Uk Coronavirus Lockdown, Nhs, Coronavirus

Uk Coronavirus Lockdown, Nhs

'I have diabetes and a lung condition and I conquered coronavirus'

Last Tuesday, I spent my birthday recovering from coronavirus.

3/30/2020 3:21:00 AM

'I have diabetes and a lung condition and I conquered coronavirus'

Last Tuesday, I spent my birthday recovering from coronavirus.

I started feeling tired just over two weeks ago but I thought that was just from the pressures of teaching. But then I felt freezing and the next day I developed a cough so I was advised by work to isolate for 14 days.By Wednesday, NHS 111 strongly suspected that I had the virus.

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I struggled to breathe and felt constantly dizzy – I felt like I was about to pass out. But I tried to keep calm, drink plenty of water and keep as busy as I could.By Friday I think I’m feeling better. I’m not coughing as much, my breathing is steadier and my fever isn't as erratic... oh how wrong I am!

Friday afternoon and I’m sweating. The first sign that I’m not over this. Then – bam! I flop on the couch. Black out. Vomiting. Coughing fit. Stop breathing for a second.Over the next few hours I fluctuate quite rapidly between feeling better to feeling horrendous. By the end of the day I’ve been sick four times and I’ve had multiple dizziness or black out episodes.

At this point I’m unsure whether to go to hospital. I feel as though I’ll be wasting valuable resources and I may be an infection risk to vulnerable patients.Through all this I have to somehow continue working, sending work in for the kids I teach, planning lessons. If you are unwell you shouldn't even work from home. It took me approximately 10 hours to complete one lesson and the work to go with it.

At 7pm on Saturday night I ring NHS 111 again. I’m in a really bad way. We wait nine hours for an ambulance to arrive and face-to-face assess me.At 2am I get my third call-back. I feel like the person on the phone is trying to convince me to cancel the ambulance. My boyfriend speaks to them because I am so breathless. They tell me it will be a long wait and do I really want the ambulance? I do.

The fourth call comes at 4am and the woman admits that the ambulance is hours away and it's best to make my own way to hospital. But she can't offer a taxi via the NHS because that risks others, so do we have a car? Luckily, I'd just bought one in January and my boyfriend is on the insurance. At 5am we pack my bag and head to the Royal Free Hospital.

On Sunday, I test positive for coronavirus.I was severely dehydrated so was ordered fluids, and then sent back home.By day seven of the virus I felt better and the symptoms started to lessen. My birthday was ruined though – I couldn't blow out candles!

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Well done! EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION! PASS IT ON NOW If people switch from sleeping face-up to face-down at the first sign of infection it will vastly decrease serious infection rates ! Face-down keeps epiglottis from being coated by infectious nasal spit which slips into lungs when asleep ! I was born poor, now l'm rich. Anyone can do it.

That's fine then, let's all mingle and get herd immunity. I smoke a pack a day and drink bleach and never got cancer, therefore all cancer patients are weak I have morbid obesity and a hair loss condition, and I’ve conquered hawf the burds in glesga! Google 'Survivor bias' Anyone remember when at least some of the Telegraph's output was grounded in facts?

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UK's coronavirus lockdown must last until June, warns government adviserLast week, the Prime Minister said the lockdown would last three weeks, but sadly, that might not be the case. It will be for months. That would be ok but now supermarkets r not allowing deliveries unless u r classed as vulnerable by government I will now be getting on buses,waiting at bus stops on a regular basis from Easter when food supplies start to run out and I will be sourcing new suppliers after this He didn’t say it would last 3 weeks at all, he said it would be reviewed after 3 weeks.

UK coronavirus home lockdown must last until JUNE, health chief warnsBRITAIN must stay in full coronavirus lockdown until June to beat coronavirus, a health chief has warned. It comes after the UK’s death toll for the deadly bug surged to 1,019 last night R… Wow I feel bad For You All.. Truly and Right after You Finally got Your Country Back.. More ramping up the panic from this shit paper...... This is the same ‘expert’ who said the virus would kill 500k, then 250k, then 5,700. The same bloke who said BSE would kill 100k. The same man who advised wildly incorrectly over foot and mouth. His methods have been rubbished by scientists.

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