How Washington made itself the most welcoming state for Afghan refugees

How Washington made itself the most welcoming state for Afghan refugees | @AndrewBuncombe

9/17/2021 6:47:00 AM

How Washington made itself the most welcoming state for Afghan refugees | AndrewBuncombe

Residents of the Pacific Northwest are getting ready to help those fleeing war, hears Andrew Buncombe

✕Seattle and the rest of Washington are among the most welcoming places to refugees in the US(Getty)Navid Hamidi spent seven years working as a translator for US special forces in Afghanistan.The work, dangerous and frequently disturbing, took him to every corner of his country. He spent a lot of time in Helmand province, which at the time was considered one of the most perilous places on the planet.

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Yet, when he arrived in Seattle as a refugee, he found himself engaged in a series of new battles; he struggled to figure out how even the most basic things worked, there was a huge culture shock, and what was it with all that rain? Read more: The Independent »

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AndrewBuncombe Unprecedented.

Jacinda Ardern set to ban Australia's new nuclear-powered submarinesJacinda Ardern made it clear the nuclear powered submarines to be built in Adelaide under Australia's new defence partnership with the United States and Britain will are not welcome in New Zealand. Because New Zealand is china’s bitch. She probably wouldn't turn them away if China made her island a target. No problem New Zealand can defend itself.

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Kate Middleton meets military personnel who aided Afghan evacuation effortThe Duchess of Cambridge hears of the emotional impact the evacuation effort has had on those involved

#DoNotTouchMyClothes: Afghan women’s social media protest against TalibanWomen around the world are sharing pictures of themselves in traditional colourful clothes in a campaign against the new strict dress code for female students wow Repeat a tweet. UK media these days - Spoken to a shopkeeper friend in Kabul today, he told me, pickles are banned. Actual News - Afghanistan women football team with passports and visas arrived in Pakistan yesterday, no problems. Candidfloss Very brave woman

Duchess of Cambridge meets team involved in Afghan evacuationCatherine speaks to those involved in the operation, which saw thousands airlifted out of Kabul. royalehigh Afghanistan jikook KRPKAB3 zonauang️ XRP Xiaomi11TSeries XboxSeriesX cryptocurrencies ChampionsLeague Cardano VMA BTSARMY BarcaBayern Bitcoin BBNaija NCT127 MetGala2021 MAMAMOO MetGala ManUtd duchess_salty 👏👏👏 BBCWorld you killed people me so .......

With foreign funds frozen, Afghan aid groups stuck in limboThe $600 million in funds, which were funnelled through the Afghan Health Ministry, dried up overnight after the Taliban took over the capital America left like 2 billions dollars on weapons... They can easily make money by selling it.