Ian Hislop Tears Into MPs Over Sleaze, Second Jobs And Lobbying

1/26/2022 2:46:00 AM

'The public is very sick of being taken for fools.'

Owen Paterson, Bernard Jenkin

'The public is very sick of being taken for fools': Private Eye editor Ian Hislop tears into MPs over sleaze

'The public is very sick of being taken for fools.'

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Hertfordshire: 14-year-old boy dies after getting into difficulty in Cheshunt lake

Hertfordshire Police said officers were called to North Met Lake at 5pm to reports the boy had not resurfaced after being in the water. Read more >>

Many MPs would like the same conditions as the USA congressmen/women and senators - unlimited payments from corporations (since 2014). Dianeillingwor5 Well said … I for one am sick of mp’s using their position and status to line their own pockets through many dubious processes! Spot on

Friedrich Merz takes over as leader of Germany’s Christian DemocratsThe new leader’s first test comes in several state elections this year The 66- year - old from the CDU's traditional wing was elected by a huge majority among the 980 delegates who met by videolink on Saturday. The humiliation prompted the defeated candidate for chancellor ,Armin Laschet , to step down.

Riot police blast Covid protesters with water cannon and tear gas in BrusselsTens of thousands of people protesting tough Covid measures in Brussels were blasted with water cannon and tear gas as an Omicron 'tsunami' hits the country Hello Friend Download BitBull Application & Start Mining Free BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, YFI and Use My Refer Code To Earn $30 Instantly ( BB0000 ) Civilized like shit🤡 in a covid pandemic all this thing ..you all neeed to grow up✌️😉🤘

Brussels protests: Chaos erupts as police fire tear gas & water cannon at Covid activistsBELGIAN riot police have fired tear gas and unleashed water cannon on demonstrators in Brussels following protests against the country's draconian COVID-19 restrictions. Skeptic

Trump Could Still Lead the U.S. to Civil War—Even if He Doesn't Run in 2024'All signs indicate that Trump is likely to be the Republican candidate again in 2024, but even if he isn’t, other ambitious Republicans have studied his playbook and will no doubt use it,' writes Barbara F. Walter (bfwalter) bfwalter He is going to declare victory even if he loses bfwalter NO! I will not believe in this. bfwalter Will he win? That's the question

MPs expect MORE party revelations as calls grow for PM to quit nowIn another huge blow to Boris Johnson's authority, ITV claims he attended a gathering organised by his wife Carrie in the Cabinet Room in No10 on June 19, 2020, to celebrate turning 56. There needs to be an investigation into who is leaking this info. It’s becoming counter productive

"The public is very sick of being taken for fools.But in September the winner of that second contest, Armin Laschet, led the CDU and its Bavarian sister party to electoral defeat.Riot police blasted protesters with water cannon and tear gas as trouble flared in Brussels this weekend.Heavily armoured baton-wielding police can be seen swarming a park in the capital as they desperately try to take control.

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