I share your pain on inflation, Joe Biden tells America

5/11/2022 2:00:00 PM

President Biden has vowed that tackling spiralling inflation was his “top domestic priority”

President Biden has vowed that tackling spiralling inflation was his “top domestic priority”

President Biden has vowed that tackling spiralling inflation was his “top domestic priority” and taken aim at Republican plans to raise taxes on the poorest Ame

ricans before crucial midterm elections in November.• Anti-war sentiment has begun to creep into Russia - and protesters are detained • Attacks continued in the north-eastern Kharkiv region • Ukrainian journalists were praised for"courage and endurance" in a special citation from the organisers of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 3:49 Vladimir Putin's Victory Day address to his nation surprised some The European Union's executive arm, the European Commission, said it aims to deliver a first opinion in June on Ukraine's request to become a member of the bloc.Title 42 , a Trump administration-era policy during the beginning of the pandemic that restricted immigration and asylum claims.Pictured: First responders arrive at the site of missile strike in Odesa (State Emergency Service of Ukrai) (State Emergency Service of Ukrai) (State Emergency Service of Ukrai) (State Emergency Service of Ukrai) (State Emergency Service of Ukrai) Thomas Kingsley 1652167492 BREAKING: 44 bodies found in Izyum rubble, Ukrainian officials say The bodies of 44 civilians have been found in the rubble of a Izyum building destroyed by Russian forces in March, a Ukrainian official said Thomas Kingsley 1652166754 EU deal on Russian oil ban ‘could be reached this week' French European affairs minister Clement Beaune said European Union members could reach a deal this week on the EU Commission's proposal to ban all oil imports from Russia.

In a national address from the White House that doubled as a stump speech for the midterms, Biden set out his economic plan to curb inflation and confront the biggest challenge facing his administration heading into the polls.Sponsored Attacking the reckless spending and tax cuts for the wealthy under Donald Trump, Biden also poured scorn on the Republican Party’s “ultra-Maga agenda” led by extremists still in thrall to the former president.Meanwhile on the battlefield, intense fighting has raged in Ukraine's vital Black Sea port of Odesa while Russian forces sought to finish off the Ukrainian defenders making their last stand at a steel plant in Mariupol.Inflation has soared to a.” Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said he was confident a Ukraine aid bill without Covid-19 aid would"fly though, maybe 99 to nothing," or potentially 99 to one.

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He says “let me be crystal clear about the problem “ and then flat out lies about every single issue.

Ukraine war: US President Joe Biden fears Putin has no exit strategy from conflictHis comments came as Russian forces fired missiles at Odesa, hitting a shopping centre and a warehouse, killing one and wounding others. He could do what Hitler did… He’s right because Putin doesn’t want a exit strategy sad truth it’s a coup now needed. And what's NATO's exit strategy?

Biden gives OK to separate Covid-19 aid from Ukraine aid as Senate deliberatesComes as the Senate is still split on Covid-19 aid

Biden fears Putin has no exit plan from war - follow liveUS president says he’s ‘trying to figure out what we do’ about Putin’s lack of exit plan 궁지에 몰린 쥐새끼 꼴 고양이를 물려하겠군

Biden Starts Program to Provide Discounted Internet ServiceInternet companies have agreed to provide discounted service to people with low incomes through the Affordable Connectivity Program program Aka a new way to spy on you Gonna be on that discount internet on my Obama phone. Gaming the system boys. Good for all

Biden warns Putin 'doesn't have a way out right now'Vladimir Putin 'doesn't have a way out right now, and I'm trying to figure out what we do about that,' President Joe Biden said Monday evening, as his intel chiefs assess the war in Ukraine will continue. Yeah he does Nuke everyone Oh yes he do ! 'Biden warns Putin'..... That's funny... Leaders around the world view Biden as weak and failing mentally.... Biden's 'Warnings 'are laughable to them

‘Incapacitated and confused!’ Joe Biden bashed by Senator who demands POTUS’ resignationJOE BIDEN has been labelled 'incapacitated and confused' in another attack on the President's health by a Republican senator who also called for the POTUS' resignation. Your unworthy of my follow.