'I'm stuck in isolation with my homophobic parents'

Coronavirus: 'I'm stuck in isolation with my homophobic parents'


Coronavirus: 'I'm stuck in isolation with my homophobic parents'

With the UK on lockdown, some have had to isolate with parents who don't accept their sexuality.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Coronavirus pandemic With the UK on coronavirus lockdown, some young people have been forced to isolate alongside parents who don't accept their sexuality. After the coronavirus outbreak suddenly ended a UK tour he was performing in, Sam, 23, a dancer, from Birmingham, says he had"no choice" but to move back to his"strict" Christian family home. "I saw the career I love disappear overnight, and now I'm stuck in isolation with homophobes." Even though Sam chose to return home, he says he is"struggling" because he can't be himself. "My mum says that homosexuality is an evil disease and that the devil is making me gay. She loudly prays every day that I'll be delivered from sin and find a wife. "I genuinely have nowhere else to go during this mad time, so I'm just putting up with the abuse." Sam came out to his mum and dad while at university, thinking he would never live with his parents again. "They didn't take it well at all and time hasn't changed things," he adds. He says when he started working in the theatre, his dad told me him be"careful" of homosexual men. Sam says he feels like the LGBT community has forgotten people like him. "I see on social media that people are so busy filming home workouts, and holding online parties, that they don't realise there are people like me struggling to stay alive right now. Not because of the coronavirus, but because of their sexuality." 'If I walk into a room they leave' Nicky, 19, is a marketing assistant from London. In January, she was"outed" as gay by a family friend. Her mum and her mum's partner immediately asked her to leave their home, saying they did not support her"lifestyle decision". They only allowed her back after she experienced mental health problems. "Living with my homophobic family is like having flatmates you don't like. You don't talk to them, you just get on with your life." Nicky's work schedule meant she previously got up early and returned home late. She rarely saw her family. "I used to spend as much time out of the house as I could. With the lockdown, everything has changed. I can't believe it. "I'm not allowed to eat the food my mum and her partner buy. My mum's partner talks about me as if I can't hear him. He says I'm disgusting and he hopes he doesn't catch what I have." Nicky had planned to move out in April, but after losing shifts at work she is now unsure where she stands. "As bad as it is at home, I just can't afford to move out. I'm using the deposit I saved up just to get by. I need to wait for all of this virus stuff to be over before I start trying again." A SIMPLE GUIDE: Read more: BBC News (UK)

If you don't like their opinion, then suck it up buttercup. Your parents are allowed to have an opinion, and just coz you are their child, they do not have to accept your inclination. Homosexuality is NOT normal behaviour, it is just accepted. grow up Stay at home plz Who actually cares? Heartwrenching truly.

People are dying. They probably don't have a phobia towards homosexuality, they probably don't agree with you using your reproductive organs for sexual gratification from someone of the same sex. If it was about a phobia they wouldn't have you in the house full stop. Could be a good plot, for a horror move

Good to see the bbc still scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to 'news' Seriously NHS workers putting their own lives at risk and also their families is worth a story than someone not able to express their sexuality it's a matter of weeks or even months they will have their freedom later Sorry but we have bigger problems to fu**ing fry!!!!

UK wakes up to coronavirus lockdown as WHO warns pandemic is accelerating - follow liveFollow our live blog for all the latest news on coronavirus in the UK: 🔒 UK on total lockdown 🗺️ Global death toll reaches 16,520 💰 Chancellor to announce help for gig economy workers 🇪🇸 Elderly abandoned in Spain How do you know if you’re a key worker? Are clothes warehouses expected to close down during the lockdown? Or do they have to hit a specific number of suspected virus infections on site? askingforafriend muchadoaboutnothing

Lucky to have a roof over your head. Imho. What fucking rubbish Is this really news worthy Meanwhile on the real world... Actual bad stuff is happening that doesn't involve a grown arse man moving to mummy and daddy's because he's skint. Again. Probably happy to much on mum's cakes. Think we have more pressing matters to hand. He don't like it move out. Not hard is it?

Move out then and stop leaving tide marks on the cucumber 🥒 Maybe you all will learn to be grateful for each other and love each other. Hoping the parents love you for who you are. Tough. Has a roof. No one cares Get your own house then and stop whining 😂😂 Graphic design is my passion.

Is UK on lockdown now and how long will it last?PRIME minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that all UK residents must stay at home to combat the spread of coronavirus. The UK leader got tough with the public, urging them to stay indo…

Is it true that the “up to 80%” payable to the employed is infact a loan that the companies will have to pay back and not ad portrayed being paid by the government ? Now is not the time for any emotional neediness or attention seeking. You're really not stuck with anyone. If you want to leave then leave.

This type of media is the real virus in the UK. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 Is this a new sitcom? Snowflake what about those being abused at home or those who have parents who simply couldn't care less about ye get some perspective Oh boofuckinghoo!!! Good for them. The BBC continue their attack on the family unit!! ANYONE EVER HEARD OF CRITICAL THEORY? Marxists use it against those who disagree with their new world order agenda, who are immediately branded as “FAR RIGHT EXTREMISTS”, “NAZI”, “HOMOPHOBIC” or “RACIST”.


Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area?Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Do you UnderstandTheMath of exponential growth? Inevitable and inescapable if drastic changes are not made. COVID19 HackneyCoronaVirus Hackney = 72 Islington = 59 [K&C = 85; lambeth = 134]

Bet your mum is saying to your dad you should have used a condom and your dad is saying I know sorry It must be terrible but get some perspective. This is just name calling, some of us are worrying if our partners are going to bring Covid-19 home. Oh for God's sake BorisJohnson declines to join EU buying scheme, as UK suppliers say their offers were ignored. STOP KILLING PEOPLE BORIS! clapforNHS BorisResign

Didn’t think it’d be too long before the discrimination olympics started. ? Oh shit, a none straight person somewhere on the planet is having a bad time....

Contactless limit in UK to be increased to £45The contactless card payment limit in shops will increase by £15 to £45 as part of measures to combat coronavirus, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has announced. Jolly good.

WOW is that still happening If you're not accepted for who you are someplace, then it isn't your home. I am sure they don't give a rats ass about your sexuality now or else they wouldn't allow you home Good‼️😂😂😂😂 Then move out twat! who cares It's all about you , just get a grip This sums up why the BBC is in trouble.

Another BBC drivel 😂😂 thanks I needed a laugh today

UK coronavirus lockdown: what you can and cannot doEverything we know about the restrictions so far Probably anything you deserve _ visit a park with more than one other but if you are self employed you can mix with 100’s in busy warehouse environments Stay off the beaches but can catch public transport with thousands of others Get over £2500 per month if your employed & less than £400 if your selfemployed Reading is always a good way to keep ourselves sane during lockdown---I'd recommend 'Paradise Lost' by John Milton or 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' by Gabriel García Márquez, or 'The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman' by Louis de Bernières.

Well it is not like you can have a boyfriend over, their house their rules.......'so just chill til the next episode'.... I don't care right now. I just don't! Are they going to stone you to death or hurl you from building? No. It's just a bit difficult. 1) Grow up. Others have real problems. 2) BBC stop it

We really have hit a low point if BBC need to dig down to pick the worst to write about, is this really worth my time, it it really worth writing about ? It's better than licking a toilet bowl in a CoronaVirusChallenge it’s a sad reality that when we’re all talking about family/community/society pulling together despite the social isolation, some people really are left isolated. Hopefully those individuals will find the strength to take control of what is within their gift to influence

Well he or she could move out a live in a tent down the garden. 🤣😂 Great idea for a sit com ! In light of Coronavirus, the biggest global crisis since WW2, let's all feel sorry for a 23 year old man who has parents that pray for him daily

Latest official UK coronavirus advice as police warn 'we'll enforce lockdown'Britain today enters the first full day of lockdown today as Boris Johnson told the UK 'you must stay at home' in a bid to stop the Covid-19 pandemic - with police to issue fines for all going outside under strict new rules MirrorPolitics Homeless?

Big Pharma hold the Patent and a Vaccine for Covid19,. They push out viruses and then force the Govt in to treatment , making it a law to be vaccinated, making billions. But, this time seems they messed up and hopefully they will be fined and sued by the world. You are an absolute joke 🤡🤡🤡 Homophobic = wont play into his victim mentality.

THIS IS NOT NEWS. Love all the comments lumping in women who face domestic violence with gays who parents vocally disapprove. Really adds to the credibility. 🙄 Raptor_engine´s life in a nutshell Go in the room worse can happen, seriously Tomorrow's BBC News Tweet 'Covid-19 is racist and Islamaphobic' Ignoring, shaming or disowning a child over smthng as superficial as being gay is a moral failure. GOD created that person & it's NONE of your business. Love & accept your kids -- the end. If YOU were locked w hideous parents w NO WHERE to go, you would feel lonely, too.

bet they still cook and do your washing grow up and move out Get your own place, problem solved. NBC. Are you all living in one room? His poor parents!! 😂😂😂 How are you our state broadcaster? You do realise those that discriminate against homosexuals most are Muslim? Are you being Islamophobic🤡? How are you given tax payer funds for all of this?

Oh ffs rossmou proud of you x This is so sad the UK government should be doing more to help them. Can’t shag his mum or his dad, nightmare!

I bet they're not white homophobes! Worse for me . I'm white British and my parents are Korean. They can't speak a word of English and just sit and laugh at me trying to use chopsticks and calling me roundeye. people in the comments: unless they are DYING these snowflakes need to STFU. You could be RAPED or SKINNED ALIVE but ur NOT, appreciate that self absorbed pricks also people in the comments: haha the missus is BONKERS we will try not to kill each other by the end of this HAHA.

Can’t be that bad if he is still living with them. Maybe a thank you for raising him. is complete crap.... When Brass Eye becomes reality. 'Even though Sam chose to return home,' and that's a wrap. Yelleks97 Pain in the arse 😫 Look on the bright side at least there not working for the BBC, 👍😜

😂😂😂 Another important story, well done! People are isolating in their homes, which suggests he either left another home to move in with his 'homophobic' parents or was already living with them before isolation was introduced. BBC Bad story White family🤔 Is this real 🤔 Slow news day BBC? I thought parents always advice and pray for the best to their kids! So just chill and let the prayers workout stayHOME staySAFE

FrankWS_UK Who's paying the rent /mortgage? FFS! This is news?

Yeh and everyone with a TV is stuck at home having to pay for the fucking BBC. The parents are in isolation with their ageist son. And we all have to watch the out of touch Leftist Loooool That's a bummer It’s amazing how LGBT stick their oar in to every sinew or scenario and play victim. Is he the son of Tommy?

They aren't homophobic. They just love you. My Daughter is gay and I openly talk about how i Believe LGBTQ is a CulturalMarxist movement. she doesn't think I'm homophobic because she's just gay and not a member of a Brainwashed Political Activist Group. BBC continuing the pc agenda whilst thousands are ill with Coronavirus.

Well then leave, they’ll be better off without you. didn’t take long for bigoted gammon twitter to show up in these replies lol Behave yourelf! People are dying. Do the Maths... in the same period covid is suspected to of killed 488, In the same period last year 818 died of Alcohol related incidents 153 folk died on the road 911 killed there selfs STARTING TO SEE IT YET? FakeNews WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE WWG1GWA

Really? Surely this would constitue as domestic abuse? You could always leave and chill at a homeless shelter. Imagine having a roof over your head, food to eat, not be sick, and still complain. SMDH. Is this a new sitcom? Tomorrow, the parents, 'our life with our 'look at me' son.' Why is this news? A local paper wouldn't bother with it.

Typical nonsense from the BBC; either expel the lunatic liberal Puritan element or scrap the license fee. This rubbish is not what our money is for. Sick and tired of over compensation for race, gender and sexual preference; knock it on the head BBC.

This isn't a parody profile... Heaven forbid its HIM that has the chip on the shoulder and his poor parents having to put up with his me me me tantrums Considering what the country is going through this comes bottom if the pile and sad that BBC needs to use this for attention Tough times. Must get though it. Hope Chronos open the windows to a brighter sun.

Nah since when did the BBC turn into the Onion? Cry me a river! Only the BBC and guardian could turn the Corona virus into a gay issue Wtf is this shit? Added to bookmarks 🤣🤣 On the flip side think about them First world problem!

Only on the BBC classic 🙈 You seriously think you have the shit side of that deal! 😂 Ffs In other news, people are suffocating and dying because of this disease. Fucking millennials - always the hardest done to Deal with it! If they are homophobic s, why are you still living with them? How stupid, wot a non story with everything else going on, utter rubbish!,,

Modern day version of American Gothic. Disappointed parents aren’t Homophobic.. maybe they just wanted Grandchildren In the meantime some people don't have parents to stay with

Oh dear. You know what to do. Get a grip snowflake Is that even a real problem considering whats going on outside?! If yes, then go earn some money and buy your own house! Ffs Really? Is there no other news? ‘We’re stuck in isolation with our f***** son’ Is this a parody account? I’m sure there are lots of families in isolation where spending all this time together is driving people up the wall, or families don’t get on for various reasons. Pointless news story

Ahh poor him/she/they

Time 2 reflect! 😂😂😂😂😂 This counts as 'news'. Surely this is a parody? Virtue signalling despite a crisis. AbolishtheBBC Who cares!!!! Go and see Sam Smith in his £12m mansion, he's crying out for you I would move houeshold. Its not worth the mental stress I'll take 'How I have sex is so much more important than a deadly virus. Look at Narcissist me!!! ' for $1000, Alex.

This isn't news. Awww they don't like your sexuality and I get that hurts you but there will be men, women and children being beaten daily with no escape in this current fuckery we are all in, I know who I feel sorry for more... clue... it's not you!

Get over yourself,theres worse stuff going on right now, people stuck at home on there own, you must talk to them or you wouldnt be there in the first place...grow a pair🤬🤬 LGBT can't go one week without making sure their in the news - me, me, me. Grow up. Use the time to build bridges, open lines of communication.

Weird because me and the wife are in isolation with our disappointment of a son. Please just disappear BBC. Oh ffs was waiting for something like this from BBC This really isn’t news-worthy!! I would imagine that numerous people are self-isolating with people they don’t get along with!! 🙄 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Play KylieMinogue all day long then. That’ll teach them

Oh dear. Another melt. How about move out rent a room. Disgusting amount of people okay with homophobia in these replies. Sad to see the various interest groups desperately trying to shoehorn Coronavirus into their agenda. The climate alarmists, saying the planet is punishing us. The feminists saying it's a gendered virus, and now this.

Parents home parents rules if you don’t like it move out simple Lucky to have parentS! You've got a bathroom. Lock the door and watch some gay stuff. Yep keep prodding, keep it in the news, it might just fade away quietly. I wish Poor cupcake 'Living with my homophobic family is like having flatmates you don't like. You don't talk to them, you just get on with your life.' Nightmare flatmates that buy you food, cook your dinner, clean the house and don't play loud music. I wish I had flatmates like that in my 20s.

I see the milk of human kindness is overflowing here. Sorry bbc but this is a nonsense thing, I realize that you only have a one trick pony now, but please spare us this nonsense.

This is so sad. Should have got a girlfriend then Honestly BBC you really do take the most self involved stories. Didn't you cover killings of people who 'came out' to their families? I would think the highest issues would be domestic violence and those without food currently and you go with this? It could be worse you could be fighting coronavirus then you’d want them

Bore off and deal with it you flannel. Much bigger things to worry about. God. Followed bbc for a few days and now know why I haven't been all this time... Ridiculous Man isolated in home containing family squabble. So what? This is not a different situation than people who do not get along with their parents and it is a much better situation for those who suffer physical abuse. What surprises me is that they think it’s worth it ..at a time like this with people dying ....to write a story like that.

But he’s happy to use them at the moment 🤷‍♀️

You wanna hear their side of it 🤔 in the middle of a crises only the bbc could come up with a stupid unrelated story ^ I had 18 years of it. That + their Daily Express/ Mail reading Parents telling their gay son that Graham Norton needs to be... rhymes with 'hot'- a gun does it is a product of hate such papers cultivated over decades I love my parents, but I'll never forget their homophobia

Stick it out. Once this is over you can move out. Never to return to such hate Hard luck lad Perhaps you should have moved out before thos happened. Eh 2 and half of a Man. This is not important. Rare person on team Corona?

It's their house so it's their rules, what should they do welcome you back home and change their beliefs? See this as an opportunity to staighten your self out you selfish Tw I wondered when the attention seeking would kick in again? So, get your own place, leach. Jesus. There are little children stuck in homes with abusive, violent, substance addicted parents. Think about that for a minute.

BBC these days have no credibility, how about a report on the mental health of those NHS workers , doctors, police, essential goods worker and others who are having it tough right now and are at the frontlines No one gives a toss about your inability to behave with family members in a responsible way Why is he stuck there? Are they supporting him? Can he not move, if he hates it? 😕

Hardly the biggest issue right now, on the plus you have lots of time to talk and get things out in the open and be honest with one another Is that...wait...it is....I hear a tiny violin i want to know how long exactly this lockdown is going to last and if its going to harm my baby when im due in under a month ?

They are stuck at home with him. If he weren’t so self-obsessed he’d realise that. jesus wept we've got people stuck at home dying - NHS workers on the front line without being tested doing an incredible job, and the BBC chose to piss all our money up the wall on this absolute drivel. Diddums. Jesus Christ!

So what ?!? Be a brave boy and you will survive . More concerned about vulnerable people stuck at home 👍 stesau 😞 The main problem is in you, not your parents! You may use this chance for repentance! If that's the case and your an adult why are you still living at home with parents that dislike what you are. Children with abusive parents or siblings have no choice, you do.

Boo Hoo...parents love you unconditionally, open your heart and stop thinking they hate you; you create a wall and intimidate them, be understanding and forgive them their ignorance/lack of knowledge. Start there.

Suck it up This is very important to be aware of, especially those who cannot escape their abuser. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their home environment. Please think how you respond to this story, as I've seen some on here get a unpleasant response, yes the cornavirus is very big sad news but other news need to be known as well.

Slow news day ? Time to build bridges on both sides. Smowflake!! Try talking to them!! Why is this remotely news? I'm sorry for you but you have a roof over your head, warmth, food and security. Try being in India, Yemen or any other place with Covid19 without water or sanitisers or an NHS and then complain. It's for a short time. If it is so bad then you need to get your own place if over18

The ignorance & lack of empathy in these replies is genuinely sad & so disappointing. Ffs please have a heart. Didn’t take long for the BBC to get back to this stuff Yet more propaganda by the BBC

imcomingoutpod nazandmatt matthewogston Oh well. I cant believe were even discussing this load of nonsense at a time like this. Get a grip of yourself This is typical bbc agenda pushing. It's why I stopped looking at their website... Woke alert!! This is public service broadcasting? We dont need a campaign to abolish the tv licence the bbc are doing it themselves

This is really really sad in 2020 😭😭 Big hug to all lgbtq+ so sorry you have ebmven more difficult life due to narrow minded people. This news was worth to be heard. Such an important story again fake news! A homosexual stuck with his parents? Who ever wrote this story should be fired for wasting time. We all have struggles right now. A gay individual stuck at home w parents is the least of it. Fake news

Terrible. Maybe you should have moved out of their basement years ago.

Why is the BBC even promoting this? Could be worse you could be in Saudi Arabia! I guess this is a moot point if everyone is supposed to stay 6ft apart with no handshaking. Funny premise for a Netflix mini-series. Tough, coronavirus doesn't pick and choose stop whining. Meanwhile homeless people be like :

Hang in there Sam 🤗 this is a guy who needs help as his mental health will erode 😢 We are a bit more concerned on weather we have to go out to work and play Russian roulette with our lives at the moment . Unless they're all involved in a dramatic cat-and-mouse Game of Death this falls into the category of 'feature' not 'news'.

Aww. Diddums.

Even in times of crisis you just cant help slipping back to your comfort blanket, woke BS. Understand that this drivel is derided even more when serious events are taking place. The worst graphic for a news item I have ever scene. Oh get a grip bbc Your absolutely pathetic Scrap the illegal bbc dear god! There are vulnerable people stuck at home not knowing if their carers will turn up and you think this is newsworthy.

Your homophobic parents should understand that this coronavirus is far worse. They should also appreciate that you’re there to look after them as they are old. Tell someone that gives a Fuck! Lol WTF! its all about ME ME ME FFS this is news worthy? Lol

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