'I've been let down - I shouldn't have stage-4 cancer'

8/10/2022 7:42:00 PM

Caroline Boulton says there have been delays at every stage of her treatment for breast cancer.


'This is an absolute disaster' Imperial College London's prof_price tells Newsnight delays in care is the worst cancer crisis she's seen in her lifetime. 📺 Full report tonight on BBC 2 at 22.30

Caroline Boulton says there have been delays at every stage of her treatment for breast cancer.

Caroline Boulton, 56, had several appointments for a mammogram, which checks for early signs of cancer, cancelled because of Covid, in March and November 2020."Between each appointment, each scan, there's been four-, five-, six-, seven-, eight-week waiting times and delays every time."

"When I first found the lump, it was only pea-sized," Ms Boulton says.'There's nothing we can do'"I've now got stage-four cancer that I shouldn't have - and two years to live."Image caption,327,395 people are on England's cancer waiting list

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A shocking case! When did tory voters forget the country comes before any party? 'Do you think the NHS has let you down?' Is a leading question. A better question would be, 'Who do you think has let you down?' Jamesillman davidgrossman CharlotteRowle1 Sean__Clare Just not good enough .. NHS… where are you? who’s responsible for your disappearance 😡😡

my heart bleeds for Caroline devastating 💔 You poor love my heart goes out to you♥️ Absolutely devastated for this lady I totally agree that the NHS let her down my heart really goes out to her she should never ever have had to wait this long to see someone it’s shocking and what she must have gone through that year x

❤️ Absolutely disgraceful. This is shocking that woman and every other woman shud of been seen ASAP (covid or no covid ) Discusting

Aldosterone linked to increased risk of chronic kidney disease progression and end-stage kidney diseaseA steroid hormone called aldosterone is linked to an increased risk of kidney failure in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to a study published in the European Heart Journal today. The risk of CKD worsening and developing into end-stage kidney disease was independent of whether or not patients had diabetes. kidneydisease hypertension primaryhealthcare NCDs CKD generalpractice Aldosterone is increased by childhood trauma . Aldosterone is significantly reduced by sunlight exposure

I'm so sorry this happened. Just knowing in your own mind you have cancer is torture enough but for no treatment to be delivered is horrendous 😢 Shocking state of affairs. This lady should have had first priority, Covid or not, cancer trumps COVID. This is on the Tories! 12 years of running down nhs to sell it off

I'm really sorry about her diagnosis (I've had cancer so understand). It's not the NHS though but the govt.who have let her down. NO! The NHS hasn’t let us down. The Conservatives have deliberately destroyed it. Yep but underfunding is the cause, not right…..I have the same after being cleared of cancer. Be angry and blame the people in power not the nhs.

This is such a worry. And we pay into this service. And some have done so for 50 plus years. Very sad. When they say “we protected the nhs” is bull shit. The nhs only got through the initial stages of covid by having to stop all sorts of other vital work, like outpatients, like diagnostics and surgery. Most cancers detected through routine outpatients. Why? Austerity.

prof_price Perhaps Professor Price might wish to have a word with her colleague at Imperial Any support from you my local MP for lobbying. MaryRobinson01. A ridiculous 10 year plan is not enough it’s life or death now for cancer patients. Here’s a real person and not a statistic. Facing death.

UK Government submits anti-Indyref2 case to Supreme CourtTHE UK Government has submitted its full written case to the Supreme Court arguing that Holyrood cannot stage a second independence referendum under…

prof_price The co-founder of CatchUpWithCancer prof_price talks about cancer waiting times crisis on tonight. 🚨 Please sign the petition to support the campaign to end the cancer crisis and save lives 🙏 Wow my story is really powerful. beatingcancer prof_price I predicted 2 years ago that the BBC would jump on this bandwagon even though they were one of the greatest cheerleaders for lockdowns and shutting down the NHS due to the ScIeNcE. So predictable. Single obsession with COVID led to this.

prof_price Bankrupted ourselves and saved the NHS at least though, so was all worth it. PT2 - When she asked what do we do next, she was told ‘When you have problems swallowing or breathing, then come back’…..utterly ridiculous. Fortunately, she was able to go back to Portugal where her mum still lives, and have a biopsy done that week due to urgency and concern.

PT1-My partner had a scan for a growth on her Thyroid early this year which showed it had doubled in size over the last six months. When she asked what do we do next, she was told that they wouldn’t do anything as it was only at 1cm and the other grows were smaller.

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Image caption, Caroline Boulton has been told nothing can be done for her cancer now A woman with fast-growing stage-four breast cancer says the NHS has let her down, with delays at every stage of her treatment.by European Society of Cardiology Image of a biopsy of a diseased kidney, showing scarring and injuries to the tube-like structures.UK Government submits case against unilateral Indyref2 to Supreme Court THE UK Government has submitted its full written case to the Supreme Court arguing that Holyrood cannot a second independence referendum under its existing powers.Download references Acknowledgements We want to thank Guy Francois of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine for his support.

Caroline Boulton, 56, had several appointments for a mammogram, which checks for early signs of cancer, cancelled because of Covid, in March and November 2020. In late 2021, she found a small lump, went to her GP and was referred urgently to a specialist - but then the delays began. The risk of CKD worsening and developing into end-stage kidney disease was independent of whether or not patients had diabetes. "They haven't moved quickly enough," Ms Boulton says, who lives in Greater Manchester.” It follows the Scottish Government's top officer, the Lord Advocate Dororthy Bain QC, asking the Court in June for a definitive ruling on whether Holyrood can hold Indyref2 without Westminster’s consent. "It's been really, really slow. Aldosterone is a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, which sit above the kidneys." "Between each appointment, each scan, there's been four-, five-, six-, seven-, eight-week waiting times and delays every time. The full list of ESICM UNITE-COVID authors is noted below The ESICM UNITE COVID study group members ARGENTINA: Hospital de Agudos Santojanni (Buenos Aires): Marco Bezzi; Hospital Universitario Austral (Buenos Aires): Alicia Gira; AUSTRIA: Medical University of Graz (Graz): Philipp Eller; BANGLADESH: Asgar Ali Hospital (Dhaka): Tarikul Hamid; Central Police Hospital (Dhaka): Injamam Ull Haque; BELGIUM: AZ Rivierenland (Bornem): Wim De Buyser; CHIREC Hospitals (Brussels): Antonella Cudia, Daniel De Backer, Pierre Foulon; Cliniques de l'Europe, St-Michel (Brussels): Vincent Collin; Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent (Gent): Jan De Waele, Jolien Van Hecke; UZ Brussel (Jette): Elisabeth De Waele, Claire Van Malderen; CH Jolimont (La Louvière): Jean-Baptiste Mesland; CHU Charleroi (Lodelinsart): Michael Piagnerelli; CHU Ambroise Pare (Mons): Lionel Haentjens; Clinique Saint-Pierre (Ottignies): Nicolas De Schryver; GZA Ziekenhuizen (Wilrijk): Jan Van Leemput, Philippe Vanhove; Mont-Godinne University Hospital, CHU UCL Namur (Yvoir): Pierre Bulpa; BULGARIA: Multidisciplinary Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases St.

" Growing quickly The referral letter came through "very quickly" but then she waited three weeks, instead of the recommended two, to see a consultant. Too much of it can lead to high blood pressure , cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Her written case was carefully balanced, but suggested that Holyrood legislation simply asking people if they wanted independence would not necessarily relate to the Union, as its direct legal effect would be “nil”, because it would not of itself change the law. "When I first found the lump, it was only pea-sized," Ms Boulton says. "By the time I got to see the consultant, it was the size of a tangerine. Ashish Verma, assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine (U." Her cancer was growing quickly, she was told, but it would be eight weeks before a mastectomy could be scheduled to remove her breast. It is argues that, as a preliminary matter, the Court should refuse to hear the case, as it cannot reasonably pronounce on a draft Bill which could be amended. 'There's nothing we can do' "Considering it was fast-growing, that's a huge concern - you're living with that, waiting, knowing it's growing," Ms Boulton says.), said,"Recent randomized controlled trials have shown that a drug called finerenone is effective in delaying CKD progression and adverse cardiovascular outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes. Martino (Messina): Alberto Noto; Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico (Milan): Gaetano Florio, Amedeo Guzzardella, Chiara Paleari; IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital (Milan): Federica Baccanelli, Marzia Savi; Gemelli IRCCS (Rome): Massimo Antonelli; San Luca (Trecenta Rovigo): Barbara Vaccarini; Città della Salute e della Scienza—Presidio Molinette (Turin): Giorgia Montrucchio, Gabriele Sales; University Hospital Integrated Trust (AOUI) Of Verona (Verona): Katia Donadello, Leonardo Gottin, Enrico Polati; San Bortolo Hospital (Vicenza): Silvia De Rosa; KENYA : MP Shah Hospital (Nairobi): Demet Sulemanji; LIBYA : Almwasfat Hospital (Tripoli): Abdurraouf Abusalama; Tripoli University Hospital (Tripoli): Muhammed Elhadi; MEXICO : Hospital General De Ecatepec Las Americas (Ecatepec de Morelos): Montelongo Felipe De Jesus; Hospital civil nuevo dr Juan I Menchaca (Guadalajara Jalisco): Daniel Rodriguez Gonzalez; Hospital de Especialidades Dr.

When she finally saw an oncologist seven months after finding the lump, had another scan and received the results, the cancer had spread to her liver - and there was no longer any treatment they could offer. "I've now got stage-four cancer that I shouldn't have - and two years to live." Finerenone targets the non-steroidal mineralocorticoid receptor (MR). A UK Government spokesperson said: “People across Scotland want both their governments to be working together on the issues that matter to them and their families, not talking about another independence referendum." The oncologist told her she had 30 lesions on her liver and said: "There's nothing - nothing we can do for you." Two years had passed from the date of her first cancelled mammogram to finding out the devastating news. "Since excessive levels of aldosterone is very common, yet mostly unrecognized, we hypothesized that one reason why finerenone was effective in lowering the risk of CKD progression was that it was treating unrecognized high concentrations of the hormone," said Dr. Image caption, Ms Boulton had to tell her partner Wendy that her cancer had spread to her liver and was now incurable Figures leaked to the Health Service Journal and seen by BBC Newsnight: 327,395 people are on England's cancer waiting list nearly 40,000 have been waiting more than 62 days after a GP referral for suspected cancer the number waiting more than 104 days, has doubled since June 2021, to over 10,000 During the pandemic, cancer screening, treatment and operations were cancelled to free up staff and hospital beds, creating long waits for care and causing patients huge anxiety.” Nicola Sturgeon, who asked Ms Bain to refer the matter to the Court in the first place, has said that if the justices rule Holyrood cannot hold Indyref2 under its existing powers, she wil lfight the next as a"de factor referendum" on the"single question" of independence. Cornet; Martiniziekenhuis (Groningen): Auke C.

The record numbers now coming forward with cancer symptoms means cancers are being caught earlier than before - but it's creating enormous demand, NHS England says. Dr. "We have written to local NHS services making clear that reducing cancer waits is a key priority, helping them redesign their care to meet the increased demand as well as investing billions in extra diagnostic and treatment capacity across the country," it added. But leading oncologist Prof Pat Price, from Imperial College London, says: "This is the worst cancer crisis of my lifetime. The participants were aged between 21 and 74 years old. "The waits for cancer treatment are the worst they've ever been - and they're getting worse. "We have to get on and address this crisis. They followed the patients for an average (median) of nearly ten years.P.

This is an absolute disaster." Additional reporting by Charlotte Rowles and Emily O'Sullivan. They found that higher aldosterone concentrations were associated with lower eGFR, lower levels of potassium in the blood and higher potassium and protein concentrations in urine. INSIDE THE ELIZABETH LINE: .