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How a dog is helping students deal with the stress of university life

How a dog is helping students deal with the stress of university life

10/10/2019 10:11:00 AM

How a dog is helping students deal with the stress of university life

Newcastle University introduces a new approach to emotional support dogs for students

Zoltan Kecskes2nd Place: Assistance DogsTracy AllardShe said the dog-walking sessions have the lowest drop-out rate of any of the wellbeing services the department provides, as people do not want to let Bessie down by not turning up to walk her.Sessions last an hour and students are encouraged to pair up to walk her, so they get to chat while they take Bessie out, and explore Newcastle's parks.

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Friends Paige Coope, a philosophy student, and James Woods, who is taking a combined business, media and communication degree, have taken Bessie out.Watch moreMs Coope said:"I would recommend this service to anyone who may be stressed with exams or for those who simply want the company of a great dog and have a spare hour."

Mr Woods said Bessie is very calm and cheerful and he looks forward to walking her.He said:"She is sure to bring you some much-deserved downtime when you need it - especially if you miss your pets from home." Read more: The Independent »

I like dogs. Somewhat. this must be the dog's worst nightmare. Is it by NOT eating their homework?

Grade inflation fears prompt new voluntary code for UK degreesStudents need ‘exceptional’ skills and knowledge to achieve firsts, says Universities UK What is that that is not right 😭 What is a 3rd in terms of STEM? Is it a glorified jannie who knows a few science tricks? Can't let standards get in the way of profits.

Owning a dog may cut your risk of death by up to 65%, studies suggestOn the heels of two studies finding dog owners have better survival of heart attacks and strokes, the American Heart Association has stopped just short of recommending prescription pups. A Tories best friend david_mceneaney Ditch your car, YOU could save $2000 each year on fuel and help the planet with this e-bike!

Owning a dog may be the key to living longer, study findsDogs are not only man's best friend, but also may be the key to living a longer life, a new study claims. The bad news is that it’s just about to get a whole lot harder to take your dog abroad. At least the Barclay Brothers won’t have a tax bill to pay though One day the story emerges about a man losing his limbs due to dog saliva and the next you show someone kissing their dog. It's almost like you people are mentally challenged or want people to suffer illness. Which is it? Walking the dog is good but walking with God is the source of inner peace. A good conscience, pure heart, sincere faith!

Students told to take 'consent courses' before enrolling for degreeUniversities are making students undergo ‘consent courses’ before enrolling for degrees, a report representing Britain's vice-chancellors has found. This is good. The world is now a satire of itself. This is hilarious

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University students made to undergo 'sexual consent course' before enrollingUNIVERSITIES are making students undergo a “sexual consent course” before enrolling as part of new measures to cut down on harassment on campus. It comes as a task force was set up in 2016 to look … •allah 'akbar• 🔴 Breaking ✅ Islamic~State 🔻 Khurasan Wilayah 🔥 | 30~Rafidi Mushrikin~Killed and~Injured in~an Explosive~Device Detonation~in Ghazni~City InternatًionalLesbiaًnDay || TheًCaptuُre