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News Daily: Meghan sues Mail on Sunday and PM to make 'final' Brexit offer

The Duke of Sussex makes clear his anger at a section of the British media - comparing"malicious" treatment of his wife to the way his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was"commoditised" - as. In a statement, Prince Harry says:"I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.

when he addresses the Conservative Party conference later. But it's the wording of proposals he will hand to the EU later that will determine whether an end is in sight. The prime minister's"final" offer is intended to form the legal text of a new Brexit deal he hopes will win the backing of both European leaders and MPs in Westminster.

Tunisia has a two-tier system of prostitution. One is made up of government-registered"maisons closes", or brothels, where female sex workers are authorised by the state to ply their trade. The other involves illegal freelance sex work, where people involved risk of up to two years in prison if convicted.For the Sun it's an"ultimatum", for the Guardian a"threat", while the the i sees a"plea" for secrecy in talks.


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Meghan the snow flake 🤣🤣🤣

The press defence is its in the public interest.. really!!! Leave her alone, she wrote a letter from the heart to her father. He shouldn’t have given it to the press and they definitely shouldn’t have printed it. Hope they win the fight

Filing under this don't fucking care🙄🇺🇸

this will not end well for either party country divided over Brexit and the Monarchy sad times

this has divorce and book deal written all over about a decade or so.

Why are people so damn nasty towards others . Reading comments aimed at them in a nasty way shows the mentality of these people . The royals have sued plenty of times before ,this is nothing new . Move on and let them solve their own issues and stop being so blooming nasty .

Deflecting for Andrew?

Stop blaming the press for your stupid private life that doesn't exist.

UK gutter press at work again, no morals, no standards, prepared slime and slander anyone if the think it will sell a paper

She’s stood and watched the media and British people slander her and said and did nothing so it’s only right that she’s doing this. Same thing happened to Princess Diana. The royal family is doing nothing to support her. Don’t see a reason why she’s not allowed to take action.


go get em' princess the murdoch scum are rising from the swamp again-protected by the right they think they can start to print their filth-well this time the innocent have social media behind them-go get them and make the scum pay!!

You cannot court the press and then slap them down when it suits you. That’s not how it works it never has. However, the letter was sent to her father, therefore surely it’s his property to do as he wishes with? They should have handled matters with him in a better way.

I don't care if you are a celebrity, royal, homeless or Mary next door... You have a right to privacy. A letter to your father, is private. Let's not provoke mental health issues to people so many look up to. She shouldn't have to hide her feelings for fear of public bullying.

Surely her father must have given over the letter

I'm not H&M fan but I'm glad someone is suing one of these nasty rags that claims to be a newspaper. They intrude far too much into the personal lives of public figures (eg The Sun and Ben Stokes) and take advantage of our freedom of press laws.

Why is the BBC breakfast news reporter pushing the chairman of the Conservative party for a comment about Prince Harry and his challenge to the Mail in Sunday? What has it got to do with him? Why should he pass comment? I am losing faith in the BBC journalistic skills

If the father gave it to the press then they have every right to publish. It's strange that Harry has married someone of similar character to his mother, controlling and manipulative.

Good, we all know what the media did to his mother now his wife. They need to fight back. Keep hearing from these papers what we think of Megan and it’s never good, yet I’ve never met a person that has a bad word for her. Her treatment is appalling

А мужа она спросила?

okeykokey NO COMMENT

If Boris Johnson does come away with a deal this would put the opposition parties in an awkward spot as they risk being blamed for a no deal if they refuse to approve the deal but say we cannot leave without a deal unless they come up with a proposalof thier own.

Is it not just a planned open argument publicly to take heat off prince Andrew.!

This ultimately won't help Meghan be respected or even acknowledged by the British people in the long run. Her popularity is not particularly a good one at present after her fury with photos at Wimbledon being released. Meghan's decision to snub the public on Archie was unhelpful

Yet another example of hack reporting by the mail. I thought this type of sorry, relentless, bullying ‘reporting’ was left behind in the 80’s & 90’s. Clearly the mail is struggling to survive. WontBeMissed

Poor Harry

The silent WOOF WOOF of the prat , my cat could do a better .

Totally justified. Why are the Duchess's activities and clothing priced whereas the Duchess of Cambridge's are just reported. The criticism has been cruel and relentless and it is horrible.

I hope they succeed, the mail is a filthy tag I wouldn't even use for toilet paper.

In a hurry this morning? Here’s your 10 second briefing: bugger all has changed over the last 3 years - we are stil in the EU.

Harry has changed since he got married. Meghan comes across as very controlling to me, this letter was sent to her father, therefore it was his letter. I actually think they have treated her father dreadfully, he might have made some bad moves, it takes 2 to argue.

She was getting media attention ‘before’ she married into the royal family. Is she not a ‘celebrity’ Princess Pushy 🙄🙄

Double standards once again by Harry & Meghan..

For goodness sake. She chose to marry a prince. Either get out of the public eye, or stop complaining when people criticise you.

Her father gave it to the press. And gave permission. She should sue him not the press

Trouble at top already, for the Royals.

Can Boris offer Meghan as part of the deal?

Commas are a good thing. Unless the Duchess of Sussex is suing the Sunday Mail and Boris Johnson over Brexit for some reason


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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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