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‘I’d rather die actually living’: Bills’ Cole Beasley leans into anti-vaccine stance

‘I’d rather die actually living’: Bills’ Cole Beasley leans into anti-vaccine stance

6/19/2021 3:41:00 AM

‘I’d rather die actually living’: Bills’ Cole Beasley leans into anti-vaccine stance

The Bills wide receiver leaned into the sharp backlash from his anti-vaccine statements in a lengthy statement posted to social media

Players Association about his issues with the NFL’s new virus policies.Beasley said he is not inoculated against Covid-19 and made it clear he did not want to receive the vaccine.“Now we have spoken and are working through it,” Beasley wrote in a separate reply tweet to a Bills reporter. “From what Ive (sic) been told these are guidelines for preseason and it’s nothing final.”

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On Thursday, Beasley aired complaints about the league’s updated Covid-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason, which allow for fully vaccinated players to return mostly to how things were done before the pandemic but keeps stricter guidelines in place for unvaccinated individuals.

Beasley called the NFLPA a “joke” and asked if anyone will “fight for the players”.The NFL is not requiring players to get vaccinated. However, its new protocols may encourage some to do so due to the lesser restrictions.Unvaccinated players will still need to be tested daily for Covid-19 and must keep wearing masks while in team facilities. They cannot interact with anyone outside of their team’s traveling party when on the road. And they will still be required to quarantine if deemed a close contact of a high-risk Covid exposure.

For vaccinated players, these guidelines will be removed or loosened.Other NFL players, including Washington edge rusher Montez Sweat and Carolina quarterback Sam Darnold, have expressed skepticism or uncertainty about whether to receive the vaccine.The three vaccines authorized in the US have all been deemed safe by the CDC and have high levels of efficacy.

Beasley set career highs with 82 catches and 967 receiving yards in 2020, his second season in Buffalo after playing seven seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. Read more: The Guardian »

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99% Of People Killed By Covid Last Month Were Unvaccinated, Analysis Finds! Why is the Guardian amplifying this garbage? Yes he has a choice but then he should take responsibility for his choice and live with the consequences which should be stop playing and not have other freedoms he so crave because his choice could harm someone else.

WeveHadIt Good for him. Don't think I need to take advice on Covid vaccines from a football player. why most of anti vacciners are whites Nice! 💖 A case of I’ve made my money so rules don’t apply! Freedom to infect the rest of us. So if he was just starting out and not made his money then what? And take how many with you?

Anti vaccine people are crazy

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But here we come to the nub of the matter: He wants to do what he wants to do. He knows C19 probably won't make him ill. But it is the unvaccinated who are the super spreaders now. and while C19 keeps spreading risk of vaccine resistant variants also grows We in Europe had this shite talk too , until folks started dropping.. hard men lsaw their relies die horrible deaths and couldn’t be with them as they died..Others with long Covid still not able to work ( or struggle to get health insurance). He’ll grow up soon

Who? He’s been slammed on the head too many times. Cole Beasley? Never heard of her That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve read in ages. He’s a Trumper says everything about him One positive test and he is off the team. Go on Cole, go on. Any doubts this guy has taken a few too many hits to the head? That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it. Your Wealthy for playing a GAME. Have all that to lose. And that’s what you say. Guy was trying to sound hard. Came off Like a Half Bitten Strawberry.

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Is he crazy! He only has a 99.4% chance of having a mild or asymptomatic illness! How could he chance it Reckless! Retire then. If he's willing to die rather than mask & Inoculate fine by me, but no way should he be allowed to be in a position to infect others. Well at least he's playing into the sports player stereotype.

No one’s stopping you, Sister Golden Hair. Authentic statistics as stated by independent medical experts (not those retained by big pharma) show that unvaccinated people are the healthiest people on earth. And if breast fed from day one of their birth, still more healthier that CTE kicking in early. Is it anti-vax status or pro-choice Whatever happened to my body my choice

Idiot He should retire then. If you’re not willing to get a shot that will help save lives then take a walk.

Covid cases in England doubling every 11 days as Delta takes holdScientists say cases rising exponentially but vaccine progress should help reduce increase ☑️No masks in UK classrooms ☑️UK 'experts' claiming kids unlikely to catch or spread COVID ☑️Fines if kids say home safe. Does Benny Hill run things there? Trump's lunacy helped COVID spread, y'all doubling up on death. My doc for historical memory⤵️ Boris set to increase his majority by another 80 seats then Cases as per

THAT is a very stupid comment by Beasley....but hey, he'll sitting on the sidelines if he's not vaccinated He's tough now, just wait until he's in an ICU suffocating for days from COVID19 pulmonary edema. COVIDIOTS Oh Cole. You break my heart! All I hear is 'I don't care about anyone but my self'. I wouldn't like him as a team mate.

He’s not very bright, is he. Probably a few too many knocks to the head. Beasley has had one too many steroid injections.... So the rest of us care more about your life and your family and teammates' life than you do. good to know. He plays football, in the NFL!!! - almost guaranteed to get brain damage. Maybe its already kicking in.


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Fighting the good fight in the windmills of his vacant mind. Well as a paramedic who has seen a lot of people with covid I wouldn't call how they died 'living' unless you think being on a ventilator with a tube going straight into your lungs 'living'. On the other hand I know a lot of vaccinated people who do all sorts of things

When you care for no one but yourself ! Then please do so. Is BuffaloBills Bease11 saying he's a antivaxxer regarding all vaccinations or just anti Covid vaccine, or anti medicine in general? i.e. If he contracted Covid and it became serious, would he accept treatment to save his life or refuse medical treatment altogether?

What does living have to do with getting vacinated? What a tool See ya later then dork ‘I’d rather die actually living’ Some sound logic there Write The right headline. Anti-vaxxer millionaire player, is selfish and refuses to get vaccinated to protect his teammates and those around him

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I believe it should be a choice whether to get vaccinated or not. People worry about 'YOURSELF'. It's your choice. I have a neighbor that got vaccinated months ago, and has skin lesions, and itching from it. She is miserable. Oh how absolutely stupid. So I guess he doesn’t take any preventative tests or see doctors? That’s some thing you say if you have a bad prognosis and don’t want to do chemo, it’s not something to say about a vaccine.

Let him try. No public health care and no resuscitation, of course. he definitely looks like he embraces the science that saves lives The fact that he misconstrues getting a vaccine as an impediment to living is so ironic that it calls into question the value of his life. So incredibly selfish. Just wow.

And to all you “his body his choice”…it’s not just his body. It’s other people who can catch it from him. People who might choose not to want to get sick. Pregnancy affects the two people involved. A virus affects anyone that comes into contact with the sick person. I am sure he thinks he is being profound with what is college keg party banter, at best.

Being a professional athlete does not prevent you from being stupid.

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Football players, known for their intellectual heft. Well, another Jethro Bodine for the NFL ... what about living and not dying? Wot. Barking mad. The Bills star Defensive End Bruce Smith skipped his flu shot in 1996, and when the playoffs rolled around against Pittsburgh that year he had the flu and missed the game we lost. With the Bills' luck, Beasley 100% will get the covid before an important game we will lose.

He is perfectly welcome to do that but he is NOT ENTITLED to harm others. But this is what entitlement looks and acts like. Selfish bastard. I live in the dumbest country on earth. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is no laughing matter How are people this stupid?

Never heard of him. And never would have done so if you had applied some mature critical faculties when determining what is newsworthy. Will you now run a feature on every sports person that has been vaccinated? If not, why not? Covid approves. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer is he? I'm vaccinated, because I'd rather *live* actually living.

Poor Cole Beasley, what a child! I've been deployed on 8 submarines - wanna talk about lockdown and living life. I still lived life, and it was fine, but you clearly wouldn't survive a day on a submarine like thousands do every year as part of their job. What a poor baby you are! Just get the vaccine Good for Beasley. Yes, we should live full, meaningful lives no less for the pandemic... but more. Longevity is limited for all humans. We do not live fully enough nor charitably enough; Let us not fear the virus, but reach out to our fellow man.

I suppose this also includes infecting anyone you care about? Farewell, genius. Lil fella done went over the middle a few times too many

CTE concussions That crazy talk. Taking a vaccine doesn't interfere with 'actually living' - illness and death do. Why is this being given a platform? pattmlatimes Let me know when he graduates from medical school. I’m vaccinated I was living before, during, and after the shot 😂😂😂 Well who better to judge the safety and efficacy of a vaccine than a professional athlete.

Then he should play football without a helmet! Why report this in uk IF you're dying of COVID, you're not doing much 'actually living'. You don't want to take part in this experiment you are now antivaxer. Look at the studies that show death rate for men of healthy weight without pre-existing conditions in their 30s. It is too low to measure. Why take the risk with a vaccine that alters the building blocks of your cells? He is right.