How are African-Americans treated by the law?

George Floyd: What does the data show about race and policing?

6/2/2020 3:49:00 AM

George Floyd: What does the data show about race and policing?

We've looked at some of the data around ethnicity and the US crime and justice system.

Getty ImagesViolence has erupted in cities across the US over the death of African-American George Floyd, after he was physically restrained by police in Minneapolis.We've looked at some of the data around crime and justice in the US, and what it shows about the experience of African-Americans when it comes to law and order.

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1. African-Americans are more likely to get fatally shotThe available figures for incidents in which the police shoot and kill people show that for African-Americans, there's a much higher chance of being fatally shot relative to their overall numbers in the US population.

In fact, in 2019, although African-Americans made up less than 14% of the population (according to official census figures), they accounted for more than 23% of the just over 1,000 fatal shootings by the police.And that figure has been relatively consistent since 2017, whereas the number of white victims has come down since then.

2. African-Americans are arrested at a higher rate for drug abuseAfrican-Americans are arrested for drug abuse at a much higher rate than white Americans, although surveys show drug use at similar levels.Drug abuse arrests by raceHispanics are not counted separately. Others is Asian, American-Indian, Hawaiin or Pacific islanders.

Source: FBI and US Census Bureau data for 2018In 2018, around 750 out of every 100,000 African-Americans were arrested for drug abuse, compared to around 350 out of every 100,000 white Americans.Previousshow that white people use drugs at similar rates, but African-Americans continue to get arrested at a higher rate.

For example,found that African-Americans were 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, even though their rate of marijuana usage was comparable.3. More African-Americans are imprisonedAfrican-Americans are imprisoned at five times the rate of white Americans, and at almost twice the rate of Hispanic-Americans, according to the latest data.

In 2018, African-Americans made up around 13% of the US population, but represented almost a third of the country's prison population.White Americans made up around 30% of the prison population - despite representing more than 60% of the total US population.

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That's more than 1,000 African-American prisoners for every 100,000 African-Americans, compared to around 200 white inmates for every 100,000 white Americans.Prison population per 100,000 people by raceSource: US Census Bureau, Bureau of Justice Statistics

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Rioters are judge and jury in America. Just like Michael Briwn 2014 'Hands Up Don't Shoot' was a lie. It never went down that way. It was proved. However Riots went on because they believed the lie. George Floyd death was NOT because of racism. Where I am, African American's are loved and respected. Thousand's have college degree's, and work government office's. Now, there are a lot of them, that do bad thing's, but the educated one's out number the other's.

So nationally 37% of people shot by police are white and 23% are black. How about white lives matter or how it should be ALL LIVES MATTER. It's not a racial thing its a Gun firing and excessive force by Police thing. What does the data say about his criminality? While I don't condone the way the Police murdered this man, have you seen his Rap sheet? He was certainly no innocent nice guy, he has been imprisoned several times and has broken into peoples houses and held the occupiers up

Barrabas! And the all white BBC That African Americans commit more crimes against African Americans. This Neo- Fascist racist leader threatened to kill his own people because they want justice. Comparisons are very hurtful things. US Demonstrations Contrast with Hong Kong Demonstrations. China's COVID-19 compared to the United Kingdom, the United States COVID-19.

What's it show about rioting & destruction? I love how they didn't show pre-2017 when under Obama most (but not all) the figures were worse. it That bad huh Had this GeorgeFloyd debacle occurred in India, there would be mass protests IN SUPPORT of Officer Derek Chauvin. Not just that, but he’d be promoted & honored as a national hero... as we’ve seen time & again in India.

Did you know that despite being 13% of the population they commit 50% of all crime? You left out that figure conveniently 'Justice Failed Freeing The Forgotten Generation From Racial Bondage', reached its eruption point. Trump's oppressive democracy regime backfired... Include Native Americans, then get back to us!

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America riots: why are there protests over the death of George Floyd?The case of George Floyd has renewed anger over other recent cases involving African-Americans. This is how protests have spread across the US BlackLivesMatter ICantBreathe ~a thread In New York, crowds of demonstrators chanted at police officers lined up outside the Barclays Center. One demonstrator said: 'Our country has a sickness. We have to be out here. This is the only way we're going to be heard.' BlackLivesMatter And I don't blame them frankly! I feel the same rage they are expressing! But its time for calm & prayers & a silent vigil now.

‘Respect our city’: tension among Detroit protesters as unrest grows after darkSome residents in city that is more than 80% African American view clashes and vandalism as work of white outsiders OMG - the world's in turmoil! 😱😱😱 They’re called “rioters”. Over 200 killed in Erei, Biase LGA of Cross River State and Nigeria Media and HQNigerianArmy are silent because it's not Southern Kaduna or North East? See

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Learning to run during lockdown changed my body and mind – and my perspective too'At this most restricting of times, running liberates me' Learning to run during lockdown changed my body and mind – and my perspective too 'Learning to run' ? The white privileged is immense! imagining been black and in America, try “learning to run” then

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