Transgender, Lgbt Rights

Transgender, Lgbt Rights

I have some important things to tell transgender kids – today, right now, you’re perfect | First Dog on the Moon

Sadly not everyone can be a chicken, but everyone can be glorious, and you are


I have some important things to tell transgender kids – today, right now, you’re perfect | First Dog on the Moon

Sadly not everyone can be a chicken, but everyone can be glorious, and you are

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Are you going to stop writing transphobic editorials now? Is afraid of losing Woke Points because of its shit stance on trans issues? Or is this just a fig leaf so you can publish bigoted crap and go 'but we aren't transphobes!' Twisted propaganda to pervert small kids. bemflavi0 After months of transphobic propaganda, you now want to appear trans positive? Disgusting.

Transgender kids need to be taught that genitals define gender, it is not a choice to be made or mistake to be ashamed of. It is a gross failure in parenting to teach them otherwise. While they need to be loved for who they are, they need too to accept what they were born to be. you're a fμcking disgrace

I’ve seen some daft things in my time but this takes the biscuit. No such thing as transgender kids. Adults instrumentalising children to fulfill their woke fantasies Hey kids grow up under the impression you're perfect .... That'll get you a long way in the real world 'You have the wrong genitalia if you want to behave like you do... but you're perfect'. Makes no sense.

Nobody and nothing is perfect... not me, not you, not that, not this.

Toxic blue-green algae warning for dog ownersSwimmers are also advised to check for the potentially toxic bloom which can cause rashes and fever. I will clean malware from any type of website and server within 2 hrs. Check my gig Texas coast is experiencing algae blooms. British Columbia. South America Africa Asia ClimateChange ClimateEmergency unioncanalswans Who is responsible for dealing with this?

Transgender kids lol

Cabin crew lock woman's emotional support dog in toilet during flight, lawsuit claimsPassenger claims staff 'started slamming' door on animal's portable kennel and told her she would be cuffed upon exiting the aircraft Would be quite a shock for anybody wanting to relieve themselves ! Not both ? ..

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Distressed woman sues airline after 'cabin crew locked support dog in plane loo'A PREGNANT American Airlines passenger is suing the airline after claiming she was verbally abused by a member of the cabin crew before her emotional support dog was locked in the bathroom. Avigail…

13ft rock python regurgitates a fully-grown street dog in IndiaWARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT: The scene was filmed in Udaipur, Rajasthan, by a wildlife enthusiast. Slithering through the grass, the snake stops and expels its meal in 14 seconds. His next t job downing st Locals expressed concern that the python could have an eating disorder and hoped it seeks the help it needs. Why can’t animals leave other animals alone in peace? The python 🐍 was forced to regurgitate food and flee.

Dog has 32 rubber ducks removed from his stomach in ThailandWARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Owner Nong Aom took her two-year-old American Bully, Devil, to the vet after he began retching at her home in Pattaya, Thailand on Wednesday. Now there’s today’s cautionary tail. His owner was puzzled about why the dog was quacking instead of barking. Dumb dog

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