Infection known as mad cow disease found on Somerset farm

Infection known as mad cow disease found on Somerset farm

9/17/2021 11:24:00 PM

Infection known as mad cow disease found on Somerset farm

Officials say there is no current risk to public health from the infection, known as mad cow disease.

A case of the cattle disease BSE has been confirmed on a farm in Somerset.The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) said that the infected animal has died and has been removed.An investigation is under way to find the source of the infection and restrictions on the movement of cattle on the farm have been put in place.

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"There is no risk to food safety or public health," said chief veterinary officer Christine Middlemiss.The single case of classical Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy,commonly known as mad cow disease, was confirmed earlier today."We recognise this will be a traumatic time for the farmer and we are on hand to offer advice through this difficult period," said Ms Middlemiss.

"The UK's overall risk status for BSE remains at 'controlled'," she added.APHA will now investigate the herd, premises and potential sources of infection.It said that there have been five confirmed cases of BSE in the UK since 2014 and all have been in animals which were not destined for the human food chain and posed no risk to the public.

A spokesperson for the Food Standards Agency said there are "strict controls in place" to protect consumers from the risk of BSE. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Dragofix As long as industrial agriculture continues as it is, so will zoonotic disease, Covid is just the start. More hassle for the badgers now, I bet Which farm ? As I buy from a few farm shops in the area would be very helpful to know Cue ...tossers opposing culling the cattle. Also been found in the home office

Do you remember in the 90s when we killed a fuck tonne of cattle and scientists were saying BSE related human CJD cases were going to be between 60k and 2 million in the next decade? No? I’m sure these few BSE cases are going to end the world this time though. For sure… Luckily we have a strong and resilient supply chain for food elsewhere... Oh

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Risk of new pandemic as number of Covid-like infections from animals happen annuallyAround 400,000 such infections occur every year, says new research nothing like a bit of catastrophe porn. Covidstroika

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