How to lose weight fast: The fun workout that burns 600 calories an hour

1/19/2022 11:30:00 AM

How to lose weight fast: The fun workout that burns 600 calories an hour

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How to lose weight fast: The fun workout that burns 600 calories an hour

WEIGHT LOSS doesn't have to be a drag. You can have fun while shedding a few pounds. There's one exciting workout that burns 600 calories an hour and will have you smiling ear to ear.

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Ria Hebden talks losing 'mummy pouch' and half a stone thanks to Dancing On IceEXCLUSIVE: Dancing On Ice contestant Ria Hebden has spoken about losing half a stone in six weeks thanks to her intense training

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workout and probably the most joyful way to lose weight.Dancing On Ice contestant Ria Hebden has revealed she's lost half a stone in six weeks thanks to her gruelling training schedule.Read more Thousands of families are in the same agony of uncertainty as Vashisht, with most of the arrangements paid for, either in full or in part.Chloe Gray , have been lucky to try out more than their fair share of two pieces and high-performance garms, from high end to high street.

You’re supposed to do three classes a week, but what results will that get you? Well, you’ll burn around 600 calories a session and gain a number of other health benefits.   chatted to Zumba Educational Specialist, Sanda Harnes, to find out. When asked if she'd seen a change in her body, Ria, 39, said: "Well, I had a bum before but it’s much tighter now! Kimberly Wyatt said to me the other day, 'Girl, your booty’s looking great!' "I was like, 'Really? Oh, thanks,' because you can’t see it, can you? But what I’ve noticed is my tummy. Related articles Michael Douglas health: Actor given warning by doctor after cancer If you’re sick of lifting weights and running on a treadmill, you might benefit from Zumba. When I ask about postponing the date, all the vendors say if I do that, they may not be able to do it at the same price,” says Vashisht. With over 15,000 classes available in the UK every month, you'll find Zumba classes in pretty much every major town and even smaller villages will probably have a Zumba instructor." Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox with OK!'s daily newsletter. Who doesn’t love to boogie? When you turn dancing into a sweaty workout with Latin-inspired music, you’re bound to lose weight without even realising it. There’s no irritation, no stopping mid-set to adjust and no tight waistband that makes you feel like you can’t breathe while squatting.

Zumba’s Educational Specialist Sandra said: “Zumba wasn't designed as a weight loss programme . Ria also said she's seen a change in her muscle tone, adding: "I’ve got these weird side muscles that surfers get! It’s from the twisting and core strength you need for the lifts, so if you want to get super-fit, skating is brilliant! The star added she's lost "half a stone in the first six weeks. A bride searches for her coronavirus vaccination certificate to show it to a healthcare worker at her wedding venue..." Ria also revealed that the changes have made her think about her body confidence, explaining: "I think if anything, it’s made me see how strong my body is.but so many people have had weight loss outcomes from practising “Weight loss has become one of the things Zumba (when used alongside an improved diet) is known for. ‘You can’t celebrate with 20 people’ The industry’s suppliers are also staring at crippling losses.” READ MORE- How to lose weight fast: Weight loss can be fun (Image: Zumba) How to lose weight fast: Zumba will put a smile on your face and make you sweat (Image: Getty) Michael Caine health: Concerns for actor's health The reason why Zumba is so great for weight loss is all to do with your metabolism. "And doing yoga before helped me with flexibility. Best workout bras and tops Gymshark bra Gymshark bra It’s the classic brand that we didn’t think we’d love, but the Gymshark ruched sports bra is Chloe’s most comfortable in her collection.

Sandra said:"Like any form of cardio fitness, Zumba is designed to raise the heart rate which can boost metabolism. “Depending on your personal stats like body composition and general overall starting point, people can burn up to 600 calories in a one hour Zumba class. So if anything starts to niggle, I don’t push that. Flights to honeymoon destinations such as Goa tinkled with the sound of brides wearing their traditional red wedding bangles on both arms.” Three classes a week is the optimum apparently, so you’d be burning an average of 1,800 calories a week. In general, if you burn 3,500 more calories than you eat, you will drop a pound a week. The presenter is paired with pro Lukasz and the duo will perform again next Sunday in a bid to save themselves from being eliminated from the competition. So, Zumba alone gets you a huge head start on this. The industry, he says, had taken all precautions because otherwise it “would die its own death” and all the government has to do is insist that all guests are vaccinated. Of all the special cut, hi-tech material and expensive brand names, you just can’t beat an old T-shirt.

How to lose weight fast: The health benefits are endless (Image: Getty) Zumba isn’t just an aesthetic workout, it has many varied health benefits, such as: Improved their cardio fitness Keeping blood pressure within the healthy range Works all the key muscle groups (helps to tone muscles) Release of endorphins (happy hormones) Stress relief Positive mental health (not just in class) DON'T MISS.5 points in Sunday 16 January's series opener..." Phillip continued: "Somebody has to be but it's such a shame that it's you!" with Holly adding: "I'm so sorry!" Ria admitted she was "gutted" and said: "I'm really gutted because we absolutely worked so hard on this skate and I enjoyed every second skating with Lukasz. Election rallies are being held attended by tens of thousands of people. .