Hurricane Ian barrels towards Tampa at 140mph in 'worst storm since 1921'

9/27/2022 5:30:00 PM

The Category 3 storm is threatening a 'major disaster' in Florida and could devastate parts of rural Cuba.

Hundreds have been told to evacuate their homes as the category 3 storm could devastate parts of Cuba and Florida.

The Category 3 storm is threatening a 'major disaster' in Florida and could devastate parts of rural Cuba.

Shares The Category 3 storm could devastate parts of Cuba and Florida (Picture: REX/Getty/EPA) Hundreds of thousands of people in Cuba and Florida have been told to evacuate their homes as Hurricane Ian threatens a ‘major disaster’.Image source, Getty Images Authorities in Florida have urged residents to "make their preparations" as Tropical Storm Ian strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane early on Monday.Weather models predict the hurricane will travel in the direction of Florida's west coast or Panhandle region - but forecasters are currently unsure where it will make landfall.Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown stunned fans when he went out on stage for his first solo tour in 10 years without a live band.

The fast-growing storm hit Cuba’s far west coast with winds of up to 125mph as a Category 3 out 5 hurricane on Tuesday morning.Some 24,000 people have been evacuated from the rural Pinar del Rio area, where people are being bussed from the coastline to high ground.The hurricane's exact path is uncertain but Governor Ron DeSantis warned of "broad impacts throughout the state".Local official Suleika Roche, 43, told the Reuters news agency: ‘We are here saving human lives, going house to house, taking out the elderly and children.Image: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned the storm would have 'broad impacts through the state'.’ It’s feared thousands living in fragile wooden and concrete block houses could lose their homes as the hurricane is expected to raise water levels by as much as 14 feet above normal tide levels.The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said it expects "rapid strengthening" from Ian over the next 48 hours, with maximum sustained winds of 75mph (121kmph).But Ian will bypass Cuba’s most populated areas before gathering force and barreling towards the Florida coast as a 140mph Category 4 storm later in the day, forecasts indicate.But some fans felt the show was so bad they walked OUT of the Leeds concert.

It’s then expected to bulldoze huge volumes of water towards the US coast, where it will still be blowing at over 120mph when it makes landfall later this week.Classes have been cancelled in parts of the island, and evacuations have been planned in a handful of western provinces, including near the country's tobacco region.Mr Biden also delayed a planned trip to Florida on Tuesday due to the storm.Experts have warned the storm will be the worst in more than a century to hit Tampa Bay, whose shallow waters mean the incoming storm surge is likely to push the tide 10 feet higher than usual while clouds unleash up to 15 inches of rain.Hurricane Ian has rapidly intensified in the last few days and will hit underprepared areas Businesses are racing to board up their windows as winds of more than 120mph threaten to blow them out (Picture: Getty) Much of Tampa Bay is relatively unprepared for hurricanes compared to the rest of Florida (Picture: Getty) Most essential foods have been cleared from the shelves in St Petersburg, Florida (Picture: Getty) To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video There are fears some people will stay to protect their properties (Picture: EPA) While Florida is relatively used to big storms, the Tampa area has been largely sheltered from flooding, meaning many of its 3 million people live in vulnerable low-lying neighbourhoods.Along Florida's Tampa Bay coast, grocery store shelves were quickly cleared of basic necessities and there were long queues at gas stations.The state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, has declared a state of emergency in response to a potentially fatal ‘major disaster’.Pic: Tampa Bay Times via AP Image: Empty shelves stripped of water at a supermarket in Tampa, Florida.Some 5,000 National Guard troops have been deployed in anticipation of ‘dangerous storm surge, heavy rainfall, flash flooding, strong winds, hazardous seas, and isolated tornadic activity’, he said.Local officials in her municipality and others like Miami and Fort Lauderdale are distributing free sandbags to help residents protect their homes from flooding.Most were too p***ed to care but I had to get out after this one.

Cathie Perkins, emergency management director of the city’s coastal area, told ABC News: ‘That’s a lot of rain.That’s not going to drain out quickly.Over the weekend, the governor declared a state of emergency for all of Florida and activated 2,500 National Guard troops to assist with relief efforts."I'm not telling you to put up your shutters yet or do anything like that, but it's still time to get your supplies.The storm is expected to hit 140mph as it bulldozes huge amounts of water into the shallow Tampa Bay (Picture: The Weather Channel) Officials in coastal areas like Pinellas County fear the storm could be fatal (Picture: EPA) Traffic is believed to be at a standstill for up to 50 miles in places (Picture: @sfsell/Local News X/TMX) Hundreds of thousands of people have been told ‘not to wait’ to flee their homes (Picture: FoxNews) ‘This is no joke.This is a life-threatening storm surge.The White House has also made its own emergency declaration, which will help federal and state officials coordinate disaster relief and assistance.’ Evacuation orders have begun to be rolled out, already covering 300,000 people in just one of the most worst-affected counties.Related Topics."Some onstage chemistry, the drummer’s energy, the guitarist’s musicianship.

Photos showed supermarket aisles cleared of essentials as people rushed to stockpile before getting in their cars.The Caribbean is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Fiona, which tore through the region last week.Traffic reports indicate some highways are bumper-to-bumper for up to 50 miles as many people who haven’t been told to evacuate joined in trying to flee.The hurricane will miss Cuba’s most populated areas but could devastate rural western villages Governor DeSantis told a local broadaster: ‘When you have millions of people in a metro area, no matter how it’s done, you’re going to have traffic.More on this story.That’s just the reality.’ One major supermarket chain has encouraged to stock up on water and non-perishable foods but is threatening to limit the number of essential items shoppers can buy.Craig Scrogie said: "The last person you’d want to hear sing Ian Brown karaoke is Ian Brown.

Residents have also been pictured queueing to buy sandbags as well as boarding up their windows to protect them from devastating winds.Officials have urged people to ‘not wait’ amid fears some homeowners and businesspeople will try to stay behind and protect their properties from floodwaters.Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at.

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Floridians brace for 'strengthening' Hurricane IanResidents are stocking up on groceries, fuel and sandbags as Ian strengthens into a major hurricane. If I lived in an area as prone to disaster as Florida or Louisiana, Id have a permant cache of supplies. I really dont understand this last minute 'Oh my god, I better go shopping' thing. Am I missing something here? Fear porn, there are no lines. Nothing to do with climate change... however maybe you should all support Vanuatu in its bid to bring it to the ICJ

Storm Ian strengthens into hurricane as Florida and Cuba forecast to be in pathThe National Hurricane Agency has warned efforts to protect life and property should be 'rushed to completion' as tropical storm Ian, now upgraded to a potentially life-threatening hurricane, heads towards the US coast.

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Hurricane Ian forces Nasa to shelter Artemis Moon rocketThe Artemis-I vehicle will be pulled off the launch pad in Florida to protect it from storm forces. Still keenly awaiting this launch!!

Pictures: Cuba, Florida Braces for Hurricane IanNBC must really think we are fools. Since when did the people of Cuba have voting rights over the communist regime? This is nothing but a pro gay anti god advertisement.