In defence of vanilla sex

It's not a hierarchy. No one type of sex is automatically “hotter” than another.

10/18/2021 2:10:00 AM

It's not a hierarchy. No one type of sex is automatically “hotter” than another.

It's not a hierarchy. No one type of sex is automatically “hotter” than another.

found that almost half had engaged in a BDSM activity at least once but that still leaves over half who hadn’t!"My favourite thing is when my husband comes up behind me, moves my hair and kisses my neck"In any case, there is no universally agreed definition of “vanilla”. If your partner tugs your hair during

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doggy style sexdoes that make it instantly kinky? Is a long, drawn-out tease automatically vanilla just because it doesn’t involve bondage rope?The reality, says Hancock, is that it’s not an either/or situation. “There’s this idea that you’re either staring into each other's eyes in the missionary position and it's gentle and everyone magically comes at the same time, or it’s rough and violent, involving bruising someone's butt and making them cry. But it’s kind of a false binary.”

It’s also not a hierarchy. No one type of sex is automatically “hotter” than another, as long as everyone involved is consenting and enjoying themselves. Being “” is not necessarily about donning a latex catsuit and shoving things up your bum (though this obviously also fine). It is about tapping into what it is you really enjoy about sex and owning that.

Anna ShvetsSammi Tye is a performer on OnlyFans, the (mostly adult) content-sharing site, where she is no stranger to people’s fetishes. But at home, what she enjoys in bed is “really, really basic stuff.”“My demographic is horny dads,” says Sammi, 32, who asked to be referred to by her stage name. “I do a lot of secretary

role play. Last week some guy asked me to get in the bath and cover myself in custard. It’s fun, I like the escapism, but kinky stuff in my personal life does absolutely nothing for me. I’d never want to be tied up and spread-eagled. My favourite thing is when my husband comes up behind me, moves my hair out the way and kisses my neck. The kinkiest we get is a bit of

rimming.”Similarly, learning about kink online gave Emily, 24, the freedom to choose vanilla. Having spent a lot of her teenage years on the microblogging website, Tumblr, she says the exchange of ideas helped her understand what she actually wanted from sex, and how to communicate it.

“It meant that when I first had sex, I had a really good idea of what I wanted,” she says. “I was aware of things like rough sex but I knew I wanted my partner to be tender with me. We talked a lot about consent beforehand and it was sweet and gentle and nice.”

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Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to do sex, as long as it’s consensual and you’re enjoying it.*Some names have been changed Read more: Cosmopolitan UK »

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In defence of vanilla sexIt's not a hierarchy. No one type of sex is automatically “hotter” than another.

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17 adult sex games to play in a coupleThis game is sort of of like Ludo, with the colour scheme of Candy Crush with some added raging horn.Lovehoney say 'Make your way around the board giving and receiving oral in every way imaginable. Race to square 69, where the prize is your pleasure. The one with the longest tongue goes first! Roll the die and make your way around the board using the symbols to complete the relevant action or forfeit \u2013 whether that be answering sexual trivia questions, drinking or giving and receiving oral treats.'They also recommend you bring flavoured lube, small food items (cherries, strawberries or similar), ice cubes, fizz to drink and a blindfold to game night to really spicy things up.

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Why do people withhold sex from their partners?It can be a form or abuse, or a strategy used to deliberately avoid intimacy.

What it means to be autosexualIf you get turned on by watching yourself have sex in the mirror you could be autosexual. Autosexuality means people are more attracted to themselves than to others and may prefer masturbation to sex with a partner. It doesn't mean that someone who is autosexual will never have sexual relationships with other people.