'Huge' equality leap as partial ban on gay and bisexual blood donors lifted

12/14/2020 5:36:00 AM

'Huge' equality leap as partial ban on gay and bisexual blood donors lifted

'Huge' equality leap as partial ban on gay and bisexual blood donors lifted

A campaigner who vowed to repay the eight pints of blood that saved his grandfather's life says the policy is 'much fairer'.

Ethan Spibey's grandfather Ken needed eight pints of blood for an operation"I remember looking at the blood donation information sheet - when I wasn't out to my parents - and realising I wasn't able to. It made me feel guilty and sad.

"That's why Freedom To Donate started, because we were so passionate about this. We said we would never stop until this policy was introduced to let more gay and bi men perform this generous, life-saving act."Mr Spibey said his grandfather was"like a second father to me" but has since passed away, adding:"He never got to see this moment, but I made a promise to him and it only spurred me on more."

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*partially lifted Disgraceful. The Tories showing themselves as the nasty party of S.28 once again. Its about the level of risk though, I couldnt give blood after having a baby even though I was healthy & fine, I never claimed discrimination The ban had nothing to do with equality! Has aids been eradicated now! Does this mean that if a person gets it from a transfusion they can’t sue the NHS anymore?

Interesting.......if you are a gay man you will now be able to donate blood but if you are a diabetic on insulin you can't.......🤔. Campaigners now getting involved in everybodies unconscious protection to sooth their hurty feelings........leave us alone. Bring on the AIDS It appears that the medical and legal professions have often maintained subtle firms of discrimination clearly unchanged and cleverly unchallenged.

The exclusion was for a reason, NOT Gay or Bi stigma Many people DIED of AIDS in the 80s The majority of the individuals testing positive for HIV were Gay, bisexual, FACT My friend a hemophiliac, 14, DIED from a tainted blood transfusion Better Treatments Now Tell the FACTS! Dangerous SHIT ! Where is the news of your minion PM barred from the Climate Conference? This US puppet is bring down your reputation and economy

I didn't know that if you are gay that the blood is gay, WTF if the blood is clean from any disease why not, or it's like the say 'it's in your blood' I would not be alive today if not for a blood transfusion and i had to have 7 units i don't care if those units came from gay straight black yellow or white I'm grateful to be alive.

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God this is unsafe just for political correctness! No reason at all to cheer this Free AIDS come and get your free AIDS Because of ultra successful medicines. So, if you're a heterosexual couple that decides to have anal sex, sure, you can donate blood. But if you're homosexual you have to wait 3 months? Do sexually transmitted diseases only affect homosexuals now?

Sooooo we’re gonna put people’s lives on the line just for equality?