Husky fooled by owner who places a picture of chicken over his food

4/8/2019 11:46:00 PM

Hungry husky fooled by its owner who places a picture of a tasty chicken meal over his food bowl 😔

Hungry husky fooled by its owner who places a picture of a tasty chicken meal over his food bowl 😔

A husky was left looking forlorn and disappointed in its owner after being tricked into thinking it had a delicious plate of chicken for its dinner. The video, shot in China, shows the owner teasing the dog.

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哈哈,二哈够笨的。 This isn't news. Sick 🤔 What a horrible thing to do. I hope the poor dog got fed eventually. I hope it comes back to bite the owner on the bum! It's not nice to fool a dog like that...... they are asking for retribution in kind. How mean, not funny

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And this husky was no different after its owner from China played a cruel trick on him. The hungry dog was shown a picture of tasty chicken above his normal food bowl. In the video, which has been posted on social media, a rat can be seen moving inside the cavity of a raw chicken in a plastic bag stuffed with poultry. RELATED ARTICLES Share this article Share The husky is offered two bowls, one with normal dog food and another with tasty chicken on top The owner points out a choice between two bowls, one filled with dog food and one with chicken wings. I want to dedicate this #throwbackthursday to the incredibly brave people who have been touched by this terrible illness. The hungry husky, wearing a napkin around its neck, then points towards the chicken bowl. Local media report the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has confirmed they are investigating the incident to ensure food hygiene standards are being met at the stall. As the owner moves it towards his dog, the pet is clearly excited by the prospect of the chicken wings. Bowls and platters of the various dishes are laid in the middle of the table.

The pranking owner then removes the picture of the chicken from the top of the bowl to reveal the dog food below Don't make me hangry! The husky is then left looking far from impressed and stares straight at its owner But all of a sudden, the owner pulls away the picture on top of the bowl to the dog's disappointment. Reports state the operator of the food stall, named as Ah De, 34, also owns the coffee station where it is located. Wearing her hair down in a natural wave, she stood out from the crowd in a pink minidress with a strapless neckline. Beneath the picture is the same bowl of dog food the husky had just turned down. The forlorn dog stares longingly at the bowl before slowly looking up at its owner with disgust. He said he is discussing the matter with his unnamed supplier. The video was filmed in Baoding City in Herbei Province. . The investigation is ongoing. Food is rarely plated up; people will serve themselves from the dishes on the table.