If diplomacy fails with Russia, we all lose. Biden must not abandon talks | Chris S Chivvis

If diplomacy fails with Russia, we all lose. Biden must not abandon talks | Chris S Chivvis

Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin

1/19/2022 12:53:00 AM

If diplomacy fails with Russia, we all lose. Biden must not abandon talks | Chris S Chivvis

Hawks in DC are calling for more US involvement in Ukraine . But that would increase the risk of direct US-Russia conflict

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The Biden administration is the worst warmonger in 30 years. Please. Who assigned z terrible US as police of z planet?US is acting as a police of our planet just only 2preserve its selfish interests not 2make justice prevails.Actually, there is no justice in z capitalism that adopts z principle of darwinian survival of z fittest.Struggle 2survive!

If CChivvis were advising FDR before WWII broke out, we would all be speaking German. His argument is beyond specious. Putin's criminal crew only responds to brute force.

British anti-tank weapons sent to defend Ukraine from RussiaBritain has sent an anti-tank missile system to Ukraine to help the country defend itself from a Russian invasion. Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, said last I'm on my way And what happens if they send military hardware here. We left the EU. Our domestic forces are weak, our government is a laughing stock, & we rely on energy from Putin. I think we should not be treading on other peoples toes and pissing super powers off. We decided to leave the EU Perhaps we should start bulldozing the Green belt in readiness to house a gazzillion fleeing Ukrainians?

Russia holds sniper drills and 'sends missiles to Ukraine border'Video shows Putin's army carrying out shooting exercises in the Rostov region bordering Ukraine on Monday, with up to 100,000 stationed on the border. We should ask Putin to be reasonable and we propose peace talks, I suggest any former Nobel prize winners for this job, or how about Gorbachev?

‘I’m not sure conflict’ between Russia and Ukraine ‘can be averted‘, says defence select committee chairman'Putin is all ready to go' and invade Ukraine . Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, chair of the defence select committee tells cathynewman “Putin is trying to redraw the map of eastern Europe”. cathynewman While you redraw the map of Western Europe ? cathynewman And we have an ineffectual Foreign Secretary more concerned with her image, and jostling for position when BJ goes! Global Britain my arse!🤷‍♂️ cathynewman For the last 20 years..... Has no one been paying attention?

Russia moves troops to Belarus for joint exercises near Ukraine borderMove likely to stoke invasion fears as war games also planned near borders of Nato members Poland and Lithuania This is not a good thing...not a good thing at all. Rook to Bishop 3. I hope the people of Belarus are ready for their country to become a battlefield for Putin's hubris.

Ukraine says Russia is behind cyberattack that defaced its websites Ukraine accused Moscow of continuing to 'wage a hybrid war' and said the cyberattack was part of a plot to 'destablise the situation in Ukraine '. It should have better cyber security then Sure...I mean how could anyone not believe the US and Ukrainian neo Nazi regime eh? Nazis never lie do they? 🙃 paranoid!

Russia pipeline fuels German coalition split as Ukraine tension rises\n\t\t\tGet local insights from Lisbon to Moscow with an unrivalled network of journalists across Europe,\n\t\t\texpert analysis, our dedicated ‘Brussels Briefing’ newsletter. Customise your myFT page to track\n\t\t\tthe countries of your choice.\n\t\t The_Real_Fly Merkel initially understood that Nord Stream 2 is a replacement for the GTS through Ukraine, everything else is philosophy and demagogy. The solution is simple, one of the two gas pipelines must work, that's all, there are no other solutions. Ukraine earns on the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine, the whole problem. Is this problem worth a military conflict. Like Russia, Ukraine needs to develop the real sector of the economy, and not wait for manna from heaven.