Boris Johnson, Mutant Coronavirus, Coronavirus

Boris Johnson, Mutant Coronavirus

'India Covid variant has UK paying the price for failure to protect our borders'

Voice of the Mirror: Indian Covid variant has UK paying price for failure to protect borders

5/15/2021 1:29:00 AM

Voice of the Mirror: Indian Covid variant has UK paying price for failure to protect borders

The Government needs to explain why India was put on the travel red list two weeks after Pakistan and Bangladesh were – despite being the source of the Covid ariant

Boris Johnson last night admitted that if transmissions of the strain continue at their current rate, it could prevent the final lifting of the lockdown in England on June 21.Testing will ramp up in hotspots such as Bolton and Blackburn but the Prime Minister is primarily relying on the public to behave sensibly and cautiously to control the variant.

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Having raised expectations that life would soon return to normal, he is clearly reluctant to slam on the brakes now. Only time will tell whether this is the right course of action. But the Government needs to explain why India was put on the travel red list two weeks after Pakistan and Bangladesh were – despite being the source of the variant.

We are now paying the price for the failure to protect our borders.It’s anti-social What will it take for social media companies to accept their social responsibility?The tech firms have failed to tackle racism, bullying and discrimination online.Now we learn they are allowing people with eating disorders to be bombarded with adverts for diet supplements and weight-loss apps.

The companies claim they remove the advertisements as soon as they are notified.This is the same poor excuse they use when it comes to abusive or racist content.What they refuse to admit is their algorithms are specifically designed to maximise profits without regard for social consequences.

Given their revenue, they could easily afford to do more to police their platforms to prevent people being exploited, trolled or abused.They refuse to do so because they care more about money than morals.We hail Legion The Royal British Legion marks its hundredth anniversary on Saturday.

It has always made sure we remember those who served and died for their country, and should be proud of its long service. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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LabourJelly Late like every other time and still gets away with it. Bundling Boris. We were making good progress. The country gradually reopening and life slowly getting back to normal. All until BorisJohnson decided to kept India off the travel red list and prioritise a potential state visit and trade deal over our own welfare. He needs to be held accountable.

Its an absolutely disgusting dereliction of duty. They've let in the variant and now expect those under 40 to just deal with it while they offer second jabs to those older. This was completely avoidable. I have to go into London in June and now will be risking my life This is just utterly ridiculous. Borders being shut should have been shouted from the rooftops as soon as the Indian variant appeared. The clown in 10DowningStreet won't take any responsibility and life, for him, will just go on in the same manner. Some others won't be as lucky

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AstraZeneca jab '97% effective' against India Covid strain spreading in UKTHE AstraZeneca vaccine is 97 per cent effective at dealing with the Indian variant of the Covid, a new study has found. The UK has now recorded 1,313 cases of the strain and Health Secretary Matt … FYI it's ChinaVirus How Very convenient.. the jab that nobody wants is now suddenly the saviour of fuckin mankind vaccine

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