupid things 🤬 Get well influencer & this☻ via lesinrocks Sorry but when he shows his test report saying he tested positive for the virus then I’ll believe it.. this dude was on dr phill he will do anything for clout; he even called his own family irrelevant on tv for having lesser followers on social media 😬

Now THAT is funny! 😆😆😆 He must not be given any medication, so that he must realise what he has done l, idiot! Let him die his die in peace

Waste of a hospital bed He needs STD testing, too. Gross Influencer? More like influenza!!!! Phoda-se Let him die...... Simple as that 🙏🏽 Natural selection An 'influencer' who licked a toilet? What world is this we live in? help idoiots Onkpe Classic Idiot at work.

Crazy world 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Larz “The Influencer,” say hello to Charles Darwin. Egungun be careful 😬😬😬 And put him at toilet Is this what they call ... natural selection? They should have let the stupid die in his home I've thought about this and there are no prays No hard feelings Survival of the fittest

'Influencer' 🙄 Darwin would be proud. Strong contender for the DarwinAwards JJscatter Fool He seems really thick A lot of people criticising this social influencer, but in years to come he will be recognised as a hero, as someone at the frontier of research into covid19, thanks to him, or possible them or they who knows, humanity now knows that it's not a good idea to lick toilet rims.

zekay_tweets Siaba abowa next time Natural selection He is a liberal. Good

*pretends to be shocked* Jesuu The tide pod challenge generation has now taken up toilet licking. generationz That thing isn’t an “influencer” That’s a prick that got its hands on technology and managed to attract absent minded creatures like it. Proof there is no life-guard at the gene pool! See ya if there is a next life

Hopefully he gets well soon but afterwards he should be immediately LED through the doors of Bellevue Should we congratulate him 🤔 It’s not ‘karma’ when it’s just stupidity

Why would you do this in the first place This one is an influenza. We have lots of them in this space always tweeting in the rubbiiiiisshhhhh!🤣🤣🤣🤣🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ One of the Dumb fvcks🤦‍♂️ Why give this idiot a bed 😠 Keep the hospital bed open for a deserving patient Tuh kan ilang otaknya Certainly in his case

Omo ase 😒 😂🤣

Now we know where his “influence” is coming from. StayHome StaySafe & StayAwayFromStupidity Serve the twat right Lmao😂😂😂😂 He'll probably not die of covid19 but his stupidity his chronic and severe How hospital staff should respond Influencer or IDIOT who who wants to be killed 😣 It's a culling of stupidity.


This kind of complacent attitude enrages me. Because of his utter stupidly someone else who may need critical care may not get it. He should be sent the bill for his care. What a tosser. I hope he suffers. IamRashman I am very sorry he has caught the virus but extremely angry that his stupidity he is hospitalized and needing vital NHS resources as well as risking the lives of the hospital staff.

witheverytweet Didn't even deserve a bed imo Oh my!!! Suicide The Darwin award goes too.... Why has he been given a hospital bed! 🤬 Let’s call him an “influencee”, shall we? Se eleyii tibya werey this one madddddddddd?

Hallelujah! well, u got what u deserve Doctors, please don't waste time with him Don’t give him publicity, that’s what the silly cunt wants. It’s down to YouTube tiktok_us etc to shut down these accounts who are using their platforms to start, spread and glorify dangerous trends. Honestly hope he suffers, not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

This mofo don't deserve a bed. He got what he came for. Ahahahahahah He should be left out by doctors They are risking their lives for someone risked his life for nothing Another Darwin award!

If there is shortage of ventilators and he needs one, he definitely should not get it. Sure he hasn’t caught the karma virus 🤦🏾‍♂️ Karma! coronavirus Gobloknya diborong smua sieh 😭 He needs his head examined whilst he is in hospital, although doubtful they will find anything there! Throw him out The_Real_Greeny

Almost like it was scripted or something...

Probably he has other diseases too after that 🙈 MuhadklyAcho Covidiot 😏 Tit! ‘Influencer’ why is that even a thing? There’s a few other four letter words that would describe him better. He invited it himself What an idiot! He is adding to the extra work hospitals need to do. I hope his parents are very proud of him!

how stupid can one be. Shoukd be fucking arrested too! All in the name of click and views..People tho..

indy100 absolute numpty Dumb Assery! This generation is beyond stupid Are you MAD The herd is thinning. adamosmak 'Influencer' Has any word ever been so wrongly used. Is influencer the new word for bellend? Disgusting people why is this newsworthy?

DarwinAward Moron..but I hope he gets better... He did well to influence the virus What is odd is that you still call him an “influencer” I'm happy to see karma is alive and well..... But how the F&$&==, is this tool an influencer? Maybe this is why the earth decided to unleash the COVID19 on use. We obviously can't handle nice things.

Wasting a badly needed bed and attention of pressured staff. He’s not unique, just an example of these times and the lust for fame (or infamy, doesn’t seem to matter which anymore) You deserve then

Natural selection Karma! let him die Cunt..... Why is this idiot treated? Dumb things happened to dumb people Influencer? And it’s now putting all the staff and the families of those staff at risk what an arse DarwinAwards

Some people will not cease to amaze me. Behembaba If this dummy Influences you to lick a toilet your life was over before COVID-19 His parents must be proud That’s the price of stupidity “Omg see that influencer who licked the toilet? He’s such a covidiot” I don't mean to sound heartless, but this is what he gets for being stupid.

Yeah, you're famous now. This might ‘influence’ the teenagers to stay the fuck home.

You spelt idiot wrong How has humanity survived this far? Funny that these people would be called influencers . I would just called them stupid . Good job folks!!! :) Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa sorry not sorry Treatment should be questions ask, send him to lick hospital toilets and get cure. !!!!

Tereza_1969 dumber ‘Internet prankster’? Utter tool I am pretty sure he has put worse things in his mouth 🍆

That bed will be needed by somebody else. His nonsense could lead to somebodies death. Tool. ASTAGHFIRULLAH When I think of some if the daft things I did at that age, I do wonder at the fact that I’m still here! Feel for his family. Hope he gets well soon (and emerges a little wiser). kakra68 . Influencer 🙄🤦‍♂️

😂 I'm not sure which is worse, this idiot licking a toilet bowl or the existence of a 'corona virus challenge'. Read the whole article!

rip Good,the thick tw. Idiot. Imagine possibly dying for clicks 👎 Great! Maybe you can all gather at a Trump rally. Shake hands, get close. Works for me. Defy the nature? Wish you die soon Nhs should kick his butt every hour. Natural selection no sympathy Very niche this generation And god knows what else! Seriously, some people need to see doctors.

Hopefully natural selection can take some of these morons out

Cry me a river 🌊 manusia kadang-kadang kadang-kadang yak🙄 He should be bottom of the list to receive treatment Mampossss Yep, he has sure influenced me If this silly wee boy has influenced anyone to do the same he should be facing a charge from police for encouraging kids to self harm. These idiots need to understand their actions have consequences

As Usual NHS OR HEALTH CARE service will be wasting their time and resources to treat this stupid filthy rat at the expense of other genuine and decent patients Remember the myth that you could catch HIV from sitting on the toilet! Serves him right!

😂😂😂 Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Why is he receiving any type of treatment ? I'D LOVE TO KNOW WHY HE GETS A BED IN THE HOSPITAL WHILE THE NHS IS SHORT IN STAFF AND EQUIPMENT. Aren’t the people who then used the toilet and was unbeknown in his company the real victims. At other times, I'd have laughed and said 'it serves you bloody well right, and hope you suffer badly before recovery'. But this prick is now occupying a bed others desperately need, so I hope he's out of it PDQ either by recovery or hopefully the Darwin Award Winners way.

He should be held in a toilet The cheer stupidity of some people is absolutely staggering.

Karma!! Carry the cross of stupidity Twat springs to mind! Well done Corona And this self-centered ignoramus is now occupying a valuable hospital bed that could've gone to someone who really needs it. they should have declined to treat the idiot....self inflicted..... will someone die as a result of this shit having a bed ?

Darwin award. Reap what you sow brother, reap what you sow.

আমার পাছাটাও চেটেদে ভাই। What a tremendous sacrifice. Now we all know we should definitely avoid licking the toilet every day. How stupid are humans Maybe he should paddle his own canoe now DarwinAwards are going to be inundated when this is over. gross that u sickdo wrong not good idea make worse sick Influencer..... or wanker?

He won the challenge clearly 🙄🙄🙄and now this numpty has endangered the lives of valuable health workers. erikwill I call it Natural Selection

Imagine what the thoughts of health workers are, who risk their lives to care for this weapons grade bell end and the tools that are 'influenced' by him. Clown. Influencer lol paniprofesor Get the Darwin Award ready... Don’t waste resources on this wet wipe please. It is truly amazing that humans have survived so long on earth



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