How China is colonising the Commonwealth

China colonising the Commonwealth while Britain beats itself up over imperial past

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12/4/2021 3:04:00 PM

China colonising the Commonwealth while Britain beats itself up over imperial past

Putting an end to the Queen's 55-year-long role as its head of state, Barbados this week became a republic. But more significantly, the West Indian island gained an emperor, President Xi.

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No one can match you in terms of shamelessness. First you need to kneel down, begging Africa and other countries that you brutally colonized to grant their pardon and forgiveness for the crimes you have committed. Otherwise, you should carrying on the historic and moral scar. Cry some more, I need your tears, they sustain me 🚰

Exactly…Our Government / Institutions love to Bash up Britain & denigrate the past to promote their current politics. However they forget the world does not stand still & will take advantage of our depressed self harm. If Britain was a person we’d be tucked up in bed on drugs. The irony. Some jolly strange faces there 😮😂😂

China colonising? 🤣🤣🤣 Does the penny finally drop? Saw it years ago in Namibia & Zambia ( although not sure if they were in the Commonwealth) China is facilitating de-colonization of Africa. China has made affordable underprivileged people and nations of the world to avail amenities of life and development of infrastructures.

We need to compete with China's foreign investment 😂😂😂😂 Everything is China's fault.

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'colonising'? 🙃Oh dear the neo liberal war machine the British establishment cannot accept it's own demise.. ww3update

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China hits back at WTA boycott as IOC talks again to Peng ShuaiForeign ministry says it is against politicising sport, as officials hold second video call with tennis star Sorry just got up having fallen off my chair. The poor bleating Chinese.. They have been politicising sport for years. Don't expect the socialist daily to point that out Btw : Putin denies responsibility in this matter. One day it’s Russia bashing, the next day it’s China bashing.

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