'Iconic' blue UK passports to be issued from next month after EU exit

'Iconic' blue UK passports to be issued from next month after EU exit


'Iconic' blue UK passports to be issued from next month after EU exit

Home Secretary Priti Patel says the British passport will 'once again be entwined with our national identity'.

The UK adopted burgundy passports in 1988 in line with EU recommendations, with some Brexiteers having used the vote to leave the bloc to argue for a return to the previous blue colour, which was first used in 1921. Whether the old passports were blue or black has been the subject of the debate. Some within the EU have previously pointed out there was never any legally-binding obligation for the UK to make the colour change to burgundy. Croatia, which joined the EU in 2013, retained its blue passport with no plans to change its colour scheme. Image: The passports will be the 'most technologically advanced' ever As well as the colour change, the new UK passports issued from next month will be embossed with the floral emblems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Home Office boasts it will also be the"most technologically advanced British passport ever", with a raft of new and updated security features. This includes a polycarbonate data page containing technologies embedded into the document to keep personal data secure. The new passports will also be made using the"latest and most secure printing and design techniques" to ensure they will be"even harder to forge", the Home Office said. The department is also promising to reduce the carbon footprint produced through the manufacture of the new passports to net zero, through projects such as planting trees. Image: The new UK passport against its pre-1988 predecessor Standard passports will continue to contain 34 pages, while frequent traveller"jumbo" passports will now contain 54 pages. Those holding valid, burgundy passports can continue to use them for travel until they expire. From March last year, burgundy passports began to be issued without the words"European Union" on the front cover. Read more: Sky News

Made in Poland Ironic more like because after all of the lies this is all we get, isn't it ironic don't you think? Nice The Home Office reckon this is the most environmentally friendly British passport, is that due to the travel restrictions it will behold on the poor unsuspecting owners. Thankfully ive applied for my Irish one so I can enjoy watching the gammons get stuck in queues at the airport.

I heard these new passports are eco friendly because you will get so fed up if queues visas etc you wont bother travelling on planes. It looks black 😶 Could have had blue passports while in EU, just like Croatia. You've all been conned. I want an English passport please,not British There was no need for Brexit to get blue passports. What for are you paying your experts? 😂

So what exactly would a blue passport give me that my burgundy one doesn't? (Apart from the ironic amusement that it's made in EU not UK😂)

UK Google users could lose EU GDPR data protectionsBrexit prompts tech firm to move data and user accounts of British users from EU to US Why should they keep it? No part of the EU anymore.. And you will recognize, there are so many tiny things, which will see daylight drop by drop.. Pretty sure that was what they voted for... Not OK Google.

If this is all Brexit delivers, I am fine with it. Iconic😂😂😂like the other 81 countries with blue passports 😂😂 It's a blue booklet - what the hell is iconic about it? Probably the best icon for our newly established freedom and independence. Is it free? dad635 Will they replace existing passports issued since Brexit? I loathe my “EU Cutizen” document and want a replacement.

Filling out the form now! That looks navy to me..

EastEnders spoilers: June Brown departs Walford after 35 years as iconic Dot CottonEASTENDERS legend June Brown is set to leave the BBC soap after 35 years of playing Dot Cotton. Dot has been one of my favorites along with Pauline since the 80's when PBS first started airing them on Sunday nights in America. I will miss her, last of the originals now going 😪 💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💙❤️💙❤️💙

They’ll take your rights and make you poorer, and the thick twats try and say that a different colour passport is a benefit Perfect for queuing in the undesirables queue when going to Europe. Surely, should be 'ironic' blue passports. How sad. leavealighton It's so ugly Made in Poland by a Franco/Dutch company. Who needs Europe eh?

No thanks. Saturdaythoughts on Saturdaymorning ... And when will perma-smirking Priti Patel be fighting for the post-brexit rights of British passport-holding BritishInEurope? In Luxembourg, Boris was scared to face british passport holders - he hid from us! How very Croatian. I’m so glad we had to renew our passports last year!


BBC to ‘axe’ iconic Watchdog show after 40 years and over 1,000 episodesBBC bosses are reportedly 'set to axe' Watchdog and reduce the consumer affairs program to a slot on The One Show. reality task tv Good Eventually there will be nothing of value left. Save us all the licence fee and close the whole lot. Even the Archers has deteriorated into an Eastender mish mash of hopeless story lines.

Will it be marked “Made in Poland, EU” in the back? It’s just a passport don’t a boner on about it. Priti Patel is 'iconic'. Iconic of incompetence, bullying and idiocy. Congratulations Iconic? Brits love queuing. This thing will allow us to spend many more hours in queues. It’s all good, I’ll just buy a burgundy sleeve to keep mine in xo

I couldn’t give a damn about the colour. I’m more interested in not having to apply for visas etc and going through fast entry points as I can now. Iconic?What planet are they living on?UK used to have values , only value Johnson's cohort are interested in these days is money! Iconic ! Why did you use that word? Certainly nothing like the old very dark blue or more like black ones we used to have when we were the poor guys of Europe!

Who was the iconic Mexican comedian Chespirito?The iconic Mexican comedian, real name Robert Gomez Bolaños, is being celebrated with a Google Doodle

Can you define ‘iconic’? What does it tell all the brexiters when blue passports is the biggest “benefit ” of brexit - just curious?! Iconic? 😂 Colour was always UK’s choice. Losing rights was Little England’s choice. Iconic 🤣😂 Who'd want one, to be treated like second class at a border to get into another country, no thanks

Now for the long queues Could've had blue when in the eu . That was one of the lies of many. Will be embarrassing showing that around the world. Join the long queues at passport control That’s what they’ve been waiting for. Farage will be the first.

Hammerson offloads seven UK retail parks for £455mProperty group exits sector in attempt to cut £3bn debt and guard against high street crisis Emergency surgery, swiftly done. So instead of renting property out for market value, they go into debt instead. Makes no sense how commercial owners work.

Not iconic,a national embarrassment and a sign of ignorance and hatred You spelled 'moronic' wrong. Some question why we would want to return to our blue passport. Simple really. Its a colour in our flag. It displays our britishness, our individuality as a country to be cherish, to be proud of. Will we need a Schengen visa to travel to EU countries? guyverhofstadt MichelBarnier we that see the value of being a collective voice are blue..sad we are being pulled away from our EU family. Have family friends & business around EU so need freedom of movement.

Do we get a free 50p with it? Boring and plain. Made in the EU as well!!😂😂😂 So what about the claim a few weeks ago that they would use up old stock of the red ones first ? and printed in France, what idiot made that decision?

Jeffree Star's Blood Lust palette launches today, here's all the UK release info you needBrb, just refreshing Beauty Bay...

Iconic 😂 😂 What on earth is iconic about this? Which country are they being printed in? Europe is now second class with Britain leaving sit back & watch the others scamper of the sinking European ship that's why they thought so hard to keep the UK tide in not because they needed us Individual British passport for the UK we have allways been leaders not followers

Iconic? Tragic more like. Wow, who’d have guessed? People moaning and criticising it! The trouble with this country is that there’re too many people going about saying: ‘The trouble with this country is.... Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country! How sad! The only difference I can see is the type of freedom that so called blue will give on an international travel level. The red one was and still give for a little while, 27 more countries freedom than the blue one. It’s just a colour.....

‘Ironic’ given a Franco-Dutch firm got the 260m contract to produce the new passports, replacing the previous British manufacturer of UK passports.

I wouldn't call them iconic seeing that so many people, including many 'leavers' decided to apply for Irish passports. I also have dual citizenship and a blue passport, would always remind me the colour of our testicles after kicking ourselves there with the 2015 referendum... 2nd most poisonous image, after the butchers apron

No thanks but I'll have the Russia Report in whatever colour you want Printed in France? Made in the EU (France) Are they waterproof? It's not iconic They are not iconic. The red passport was a government choice not an EU requirement. Many current EU countries have different colours including blue. The huge expense and loss of jobs caused by the change is merely a Johnson vanity project.

Price will be increasing then The new UK passport to be issued after Brexit will be made in France, the current British manufacturer has said. The burgundy passport, in use since 1988, will revert to its original blue and gold colour from October 2019.22 Mar 2018. Is this correct?

To all of my friends that have insisted on calling me Paddy over the last 55yrs my reply always was I'm delighted you can tell the difference, now with your new colour passport and me with my European one I'll easily know YOUR nationally as I sadly watch you Q at the airport Croatia is in EU and has dark blue passport, but the UK couldn't?

As we will be ordering goods from abroad. How much will we have to pay for import duties? Can we have a holiday to celebrate... I want a new passport Made in? Looks like something from WWII. That'll solve all our problems Result ✓ Iconic and practically useless

Fixed it. EU Passport Covers Xenophobic is a more accurate description, are they still being printed in France. This is what it was all about? Brexit Anyone getting excited by a blue passport really needs to have a look at their life! United ...? Hum I’ll buy a maroon cover for mine. Iconic? Really? A symbol for a nation in decline

Nothing like the original. Cheap and nasty. Change - Jan Theuninck, 2016 ...to satisfy the desire to change shared by large sectors of society but without questioning the status quo ..... (Raffaele Laudani, professor of history of political thought at the University of Bologna)

Why is it “iconic”? Looks beautiful cant wait to get one 👍🇬🇧 Iconic? The only time it will be iconic is when it's a blue SCOTTISH passport. Second rate in Europe now

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