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How to wear a statement cardigan | Priya Elan

How to wear a statement cardigan | Priya Elan

10/23/2020 3:15:00 PM

How to wear a statement cardigan | Priya Elan

Comfort and standout style rolled into one: I give you the ‘jazzigan’

The psychology of the cardie seems pretty simple: I feel as if I am being cradled, held by non-judgmental arms of support, swaddled like a baby. This seems to be a lot of what comfort dressing is about: when you wake up and it’s another day of restricted mundanity, your clothes become some sort of armour. (In the early days of lockdown, I’d only leave the house wearing a mask and a Yoko Ono style pair of sunglasses making me feel protected from all unknowables, but pretty unapproachable, too.)

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More than six months later, it’s hard to imagine life without a cardigan, even on the rare occasions that call for dressing up. The trick here is to give something seemingly humble a massive upgrade. So with apologies to Taylor Swift’s sadigan, I’ve thought up the jazzigan. This is the kind of bold, primary colour-led piece that zhuzhes up an outfit in a way we wouldn’t typically expect from a cardie.

Years ago, when I worked in the music industry at the fag-end of electroclash, I had an electric blue cardigan. It was more Jarvis than Justice (you know: the French dance band), but at the time I couldn’t work out how to style it, aside from with other eye-popping garments.

Today, I’m wearing one from streetwear brand Aries Arise (you might remember their tie-dye sweatpants from a couple of months ago), and I love it. A Wotsits shade of orange with a column pattern in kale green and a funky cut, it feels both accessible and edgy. It could work equally well with a pair of slim-fitting jeans or leaf-green chinos.

Yes, my outfit is relatively out there by the conservative standards of most menswear. But the cardigan’s pure comfort roots make it hard to resist.• Priya wears cardigan and T-shirt, both Priya’s own Read more: Guardian Weekend »

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