ICYMI: a weekly round-up of the biggest Xbox news stories from TrueAchievements

7/3/2022 5:08:00 PM

Don't miss this week's top stories, check out all the latest Xbox news in our weekly round-up...

Don't miss this week's top stories, check out all the latest Xbox news in our weekly round-up...

Xbox-related news and announcements have once again been sliding across our front page. Check in here for the hottest TrueAchievement headlines for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Tom West Tom has been playing video games since he was old enough to hold a controller, experimenting with systems like the Nintendo 64 and Playstation until he eventually fell in love with the Xbox 360.Set price alert No exact date has been set for these five games to be removed from Xbox Game Pass, but these announcements typically come around two weeks before games disappear, so you've likely got until the middle of the month or so to grab any achievements you may need from these titles.Ubisoft later responded with a statement to TA, putting the online issues in affected titles down to maintenance and promising advance warning ahead ahead of any full server closures.From this page, you can view a game's achievement list if it's been released, subscribe to a game for news updates, add them to your wishlist, and even click through to the Microsoft Store to preorder or purchase.

With a passion for the platform, he decided to make a career out of it, and now happily spends his days writing about that which he loves.If he’s not achievement hunting, you’ll likely find him somewhere in The Elder Scrolls Online.Carrion is the quickest of the bunch, so if you've been eyeing up that second stack, maybe now is the time to get it done.Get the biggest Xbox news delivered straight to your inbox every week.Ubisoft also notes that people wanting to play Future Soldier's solo campaign after the shutdown will need to go offline to do so..

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Five more games leaving Xbox Game Pass soonAnother five games are set to leave Xbox Game Pass in mid-July, with Carrion, Children of Morta, Cris Tales, Atomicrops, and Lethal League Blaze the latest five titles to bow out of the service. Thankfully I already have Cristales on physical and just snagged Children of Morta. Good to go. Carrion and Children of Morta are both good. But I have not started Cristale yet.

Eight Ubisoft Xbox 360 server closures coming in SeptemberUbisoft has issued a two-month warning for multiple Xbox 360 server closures, with three Assassin's Creed games (III, Brotherhood, and Revelations) among the titles losing online support on September 1st. If you are still playing 360 games online then you really need to upgrade. This why multiplayer achievements should not be allowed. It finally happened

Xbox game releases — July 4th to 10thNext week sees 12 new games heading to the Xbox platform, including a new tennis game smashing its way onto Xbox Game Pass, anticipated horror title MADiSON, the return of Klonoa, and a bunch of interesting indies. reversethecrown arcadegeddon 😍

PICTURES: 10 buildings in Northampton which have been DEMOLISHED or DESTROYED in recent yearsWe’ve rounded up some of the biggest buildings which have been destroyed between 2021 and 2022

Poll: Are you happy with July's Games with Gold lineup?Are you happy with the games we're getting with July's Games with Gold lineup? Let us know by voting in the latest TrueAchievements poll! Very poor awful selection..😖😖 I think the indie games they’ve selected are good BUT we have no AAA game and when PlayStation is giving away Crash 4 it makes GWG look pathetic Torchlight was free quite a while ago I still haven’t played it unfortunately. Thrillville is a cool game. I haven’t heard of the other two.

Interview: Backfirewall_ 'will push you to go rogue and wreak havoc into the system'Backfirewall_ is a narrative adventure game coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One later this year, and we reached out to Naraven Games for some more information about this tragicomic adventure.